Triple Threat Ladder Match for the OWA Championship Monica Brant vs. Traci Lane vs. Pretty Boy Monty, Internet Champion Consuelo Salyards defends against Tom Tomorrow, Rainbow Warrior and Billy Smith; Roof Match for the OWA TV Championship as Mr. America takes on Virgo; Falls Count Anywhere: Freddy Fever vs. Michelle Cox; Johnny Stallion teams with Biff Franklin to take on Ricky Hype and Taleis; OWA Tag Team Championship defended in a Bar Fight as the Extremists take on former champion Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker; OWA Trio Titles are defended as The Crew take on members of MP Inc and much much more.

Anthony Hazard takes on Pretty Boy Monty; Traci Lane finally addresses the betrayal at the hands of Monica Brant; Consuelo Salyards defends the North American Championship against Taleis and the Extremists try to take the OWA Tag Team Championship away from Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker just one week before Crime Spree.

Loser will leave the OWA as OWA TV Champion Mr. America defends his title against Tom Tomorrow; Consuelo Salyards battles Rainbow Warrior; Stacks Coltrain takes on Crimson Scorpion where the loser has to apologize to the winner; Anthony Hazard tries to wrestle the TNM Championship from Tim Johns

Traci Lane battles North American Champion Billy Smith in a non-title match; Mr. America defends his TV Championship against Anthony Hazard; The OWA Tag Team Championship is defended as Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker defends against Executioner and Stacks Coltrain.

Mr. America defends the TV Championship against former champ Miguel Thunder; MP Inc debut in a seven person elimination match; Johnny Stallion and Mike Mustang try and settle their differences one on one; a new Commissioner is hired and he has plenty to say.

The fallout from Caged Fury; Traci Lane takes on Anthony Hazard for a shot at the main event of Crime Spree; TV Champion Shogun takes on Davey Scott; Danny Bouchard battles Gustaffson.

The identity of Jungle Mask is revealed as she battles Traci Lane for the OWA Championship; Caged Fury the match; Shogun defends the OWA TV Championship against Consuelo Salyards; North American Champion Rainbow Warrior battles Billy Smith; Extremists battle Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker for the OWA Tag Team Championship

Traci Lane defends the OWA Championship one week ahead of her match with Jungle Mask as she takes on current OWA TV Champion Shogun; Mike Mustang takes on Taleis; Amazon Woman makes a brief appearance; Wendy Ryker tries to derail Billy Smith's bid for the North American Championship

Traci Lane decides who she will defend her championship against at Caged Fury. OWA TV Champion Asian Invasion defends against Shogun. Anthony Hazard challenges for the Internet Championship.