CWD: Out For Justice I. – “Battle for Los Angeles”

DEC. 8, 2017
Los Angeles, CA.
Episode I – “Battle For Los Angeles”


Fade IN:

[The scenes open with an unmarked box truck backing up to an abandon warehouse. As the truck finally reaches the loading dock, two men win white coats come out as two more men leave the truck and make their way to the back of the truck. They begin pondering on their next move before two of the men decide to open the double doors and enter. When they come out, they have a stretcher with an unknown man chained to the stretcher. The wheeled the stretcher into the building as two men stand by.]

Fade OUT:

[No pyros or television crews or huge production trucks are anywhere in vision, just three large tour buses, two semi-trucks and a large dome shaped arena in the center of a circular parking lot. The skyscrapers of DTLA surround the dome and copius amounts of fans draped in Global Wrestling Division merchandise travel beyond security and into a venue that seats about 4,500 individuals. The old school indy feel is very much the case with rows and rows of folding chairs at ring side surrounding the guard railing that leads up to a large video screen, creating an aisle for the GWD talent to make their way to the ring a little later this evening. As fans settle in, the smoking hot Kelsi Minx and her co-worker “Dynamite” David Rollins take their positions at the announce table at ringside. Our skeleton film crew does it’s best to capture quality footage and sound.]

KELSI MINX: “Welcome one… welcome all, to the first installation of the Global Wrestling Division! I’m Kelsi Minx and to my right is my partner in crime, Mr. Boom Goes the dynamite himself, “Dynamite” David Rollins!”

DYNAMITE ROLLINS: “Where are you getting these introductions from sweetie?! Good evening folks I am “Dynamite” Rollins and tonight we will see who advances to the second round of the Out For Justice Open Invitational Tournament!”

KELSI MINX: “This will be an exciting event to say the least. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Chris Crippler take on Chris Compact and Britney Anders tonight.”

DYNAMITE ROLLINS: I’m looking forward to every match but the on that is going to be the real shoot fight will be Mark Storm versus Deacon Crane. Something about them, I don’t know what, but from the moment Mr. Roerich mentioned Deacon Crane and Mark Storm they have stuck out most to me.”

KELSI MINX: “I’ve been starstruck by the signing of Chris Crippler. Currently he is a double champion in Skyfire and tonight he is placed against Deacon Crane, one of the best known tactitians in the indie wrestling circuit today. Putting him against Mark Storm was genius! Pure genius. Nothing represents GWD like having two wonderfully skilled talents.”

DYNAMITE ROLLINS: Mark Storm is the veteran striker with a high percentage of strikes connecting and being devastating to his opponents.

KELSI MINX: But Deacon Crane is one tough egg to crack Dynamite.

[No music plays at all and the fans cheer grows in a crescendo as Brady Vega makes his way down the aisle taking pictures with fans at ringside. He slides into the ring and hops up to his feet quickly and steps over to the corner and stands on the turnbuckle.]

= = = = = = = = = =
[-ROUND 1-]
Brady Vega -vs- Geoffrey Thomas Anderson
= = = = = = = = = =

KELSI MINX: What about this kid here? We saw him at the tryout and he looked impressive, but can his high flying attacks help him in his match tonight against Geoffrey Thomas Anderson?


[As the opening of Neil Diamond’s “Coming to America” starts off, a giant American Flag drops down from the ceiling, hanging over the talent entry way. GTA comes barging through the curtain like a contestent on a game show as the lights dim. Then, when he reaches the top of the aisleway, slowly he unfastens his robe to allow a single spotlight to illuminate his body, showing off his physique so chiseled it’d make the sculpture of Michelangelo blush. I mean y’know, if sculptures could actualy physically blush. This brash display of narcissism of course does nothing to help the crowd get behind him…]

LYOTO SILVA: Introducing, from the good ol’ U S of A, weighing in at two-hundred and sixteen pounds, he is “The All-American Boy” Geoffrey Thomas Anderson….G! T! A!

[GTA continues down the aisleway, urging this crowd to chant “U S A” (only because it sounds like “G T A”…but ssh, don’t tell them that!). His attempts were for naught though, as they only returned a “Not My America” chant in response! The louder GTA got, the louder they would push back on him, until he finally got into the ring, most of the house lights going black again.]

KELSI MINX: Here comes another one of our excellent signings.

[In the ring, slowly he’d lower his robe, first the left side. With a wink to all the ladies in the crowd, he’d then lower the right side, letting the robe fall to the mat as the spotlight returns, finally illuminating his full physique in all the true glory it deserved!]

DYNAMITE: “This match just might creep up and steel the show.”

[PJ Ché calls for the bell and the match begins with Brady Vega being rammed into by GTA in the corner. GTA ups the impact of his forearm smashes and punches to Vega before sending him across the ring to the other turnbuckle with force. Vega smacks the padding and then falls onto the canvas. GTA steps over Vega and locks him into a full nelson. Vega winces in pain while attempting to gain freedom in someway. GTA lifts Vega off his feet and bounces him off the canvas! GTA makes a cover on Vega.]




[Vega throws the shoulder up and rolls away from GTA’s clutches. Anderson follows him to the outside and is met immediately by a standing missle dropkick from Brady Vega. The fans get behind Brady Vega who only continues to taunt them to get them loud, feeding off their energy. GTA rises to his feet to find Vega sprinting along the ring apron in his direction. SMACK! Vega connects with the kick to the face that leaves GTA dazed.]

DYNAMITE: “He nearly kicked his head off.”

MINX: “Physically impossible.”

[GTA climbs to his feet and Brady Vega springboards over the top rope performing a front flip plancha before crashing into the guard rail after GTA steps out of the way.]

MINX: “Ouch. He really missed his target on that one.”

DYNAMITE: “Vega looks to be in a lot of pain.”

MINX: “Of course Anderson is going straight for the kill.”

[GTA drives a knee into Vega’s lower back area before guiding him to his feet and tossing him back into the ring. GTA slides in and stands over Vega as he tries to rise to his feet, locking his arms around his waist and performing a deadlift german suplex!]

MINX: “He calls that Home of the Brave.”

DYNAMITE: “It was bravely executed.”

[GTA bridges his body and PJ Ché drops down to the canvas.]




MINX: “3! No he was so close!”

[GTA hits Vega with a knife edge chop and Vega shakes it off, with the crowd cheering him on.]


DYNAMITE: “How are they really cheering for Vega? He’s cheesy.”

[GTA swings once more and Vega ducks underneath and pulls GTA down to the mat via a schoolboy roll up pin! Ché drops down to make the count.]




MINX: “Another near fall! Vega almost stole one.”

[GTA rolls away from Vega who is still on the attack and trying to keep the pace going in his favor. Vega gets GTA backed into a corner and nails him with an echoing step up enziguri kick. GTA falls out of the corner and lands flat on his stomach with the sounds of the crowd echoing around him. Brady Vega’s builds as the fans chant his name. He steps onto the ring apron and waits for Anderson to make it to his feet before spring-boarding himself from the top ring cable and and attempting a flying cross body. In mid-air GTA leaps up and nails Vega with double knees to the midsection, with the impact forcing GTA to fall on his back further driving Vega’s midsection onto Vega’s knees, much like a reverse lung-blower. The fans gasp out of empathy as GTA rises to his feet and scrapes Vega off of the canvas only to slam him down via a slow motion delayed northern lights suplex! GTA bridges his body and PJ Ché is quick to his hands and knees.]




[The bell sounds and GTA rises to his feet to have his hand raised in victory.]


DYNAMITE: “Impressive debut from Geoffrey Thomas Anderson here tonight.”

MINX: “He’s proven himself a worthy competitor after that showing.”

Fade IN:

[The scenes re-open as the cameras followed the two men in white coats down a corridor into a white but cold room. The doctors continue to monitor the unconscious man as they lift him off the stretcher onto a more secure bed with every strength wrist and ankle straps. The camera zooms in on the unknown man’s face as his eyes abruptly open. But one of the doctors quickly injects something in a needle into his neck causing him to fall unconscious again.]

Doctor One: He’s stronger than we thought!

Doctor Two: I concur. We need to up the dosage for our safety.

[As the doctors continue prepping the unknown man.. the monitor near the door flashes a name “Nicolas Gotch” with a set of finger prints next too some other notes as the scenes end.]

Fade OUT:

[Fiona walks down the hallway with a vanilla ice cream cone in her hand. The bubbly blonde is in her ring gear, it’s almost match time.]

FIONA: “You look so tasty. I didn’t know the catering here was THIS legit.”

[She smiles at the cone and opens her mouth to take a lick when she walks into…SOMETHING. Someone?]

[Her ice cream cone ends up against the stomach of someone as she looks down as the cone falls to the floor.]

FIONA: “Hey! That was my ice cream. Maybe you should watch where you’re goi…

[She stops as she looks up. Her bright green eyes wide, her mouth drops as she begins stuttering. Unable to get the words out for a few moments, she stops. Finally, she tries again.]

FIONA: “Nameless…Mr.No name, big guy…FRIEND. I wasn’t going to eat that ice cream anyways. I’m extremely sorry for messing up your clothes.”

NAMELESS: “You need to watch yourself, angelic girl.”

FIONA: “Watch myself? Sure. Of course. Hey, anything you say.”

[She pauses and puts her hands on her hips.]

FIONA: “Wait a minute, I’m Fiona and I’m not scared of you! My parents are watching tonight. My friend! Everyone back in my hometown of Kansas, I’m not scared of you. And you look silly with ice cream all over you now too so HA!”

[She puffs her chest out, looking up at the big man in the mask.

[Nameless tilts his head to the side.]

NAMELESS: “You don’t have to be scared.”

[He laughs as he looks down at the much smaller woman in front of him.]

NAMELESS: “The last time someone said that.. they ended up in a body bag. As for your parents.. tonight, they will be disheartened.”

[Fiona swallows a lump in her throat and steps away from the fallen ice cream cone and the monster in front of her. Despite her bravery, there was no denying that Nameless truly struck fear into her heart.]

FIONA: “I guess I’ll see you out there and we’ll see who the biggest, baddest, and…best dressed truly is?”

[Nameless laughs.]

NAMELESS: “So damn bubbly. So pretty. So broken after tonight.”

[Nameless can see the fear in her eyes and hear the crackle in her voice as he walks past the blonde who is visibly shaking but wearing a determined look on her face.]


= = = = = = = = = =
[-ROUND 1-]
Fiona -vs- the Nameless
= = = = = = = = = =

[Back In Black by AC/DC hits the airwaves. As the cameras focus on the stage.. the stage instantly fill’s with stage smoke. After a moment passes, Namelss walks directly through the smoke towards the ring. Nameless makes his way around the ring then climbs onto the apron. As he stares in the middle of the ring.. The music fades before Nameless climbs through the ropes into the ring. Fiona stands across from the Nameless in the center of the ring with a look of disbelief. Nameless launches himself forward and nails Fiona with a powerful running lariat causing her to back flip and land on her stomach.]

MINX: “Oh come on.”

DYNAMITE: “Why don’t you try to stop him.”

MINX: “I’ll pass.”


[the Nameless lifts Fiona off the canvas and drives her to the canvas via a package powerbomb. He drapes his body over hers and makes the cover.]



[the Nameless rises off of Fiona and grabs her by the hair, raising her shoulders off the canvas also. Nicole Bender stares at Nameless from the corner like a deer in headlights. the Nameless lifts Fiona off the canvas once again and Fiona tries fighting back, throwing punches that land with no effect. the Nameless lifts Fiona off the mat and slams her once again via the package powerbomb! Nameless makes the cover and Nicole falls to her hands and knees to count.]




LYOTO SILVA: “Here is your winner by pinfall…the NAMELESS!!”

DYNAMITE: “Holy crap! I’m speechless Kelsi.”

MINX: “I’m terrified. Who is this guy?”

DYNAMITE: “Not even he can answer that one.”

[the Nameless never allows Nicole to raise his hand in victory and he steps closer to Fiona who is unaware of the monster towering behind her. Nameless grabs Fiona by the hair and just as he does this, the fans react to a decent sized pop for Geoffrey Thomas Anderson V who comes sprinting to the ring and shoves Nameless back and he releases Fiona but he never looks away from GTAV. After a long scolding, Nameless just leaves the ring and exits up the aisle through the curtain. Meanwhile in the ring GTAV checks on Fiona.]

MINX: “It’s a good thing GTA did the right thing.”

DYNAMITE: “Because clearly you weren’t.”

MINX: “Shut your mouth Rollins.”

[Backstage the Nameless storms through the back toward a nearby exit. Just as he reaches the door he is stopped by GWD Journalist Peter Roth, and boy is he nervous.]

ROTH: “Uhh… uh…”

[Nameless glares at Roth from behind the mask as he towers of Peter.]

ROTH: “Uhhmm.. sorry. Uhh… do you have anything to say to your opponents next week?”

[the Nameless continues exiting through the door and allows the door to shut behind him. Peter Roth stands in confusion and motions for the camera man to cut the feed.]

[The scene switches to one of the empty corridors backstage. Standing before the camera with his journalist smile, holding a microphone just beneath his chin, is the head interviewer for Global Championship Division. Nigel Astin.]

Nigel Astin: I would like to introduce to you my guest at this time..

[The camera pans to the side to reveal his guest. Wearing his custom made purple and gold wrestling robes, standing with his right hand resting on his left bicep and his left hand risen up to his face in contemplation, his long brown untamed hair draped over part of his face as Nigel readjusts his stance and holds the microphone between the two men.]

Nigel Astin: He is the former monarch of Skyfire Wrestling, a man who has graced this sport for over thirty years and he is hoping tonight to advance in the ‘Out for Justice’ tournament. Ladies and gentleman.. Chris Crippler.

Chris bows his head in acknowledgement.

Nigel Astin: Tonight nine competitors will be down to four, taking one step closer to becoming the inaugural GWD America Justice Champion, you are at a heavy disadvantage tonight as you’ve got two up-and-coming wrestlers to contend with..

[Chris looks bewildered and holds his left hand up to interrupt the interview mid-sentence.]

Chris Crippler: Disadvantage? How is it a disadvantage, Nigel?

[Chris lowers his hand back down.]

Chris Crippler: You are right, I’ll be wrestling two youthful wrestlers who debuted this year, two people who want to do what they can to advance in this tournament. Impress the powers to be. You could
say we are all in that same boat but none are as hungry and two newbies. We have all been there when we’ve left wrestling school, thinking we’re the best and can do anything, that the world is in the palm of their hands and nothing can stop them.

[Chris snorts.]

Chris Crippler: Trouble is that there is something going to stop them and bring them both down to the ground with a bump! They have both dismissed me because of the simple factor of my age, because of my age makes me somehow less of a threat; that I might as well walk out there with a frame, a blanket and a hot water bottle to keep my cockles warm! Let the youth battle it out and the aged old man wither away to die. But that analogy isn’t what is going to happen, sorry to disappoint, I am one of the best this industry has to offer with the likes of Mark Storm, Roxi Johnson, Tommy Crimson, J2H, Griffin Hawkins to name but a few! Age isn’t the hindrance here. Their lack of focus is and that will be proven here tonight as I defeat both Britney Anders and Chris Compact!

[Chris looks towards Nigel with a look of discontent as he pivots on the spot and walks away from the interviewer. Nigel nods his head and faces the camera.]

Nigel Astin: Back to you guys.

Britney Anders: “Are you serious right now? I gave you one simple task. ONE. That task was to bring me a bottle of water. That’s it. And you return with this? A CUP of water?”

[Britney Anders stomps her foot in frustration before tossing the water cup right at the crew member who had handed her the cup moments earlier. The man looked down at his now drenched shirt with a sigh and a frown as Britney continued laying in on him verbally.]

Britney Anders: “How did you even get this job? Are you qualified? Did you go to college? Did you even graduate high school!?”

[Her finger was in the face of the crew member when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turns around to see Deacon Crane standing before her, smile on his face as he holds a bottle of water up to her face.]

[Before he allows her to take it from his hand he quickly unscrews the cap and sips from it slow while maintaining eye contact, then hands it to her.]

Deacon Crane: “Couldn’t imagine how you would be if the guy made an actual mistake that meant something.”

Britney Anders: “What are you talking about? This is the most important night of my life so far. This is the night I debut and wrestle my first professional match. All I asked for was a BOTTLE of water, and he ruined it and now he ruined my mood.”

[She turns to the crew members who looks utterly frightened and puts her index finger against his forehead and pushes.]

Britney Anders: “Get out of here now before I REALLY make you regret the huge mistake you made.”

[The crew member hurries away as Britney turns her attention back to Deacon Crane. She huffs and puffs and then brings the water bottle that he handed her to her lips.]

Britney Anders: “Thanks. At least someone around here knows what I like. I’m not sure why you’re still standing here though. I was here first, you can go.”

[Deacon laughs mockingly at Britney, running his hand through his hair.]

Deacon Crane: Just come to wish you luck… not for the first round, but after when we both know you’ll be getting in the ring with a real, and talented, man. And don’t worry, I won’t be too hard on you after I win.”

[Deacon then pulls a plate in front of her that he had hidden in his hand behind his back. Brownies, wrapped with clear saran, sat upon it.]

Deacon Crane: “And for these extra points.”

Britney Anders: “You remembered to bring me brownies. Wow. If only you were this good at remembering things when we used to…nevermind. Forget it.”

[She takes the plate her her left hand while holding the water bottle in her right hand. She brings the plate to her face and sniffs the brownies through the saran wrap.]

Britney Anders: “They actually smell good too. Thanks Deac, oh and it will be YOU needing luck if you get by Mark Storm tonight. I know I’ll be advancing over the geezer and the mini-fridge. Just make sure you get on my level.”

[Britney laughs.

Britney Anders: “Well, it’s impossible for you to get on my level because not only am I beautiful, but clearly I’m the best wrestler here, the world will see that after tonight, but hey…aim for the stars, okay? Now, you can go. I’d like my privacy.”

Deacon Crane: “It’s an entire hallway. You really expect people to give you privacy in the middle of an entire hallway?”

Britney Anders: “Do I really have to ask you again, Deac?”

[Deacon looks around, rolling his eyes.]

Deacon Crane: “I could have you ask again… orrrr… since you’re so brave, you could make me leave. Either way, you’ll see I’m going to remain where I am until I’m good and ready.”

[He leans in slightly, lowering his voice to a whisper.]

Deacon Crane: “Oh, and Brit… You know the past had nothing to do with my shortcomings.”

[Deacon boldly pats her head with a grin, doing his best to get a reaction.]

[Her face immediately turns red as she barks at him, doing her best to hold the brownies and water steady.]

Britney Anders: “Don’t…touch…MY…hair! I’ve already had the hair and makeup treatment and my match is coming up. I don’t remember you being this dense a few years ago.”

[The plate of brownies wobble in her hands as she steadies it and holds the water near her mouth.]

Britney Anders: “Oh and Deacon? You might not have ever came up short, but you have had performance issues off and on…let’s hope you don’t suffer one of those issues tonight in the ring.”

[Britney grins and brings the water to her lips, tilting her head back to take a drink.]

[Deacon laughs once again, with this time in an insulted way.]

Deacon Crane: “You know how I feel about you lying… again.”

[Instead of saying anything more, Deacon squeezes the bottle to splash water into Britney’s face before walking away smirking, leaving Britney to scream for make-up artist Sarah Vega to come fix her up, while shouting several reasons why she hates Deacon.]

= = = = = = = = = =
[-ROUND 1-]
Chris Compact -vs- Britney Anders -vs- Chris Crippler
= = = = = = = = = =

[Chris Compact stands in the ring awaiting his opponents with his music fading out slowly.]


[The lights darken in the building. A red spotlight hits the top of the entranceway to show a lifesize box that a doll would come in. A clear door opens on the lifesize box and out of the doll box walks ‘The Living Doll’, Brit Anders. A red spotlight follows her as she walks to the ring confidently as ‘Bad Girl’ continues playing.]

DYNAMITE: “Here comes the beautiful Britney Anders.”

MINX: “She’s ugly. Her soul is grotesque. Inside she’s a demon.”

DYNAMITE: “Someone’s jealous.”

MINX: “No, literally. That’s who she is. She will even admit it sometimes. Her make up is beautiful though.”

[As she walks up the ring steps, she then moves to the center of the ring apron, turning to face the entranceway. She then finally turns back around and enters the ring. She walks to the middle of the ring as the spotlight then fades as the lights turn back on in the building. Brit then moves to her corner.]

[The lights in the auditorium switch off as “Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth begins to play over the PA system, as soon as the guitar rift kicks in, the spotlights goes around the audience and the stage lights illuminate as Chris Crippler steps out from behind the curtain.]

DYNAMITE: “The multi-time champion looks to teach a lesson tonight.

[He casually strolls down the aisle way, ignoring the fans ringside, stepping up the ring steps to the apron and walking along to the middle. He gazes out at the crowd in attendance with a look of disgust before stepping through the ropes, Chris walks over to the opposite side of the ring, adjusting his wrist tape as he presses his back against the turnbuckles. The referee checks him for foreign objects as his music fades away.]

LYOTO SILVA: The following contest is scheduled for a one fall and it is a triple threat match in the first round of the Open Justice Invitational!

[Cheers and applause echo through the auditorium as the camera pan around the arena, focusing on a couple of fan made signs as well as audience reactions before averting it’s attention back on ringside.]

LYOTO SILVA: Introducing first, weighing in a one hundred and sixty pounds – The Pint Sized Punisher, CHRISSS COMPACCCT!

LYOTO SILVA: And his opponent, weighing in a one hundred and thirty one pounds – The Living Doll, BRITTTTNEYYYY ANDERSSSSSS!

[She too get’s a very good reception from the fans, who applaud her as she comes out of her corner, twirling around before racing up the turnbuckle and nodding her head, pointing at herself before smirking arrogantly and jumping down to return to her corner. ]

LYOTO SILVA: And their opponent, weighing in a two hundred and fifty six pounds – CHRISSSS CRIPPPPLLEERRR!

[And out of them all, Chris gets the best reaction; the most known out of the three competitors who simply stands in his corner with one hand behind his back and turns three hundred and sixty degrees, soaking in the energy of the fans but remaining emotionless, turning his head back to his opponents.]

MINX: “It’s time to begin Rollins!”


[The bell rings and no one makes a sudden move. All three competitors main in their corners and all lock eyes with one another, daring one another to make the first move. Compact looks at Anders and with his eyes, tells her that they should go for the bigger man, that being Chris Crippler who’s got the gist of the conversation despite no words actually being exchanged. Suddenly, Compact and Anders rush the veteran Crippler, hitting him with strikes as they corner him in the ring, striking him back into the corner however Crippler remains composed.

He takes the strikes with pride from both of his opponents, who are rather surprised when he stands tall in the corner, towering over them as forcing them back as he walks out of the corner. Compact runs toward him, a strike attempt is blocked by Crippler, who delivers an almighty uppercut that sends Compact rocking to the canvas. Anders then makes an attempt at Crippler, who’s smart, ducking under her attempt and locking her in a full nelson. Crippler has her locked in, turning her around whilst Compact gets to his feet, clubbing Crippler round the back and he let’s go of Anders.

Compact continues to strike Crippler round the back, leading him over to the ropes which he leans him against before delivering an Irish whip to the opposite set. Crippler bounces off of them and greets Compact with a shoulder barge, that knocks Compact to the canvas. Crippler takes off to the ropes and Compact is up on his feet, leapfrogging over Crippler who runs to the opposite set. Crippler fakes the rebound, Compact is up in the air, landing on his feet and runs towards Crippler, who drop toe holds him onto the ropes, receiving applause for his expert ring awareness.

He has a smug look on his face as he poses in the middle of the ring, unaware that behind him is an attack waiting to happen. Anders clubs him round the back and leads him over to the corner, where she starts laying the boots into him, one after the other in quick succession, without letting up. She straightens him up, and slaps him in the face, a slap that echoes around the arena, causing discomfort among many of the fans who now begin to boo Anders, who disrespectfully, spits on the face of the veteran. Crippler is stunned, in disbelief that someone so beautiful could be so disgusting in approach. She laughs and begins an onslaught of shoot kicks to the chest of Crippler.

After the third boot she stops, and transitions to chops to the chest. One, two, three chops connecting, she goes for the forth but fails to connect, Crippler grabbing her hand and pushing her back. She rolls backwards, stands up and finds Crippler running toward her, she ducks under his clothesline attempt, and Crippler almost connects with Chris Compact, who rolls under his arm, kips himself back up and delivers a swift superkick to Crippler, who falls to the canvas and rolls to the outside.]

DYNAMITE: “I’m actually starting to regret that rock, paper, scissors bet we made earlier.”

MINX: “You’re eating the baby octopus. No questions asked.”

[It’s now Compact and Anders in the ring and the two share a glance before they start to circle the ring. They lock up in the center of the ring, with Compact getting the best of his opponent, locking Anders in a rear waist lock and tightening the hold. She manages to slide down and out of the hold, reversing it the other way round before transitioning into a hammerlock. Compact uses his free arm to slap her into a side headlock, managing to gain full advantage as she releases his arm. He tightens the hold, squeezing onto her head every time she attempts to move. She manages to move him back into the ropes and attempts to throw him off, but he returns to the center of the ring, falling onto one knee and shaking his head sideways, and arrogant look on his face. She once again fights her way to the ropes, but once again, he falls to a knee, refusing to let go of the hold.

The referee asks if she wants to quit but she refuses. She then leads him to the ropes and again, and this time, she’s successful. Compact bounces off of the opposite ropes and looks for a rolling elbow, she ducks – he turns around, and he’s met with a hurricanrana which she transitions into a pin!]




[Close call, but it isn’t enough to keep him down and out!]

MINX: “Chris Compact is backing up every word of what he has said earlier in the week.”

DYNAMITE: “Twitter tough guys and gals, are killing the industry.”

[They race to their feet and this time, she ducks under his arm and rolls him up from behind.]




[Once again, a kick out by Compact. They’re back up on their feet, Anders goes for a slap but Compact blocks it, in turn delivering a forearm strike that sends shockwaves through the auditorium. It’s cringe worthy, Anders staggering around the center of the ring, losing her balance and Compact grabs her by her hair, throwing her to the outside where Crippler already rests. Compact then runs to the ropes, bounces off of them before sending himself over the top rope, and flipping onto both Anders and Crippler on the outside, applause ringing through the arena as he stands on his feet.]


[Compact feeds off the energy of the crowd and focuses on basking in their cheers. He forgets about his opponents and Chris Crippler is fast to grab Compact and throw him into the ring post, practically knocking him out cold before turning his focus to Britney Anders who is slipping into the ring to get a breather. Crippler slides in from the other side and Anders attacks immediately only to be taken down by the veteran and placed in a sharpshooter in the center of the ring.]

MINX: “OOOOOOOOOO! What’s going to happen here?!”

DYNAMITE: “What can she do Kelsi? It may be over for her.”

MINX: “She’s fought so hard tonight…”

DYNAMITE: “Chris Compact is out cold on the outside. Crippler did a real number on him.”

[Britney Anders fights for the ropes but realizes it’s no use and taps as Chris Crippler applies more pressure.]


MINX: “I saw it coming.”

DYNAMITE: “What an effort from these three.”

LYOTO SILVA: “Here is your winner by submission….CHRIS CRIPPLER!”

MINX: “Chris Crippler advances to the American Justice championship match which will feature Nameless, Geoffrey Thomas Anderson, and either Deacon Crane or Mark Storm. This is exciting!”

DYNAMITE: “It’s beyond exciting Minx, it’s down right globally marketable. Why it’s not on pay-per-view I’ll never know.”

MINX: “Because we are just starting out as a promotion?”

DYNAMITE: “That is definitely the case.”

[He stands backstage amongst the throng of other nameless workers that were scurrying about tending to countless never mentioned tasks that needed to be completed for a wrestling company to be a success. A young female bumps into him and before he has the chance to offer his apologies the assumed intern makes her way through the corridors. He had forgotten how pleasantly chaotic the atmosphere was during showtime.]

”What in the hell are you doing here, Tap?!”

[He scratches his salt and peppered beard as he peers around. It had been many of years since he walked backstage of a wrestling venue; even longer since he walked backstage of a wrestling venue while a wrestling event was taking place. It’s a bittersweet sound hearing the crowd’s collective roar at the action that is transpiring on the other side of the curtain. Goosebumps began to sprout along his arm while the hairs on the back of his neck started to stand to attention. Hearing and feeling that was probably the answer to his own questioning.]

”This is it. This is going to work out this time. The end of the road, Tap. Regardless what comes, good or bad, this is the last chance.”

[Joseph Michaels. Tapioca Joe. More commonly known through his years as simple “Tap” is what one considered a “weathered journeyman” within the sport of wrestling. In his thirty plus years, he had traveled to the ends of the Earth to participate in the passion that burns in his very soul. It was that fire that has led him here tonight to the proverbial doorstep of Global Division Wrestling.]

”You got a press pass, buddy? Reporters aren’t allowed back here without one.”

[The male alto voice knocks him from his thoughts allowing him to lay his sights on a skinny Caucasian man in his mid-thirties decked out in an ugly brown suit.]

”Huh? What?”
”Press pass? You got one? Security!”
”Wait, wait, wait. I’m one of the boys.”

[Reaching back into his jeans pocket, Tap produces a few sheets of folded paper and extends them out to the man. The man takes them, unfolds them, and proceeds to glance over them.]

”You’re Tapioca Joe?! Damn, you’re old as sh—!”

[Tap snatches the papers back from the man. It wasn’t as if Tap was upset by the perceived insult. That wasn’t the case at all because he knew that this was a young man’s business and had heard that critique more times than he cared to. What bothered Tap this time was the how nonchalant this man, this stranger, expressed the sentiment.]

”Yeah, I’m Tapioca Joe. I’m supposed to meet the Head of Talent…a guy named…uh..Roerich…”

”Right, right. Ethan Roerich is somewhere around here. It’s a big night around here so it’s extra damn crazy. Until you find him you might just want to stay out of the way. Kay?”

”Yeah, sure but do you…”

[Tap isn’t able to finish as the man bounds away after spotting another suspicious person.]

”You got a press pass, buddy?! Security!”

[Shaking his head in slight amusement, Tap stuffs the papers into his back pocket again. Noticing the familiar sight of the crowd of people surrounding a bank of television monitors, he makes his way over to the gorilla position as the scene fades.]

[In the parking garage near the loading docks everything is quiet and peaceful with the rest of the city visible in the background of the large dome shaped arena. Crates come toppling over the edge of the loading dock and an evet crew worker in a bright yellow shirt comes falling down on top of the crates. Nameless steps to the edge breathing heavily and staring down at the wreckage.]

MINX: “That’s Nameless! I thought he left the building?!”

DYNAMITE: “Where is security?!”

MINX: “..I mean.. Nowhere to be found at this point.”

DYNAMITE: “Clearly.”

[Nameless steps away from the edge slowly and the camera pushes in, a little shakey giving us a shot of the fallen event worker just as Nameless disappears into the shadows.]

MINX: “What are we going to do about him?”

DYNAMITE: “I’m not sure. Where is Mr. Roerich? Is he even in the building?”

[Backstage an angry mob combined of event crew workers, security personnel and GWD talent all storm toward Ethan Roerich’s large black SUV in the parking garage. They are all nursing wounds and seem very irritated. All at once they voice their demands as Ethan Roerich, clean cut and handsome, rolls his windows down.]

ETHAN ROERICH: “Calm down, calm down. One st a time.”
[Everyone settles and Fiona is first to speak up with an ice pack held closely to her head.]
FIONA: “He demolishes everything.”
[They are raise their voices in an upheaval and Ethan Roerich is forced to listen with open ears.]
NICOLE BENDER: “He ate all the catering!”
NIGEL ASTIN: “He through someone off the loading dock?!”
ETHAN ROERICH: “Simmer down. He has advanced in the Out for Justice Tournament correct?”
[Mr. Roerich scratches his chin.]
ETHAN ROERICH: “Let’s give this unknown man what he wants shall we? He wants to do be dominant? Let’s see just how dominant he is when he steps in the ring with Chris Crippler, Geoffrey Thomas Anderson the fifth, and the winner of tonight’s main event in a fatal four way match to crown our first ever American Justice champion.”
[Roerich slaps the side of the vehicle.]
ETHAN ROERICH: “I think that’ll humble the man.”
[The vehicle drives off with Roerich looking out of the window with a huge grin while everyone watches on a little confused.]
FIONA: “I Don’t think he realizes this is no laughing matter.”
[Everyone’s attention turns to a man in the shadows when his voice is heard.]
MAN: “Not a time for laughing at all.”
[Out of the shadows Tapioca Joe reveals himself to the small mob of workers.]
= = = = = = = = = =
[-ROUND 1-]
Deacon Crane -vs- Mark Storm
= = = = = = = = = =


[The bell sounds and Deacon Crane hammers Mark Storm with a viciously stiff forearm to the jaw, leaving Storm mildly dazed and allowing himself the opportunity to capitalize and place Storm into a hammerlock before lifting him off the mat and slamming him to his stomach. Crane quickly rises and stomps on Storm’s wrist while it is pressed against his lower back region. Deacon Crane keeps the punishment as unbearable as possible when he places Storm in a modified armbar and starts bending back on his fingers.]

DYNAMITE: “Deacon Crane…. the most dangerous man in the game.”

[Storm rises to his feet, holding his wrist in pain. Storm spins around Crane and connects with an uppercut!! Crane stays his ground and counters with an european uppercut of his own!! Storm holds his ground and hits another uppercut!! Crane stands tall still and counters with another european uppercut!! The crowd begins to get into it as the two exchange shots for a third time, and then for a fourth time. Crane and Storm then hit each other for a fifth time, and both stumble backwards into the ring ropes, they both rebound off the ropes and head towards the middle of the ring, Crane goes for a swinging lariat but Storm ducks under and leaps into the air, reaching back with his arms extended and pulling Crane into a neckbreaker. Storm makes a cover.]




[Deacon Crane gets the shoulder up and Storm rises, allowing Crane to do the same. Storm bounces off the ropes and from out of nowhere hits a step up enziguri, knocking Crane down again just before he hooks the leg of the seemingly knocked out Deacon Crane.]




[Crane kicks out at the last second, leaving the crowd on edge.]



[Retaliating to a knife edge chop from Mark Storm, Deacon Crane stumbles into the ring rope only to fire himself out with force and drop Storm to the canvas via a powerful shoulder block. Storm is quick to make it back to his feet but is sent back down quickly by Deacon Crane’s powerful tbone suplex! Crane makes a cover.]




DYNAMITE: “Almost called it quits that time.”

[Crane lifts Mark Storm from the mat with force before sending him into the for turnbuckle and charging after him. As soon as Storm hits the turnbuckle Crane smashes into him like a freight train. Crane steps away allowing Storm to walk out about two to three steps before nailing him with a discus elbow!]


DYNAMITE: “He either really wants to win or he really wants to impress Britney Anders.”

MINX: “You could be onto something there Rollins.”

[Back in the ring, Deacon Crane pulls Mark Storm into a reverse grapple but Storm rolls forward, knocking Crane onto his stomach before rising up a free man with Crane’s foot in his hand and applying torque with an ankle lock. The crowd pops and Crane fights for the ropes. He gets close to reaching the ropes and and Storm is quick to lock his leg around Crane’s calf and dropping down to apply an STF! The crowd pops even louder as Crane screams in pain with his body being torqued in ways he doesn’t enjoy.]

MINX: “Crane may be in a little bit of trouble here.”

DYNAMITE: “Maybe not.”

[Crane grabs hold of the ring ropes and Mark Storm releases the hold and drags him back to the center of the ring. Crane rolls out of Storm’s clutches and then pulls him into an inside cradle.]



[Storm kicks out with force before rolling to his feet. As soon as he makes it to his feet Crane nearly decapitates him with a strong lariat that sends Storm over the ropes and to the outside.]

MINX: “Oh he may be missing some teeth now.”

DYNAMITE: “If he is it’ll only add to his tough guy looks. Mark Storm has been around for quite some time and he’s really proving himself as a serious independent.”

[Crane throws Storm into the ring steps and Storm collides with power impact sending the steps flying at ring side. The fan gasp as the sight of Storm rolling around in pain.]

DYNAMITE: “Mark Storm is trying to create some separation between the two, but Deacon Crane is like a pitbull.”

[Storm has the upperhand again after he connects with a vicious superkick out of nowhere. Storm slides Crane back into the ring and follows after him, stepping onto the ring apron and then climbing to the top ring rope. Crane allows Storm to make his calculations before he rises to his feet, steps onto the middle ring cable and starts hammering away at Mark Storm with powerful forearm smashes and european uppercuts. Crane places Storm into a grapple before lifting him slowly off the top rope and into a vertical position.]

MINX: “Look at the strength! Look at the power!”

DYNAMITE: “Would you look at that? How is he still doing that after all the camerflashes?”

[The cameras continue to flash until they lead to never ending flashes when Deacon Crane leaps from the ropes after stalling with Mark Storm and lands on his back, driving his knees into Mark Storm’s back as well, basically performing a superplex and transitioning it into a back breaker at the last second. Both men lose wind and roll around on the canvas, gasping for air. “Ace” Puerto Rico checks on both men and refuses to count them out or call for medical help.]

MINX: “These two men are just leaving it all out there for us to witness.”

DYNAMITE: “Which one of these two men will advance to the championship match?!”

[Both men try pulling themselves up using the ring ropes for leverage.]

MINX: “They both look to be in a bad way.”

DYNAMITE: “Yet they are both in excellent positions also.”

[The fans roar as Nameless comes storming to ringside. Both men in the ring unaware.]

DYNAMITE: “Oh no I spoke too soon!”

MINX: “Here they come!”

[Members of the security team, Fiona, GTAV, and a couple of other GWD employees come sprinting down the aisle to stop Nameless. He stops and scans the small mob while in the ring, Mark Storm and Deacon Crane are battling once again, both still feeling the effects of the big bump. Mark Storm swings at Deacon Crane and Deacon Crane dodges the attack and then hoists Storm onto his shoulders and drills him into the canvas via a death valley driver. At the same time that Deacon Crane makes the pin on Storm hooking the leg and all Nameless begins the assault on the security team and mob that made it’s way to ringside leaving the ref distracted. Crane watches on with sheer frustration in his eyes as all the chaos goes on around him and he has all but won the match. Crane approaches the ref and tugs on his shirt, forcing him to turn away from the battling going on on the outside. When Deacon Crane turns around Mark Storm is there to connect with the STORMSTRIKE!! Crane never saw it coming. Mark Storm makes the cover.]




LYOTO SILVA: “Here is your winner by pinfall…MARK STORM!!”

[Mark Storm has his hand raised in victory and he is attacked by Nameless immediately. Nameless starts to clobber Mark Storm and the locker room clears out and they all march toward ringside to get a piece of Nameless but tons of security arrives and Ethan Roerich appears at the top of the aisle looking on as they try to restore order.


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