CWD: Wrestling Clinic 2 – 5.16.2018

California Pride Championship Main Event: Samantha Hamilton vs. Maki vs. Equinox

GWD Warehouse – Hollywood, CA.
May 16, 2018

= = = = = = = = =

CWD cameras fade in to a shot of the CWD parking garage. The sight of the city informs us that we are on the top level and a black stretch limo pulls into the vacant parking spot. The driver steps out and two identical twins step out in similar attire.

MINX: Who are they?

ASTIN: Must be Ethan Roerich’s latest signing.

One of the twins quickly goes to the back of the limo and begins gathering their bags as the other twin stands. buttoning the buttons of his suit jacket as Sullivan Aimes approaches with his microphone in hand.

AIMES: Sir, can you tell us who you are and what you are doing here tonight?

MYSTERY MAN: Who I am? What am I doing here tonight?

The twin with the bags walks up, bags in tow.

MYSTERY MAN: Knight, the gentleman here wants to know who I am. Should I tell him I am the greatest Southern Gladiator champion that ever lived? Should I tell them that I am the man who walks into a company and completely shakes the system to its core? Should I tell them that I am the man that they are all dreading to see across the ring?

KNIGHT: How about you just tell them you are Bishop Kroft and we go inside because these damn bags are heavy?

Bishop stares at his brother, Knight, for a moment before slapping him in the back of the head and motioning for him to go on without him.

BISHOP KROFT: But now to the other question you asked, “what am I doing here tonight”? That answer is actually very, very simple. I am doing nothing more than making a list of victims that I plan to hurt here in CWD.

AIMES: Any idea of who might be on that list already, Bishop?

Kroft looks up with a half cocked smirk.


CWD cameras fade as Bishop leaves Sullivan standing there with his mic as he walks away.

We fade in to the capacity crowd of 4,700 crazed GWD fans jam packed into the CWD Warehouse in Hollywood, California!! CWD logos and merchandise are plastered all over the walls and the fans are jumping around with excitement. The black out color scheme is the chosen presentation by GWD Officials, black ring cables, black turnbuckle pads, black posts, black padding around the guard rails, and even a black velvet carpet leading from the stage and the video screen down to the ring. Kelsi Minx and Nigel Astin make their way to the announce table and takes their positions at ringside.
ASTIN: Yes, ladies and gents, welcome to the Warehouse for the second episode of Wrestling Clinic!!!
MINX: We are coming at you live on Adult Swim and if you caught us on our first episode of the newly re-branded California Wrestling Division then you know, just about everything imaginable happened! Our former colleague, Britney Anders made her return to the ring in a tag match with her newly found friend California Heritage Champion, Kendrick Kross and she also put our former California Pride Champion, Mark Storm out of commission!
ASTIN: She surely did, with vicious chair shots the attack was made after the his match with The Titaness and the King of the Bros.
MINX: It was an intense moment as our main event will feature Broseph, Samantha Hamilton, and our resident “Bitch of War” Maki going at it in a triple threat match to crown a new California Pride Champion. And did anyone ever figure out the deal with that weird video from last week?
ASTIN: I don’t think so, but whoever’s behind it really has an issue with certain members of our company.
MINX: That’s putting it lightly! I’d be worried if I saw MY picture being burned up like that!
ASTIN: You didn’t mind when I did it the other day!
MINX: W-wait, what?
But before Astin can elaborate, the opening bell sounds, meaning it’s time to go Lyoto for the introductions.

Jonny Hollywood -vs- Mystery Opponent

LYOTO SILVA: The opening contest is scheduled for one fall!
“Californication” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers starts the play and the fans roar as the strobe lights flicker and the smoke fills the aisle. Jonny Hollywood makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd.
MINX: Jonny’s going into this match basically blindfolded.
ASTIN: It does make me curious as to why he was given a mystery opponent, but I guess it won’t be a mystery for much longer.
Hollywood enters the ring and grabs the microphone from Silva. Jonny Hollywood then does his own in-ring introduction…
JONNY HOLLYWOOD: Welcome to the Jonny Hollywood show!
During his spiel, there’s some commotion coming from the crowds.
MINX: Are there already drunk guys going at it in the audience?
ASTIN: I don’t know about that, there seems to be someone making their way through the fans and in the direction of the ring!
MINX: And Jonny’s so into himself he doesn’t notice!
JONNY HOLLYWOOD: And whoever my opponent is tonight, they’re going to be taking a stroll down the Walk of Fame-
MINX: Oh shit!
ASTIN: Watch out, Jonny!!
But before he can react, an unknown man wielding a chain has leapt over the barricade and slid into the ring, keelhauling Hollywood. He appears to be some wily-eyed bare-chested Japanese man who has just exploded all over The Standard.
MINX: Is THIS guy his opponent?!
ASTIN: Uhhhh, I’m really not sure. We never got any intel on Jonny’s opponent, and wouldn’t he have come to the ring like any other wrestl-
The invader takes Jonny down with a gruesome knee-lift, then scoops him back to perform a reckless gutwrench powerbomb, folding Hollywood in half.
MINX: Ohh, that’s gotta hurt!
ASTIN: Ah, I’m just getting word that this guy… ISN’T… Jonny Hollywood’s opponent?!
MINX: So some random dude just broke into the arena and assaulted one of the wrestlers?! Where’s security?!
You can see security near the gorilla position, unsure as to whether they should intervene or not. The referee inside the ring is also looking fairly confused.
ASTIN: And… I’m getting more info in my headset… it seems that this guy… MIGHT be Hollywood’s opponent after all??
MINX: Well, which is it? A match or an assault?!
The man swings his chains above his head, proud of what he’s done thus far. The referee checks on Hollywood, who slowly recovers.
ASTIN: Ummmm, we’re not getting any straight answers, and, I’m just not sure!
The stranger climbs up to the second turnbuckle, sneering at the fans and laughing at them. The fans boo this disrespectful interloper. Jonny slowly gets to his feet, runs towards his assaulter, and dropkicks him off the turnbuckles, much to the fans’ delight.
MINX: Well, it looks like whatever the situation is, Jonny’s not taking this lightly!
Seeing his fallen foe, he springboard moonsaults into them, which the fans love even more!
ASTIN: Hollywood taking the fight to… whoever this is!
Jonny the waits for the man to get back up, then motions for the Studio 101… and connects! The man flies backwards, rolling out of the ring, and Jonny continues the attack by taking to the air and flying outside of the ring with a bodysault plancha! The fans roar!
MINX: Holy crap, I thought for sure that was going to miss!
Jonny stomps at the man a few times before tossing him back into the ring. The man, however, quickly gets back up to his feet as Jonny was returning to the ring and delivers a jumping knee drop to the back of Jonny’s head, much to the fans’ chagrin.
ASTIN: That looked scary.
MINX: That looked illegal!!
The man grabs himself a fistful of hair, forcibly and painfully pulling Jonny back up to a vertical base, delivers an Irish whip, and connects with a devastating lariat! He quickly fireman carries Jonny, unleashing a Death Valley Driver!
Security edge forward, wary of the seemingly unstable invader.
MINX: Well, I’m glad we’re paying security well.
ASTIN: I don’t really blame them, though. We’re not getting any straight answers still. Maybe they know more than we do?
MINX: I doubt it.
The man again quickly scoops Jonny up, setting him on his feet, before bouncing off the ropes and hitting him from behind with an enzui lariat. The referee continues to allow the carnage to continue, but is still very confused.
The stranger picks up the chain that fell from his shoulders earlier in the “match” and wraps it around his fist, ready to strike Jonny in the head with it. The referee finally stands in between the maniac and Jonny, warning him that he’ll be disqualified if he uses that chain.
MINX: Come on, as if that guy looks like the sort that can be reasoned with!
ASTIN: HE’s gotta at least TRY to maintain some semblance of order in this, for lack of a better word, match.
The man seems appalled that this lesser being is trying to dictate anything to him, so instead of letting Hollywood have it, he just lets the referee have it! The fans go wild!
MINX: Security’s hauling ass now!
As security make their way to the ring, the invader grabs a hold of Hollywood and drops him with a powerful high-angle belly-to-belly suplex, kayoing the local. Security grab a hold of the man, some pulling the referee and Hollywood out of the ring, but the intensity of this lunatic is too much for them once he gets a hold of his chain again. He swings it menacingly, lashing at whoever gets in his way.
This gives him enough time to quickly slide out of the ring and flee back into the crowd, security cautiously hot on his trail.
MINX: Well, that’s one way to kick off a show.
ASTIN: I just hope we get some answers as to what the hell exactly went on here, because right now, this just seems like some random psycho just stormed the ring and assaulted not just one of our wrestlers, but one of our referees as well!
MINX: Not to mention some of the security guys!

CWD Cameras take us backstage, just outside Kendrick Kross’ locker room the door is shut but we hear a commotion coming from the opposite side. It is the voice of the California Heritage Champion.
KENDRICK KROSS: Just give me my belts. Let’s go!
The door opens and first out is Amaya followed by Britney Anders who looks to be up to no good as usual, and lastly Kendrick two belts exits shutting the door behind him. He rounds a corner and runs into Equinox. The fans can be heard going nuts for Equinox.
KENDRICK KROSS: Watch where you’re going!
Equinox looks over the champion and chuckles.
EQUINOX: I guess I didn’t see you there.
KENDRICK KROSS: Yeah if the lighting hits these babies just right it looks like Jesus is approaching. Of course, you wouldn’t know anything about that because you never win anything.
BRITNEY ANDERS: Kendrick! Hurry up or we’re leaving you!
Before Equinox can make a response Kross walks off to catch up to Britney.
EQUINOX: That boy is on a leash.

Cameras fade out.

Standing backstage in the interview section is Sullivan Aimes. The official backstage journalist smiles at the off screen camera.

SULLIVAN AIMES: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, I present to you one of California Wrestling Division’s newest debutants. She is Jazmin Davis.

Jazmin, a huge smile across her face, steps into the scene and playfully waves to the audience.

SULLIVAN AIMES: Welcome to CWD, Jazmin.

JAZMIN DAVIS: Thank you, Mr. Aimes, and please call me Jaz.

SULLIVAN AIMES: Well, Jaz, you are a part of the most recent influx of talent to the company alongside Dickie Watson, Dax Eynstine, Brianna Casablancas, and Troy Maddox. You are the youngest and the least experienced of the wrestlers brought in. What can CWD really expect from you?

JAZMIN DAVIS: Wow, talk about pullin’ no punches! But that’s totally fine and expected. It’s no secret that bein’ in CWD is my very first professional outin’ as a wrestler. I mean, I’ve trained overseas in England for a year with some icons of the sport and then returned home to Atlanta where I’ve worked some indy companies for another year while attending college but that in no way makes me a pushover. No, sir, no way. You see what I lack in actual experience, I make up with tenacity and desire, Mr. Sullivan. I will step into that squared circle against anyone from Britney Anders, Samantha Hamilton, Kendrick Kross to Equinox, Maki, and my homegirl Mischa Killings. There is no backin’ down for Jazmin Davis!

SULLIVAN AIMES: Later tonight the Hollywood Honors Cup Selection Ceremony will be taking place and many are clamoring to have their name to be thrown into the proverbial hat. Are you one of those looking to be included in this prestigious tournament?

JAZMIN DAVIS: Of course, Mr. Aimes. I’m only contracted with CWD for the summer so I’m goin’ to be lookin’ for anyway possible to make my mark while I’m here. Bein’ involved with the Hollywood Honors Cup, and even possibly winnin’ it, will surely cement as somethin’ special here.

SULLIVAN AIMES: Well, Jaz, I am one that hopes you are selected into the tournament and expect nothing but great things from you while you are wrestling here. Welcome again to California Wrestling Division.

JAZMIN DAVIS: Thank you for your vote of confidence and warm welcome, Mr. Aimes. Oh before I go, I want to send a shoutout to my homegirl Mischa. Do your thing in that tag team match, girl. I’ll be back here rootin’ for you!

Cameras cut to the ring.

ASTIN: Welcome back again folks, it is now time to select the participants for the first ever, Hollywood Honors Cup.
MINX: Look at that belt. Makes me want to join the Cup.
ASTIN: I’d advise it.


In the center of the ring we see Mr. Roerich and Jack Callahan in suits and ties while standing next to a podium covered in black velvet and on a gold stand resting in the center is the HOLLYWOOD HONORS CHAMPIONSHIP.
MR. ROERICH: Hello and ladies and gentlemen we are about to read off the Hollywood Honors Cup selections and boy oh boy, take a look at this belt right here? Isn’t it beautiful? We have selected ten lucky competitors to compete in the Hollywood Honors Cup and these ten competitors will compete for an opportunity at holding the third premier championship belt in the California Wrestling Division. Holding this championship means you are a fighter because this championship will be defended at every Wrestling Clinic event and any event that I deem necessary.
Jack Callahan holds a hat upside down and in front of Mr. Roerich who reaches in and grabs ten envelopes.
MR. ROERICH: Now I am going to open these envelopes one by one and in each one we will discover who will be chosen to participate in the first Hollywood Honors Cup!
Ethan Roerich starts opening the first envelope.
MR. ROERICH: Ladies and gentlemen, the first selection in the CWD Hollywood Honors Cup tournament is…
A drum roll is heard throughout the arena as Roerich unfolds the cardstock.
MR. ROERICH: Without further waiting ladies and gentlemen, the first selection is.. Talia Areano.
The fans cheer for her as she makes her way from behind the curtain and walks to the end of the aisle way and enters the ring. Mr. Roerich congratulates her, shakes her hand, and allows her to stand off to the side while he grabs the next envelope.
MR. ROERICH: Our next selection is… Bishop Kroft!
Bishop Kroft makes his way to ringside with his Twin Brother Manager beside him. They enter the ring and shake hands with Mr. Roerich before standing off to the side next to Talia Areano.
MR. ROERICH: Our third selection will be….DICKIE WATSON!
Dickie Watson makes his way to the ring. The fans cheering him on in the process.
Mischa Killings parades to the ring with the fans not really carrying, mostly silent as she steps into the ring.
MR. ROERICH: The fifth selection to compete is… JAZMIN DAVIS!
Jazmin Davis makes her way to ringside to quite the ovation from the fans.
MR. ROERICH: The sixth–
The boos of crowd catch by surprise at first, but he soon discovers Britney Anders walking down the aisle toward the ring.
MINX: Oh gosh.
ASTIN: You knew Britney was going to show face.
The boos rain down in a thunderous capacity as Kendrick Kross’ music hits and Britney Anders leads the way with Amaya and the California Heritage Champion not far behind her. Kross applauds Britney Anders as she rips apart a fans #IStandWithSammyDuke sign and continues storming to the ring.
MINX: I hope to god she isn’t the next selection.
ASTIN: In a way, it would be better if she is. Then she’ll shut up.
Kross stands on the ring apron and holds the ring ropes for Britney and she stomps right over to Mr. Roerich and grabs his microphone before stepping into the center of the ring. A big Grinch like evil grin appears on her face.
BRITNEY ANDERS: So allow me to be first to say it…. Why… haven’t you called the name Britney? Everybody knows–
She’s cut off by the boos. She allows them to hate her for the moment with a smile on her face. Eventually they calm themselves.
BRITNEY ANDERS: Everybody knows it is an Honor to have The Doll in your promotion and everybody knows who the Upper Echelon of CWD are. So without any further ado, your number six selection in the Hollywood Honors Cu–
He microphone goes off, her lips ramble but no words are heard. Instead Mr. Roerich’s voice booms over the PA system.
MR. ROERICH: The six selection is… this can’t be right?
Mr. Roerich scratches chin and leans toward Callahan showing him the name on the card also. Callahan shrugs his shoulders but eventually gives a thumbs up.
MR. ROERICH: The sixth selection is  Hide “Deathwish” Yamazaki the man who just attacked Jonny Hollywood?
Everyone is taken aback and Britney looks extremely pissed. She could rip Roerich’s head off with her hands if she wanted to, her eyes say it all. Roerich ignores Anders and continues.
MR. ROERICH: Now the seventh selection will be–
Britney speaks through a microphone of her own.
TREMENDOUS BOOS. Britney steps to the center of the ring and is ordered back to the corner by Callahan.
MR. ROERICH: The seventh selection is BRIANNA CASABLANCAS!!
Brianne begins making her way to the ring. Britney fumes in the corner with Kendrick Kross trying to keep her calm and reassure her.
MR. ROERICH: Our eighth selection will TEAM ATARI!!
The fans roar with cheers for the duo as they appear from behind the curtain and make their way to the ring.
MINX: Hahahahahhaha Look at Britney’s face.
ASTIN: She might go on a killing spree.
MR. ROERICH: Our nineth selection is DAX BECKETT!!
Dax sombers down to ringside and enters the ring. Before he can approach Roerich to shake his hand Britney Anders steps in front of him and looks Mr. Roerich in the eyes with as serious of a look as ever. Flames are visible in her pupils, hypothetically speaking.
BRITNEY ANDERS: This next selection better be my name so help me, GOAW—-
He microphone shuts off and everybody in the ring and the even the fans begin to applaud and hoot and holler. Britney gives everyone around her the death stare. Mr. Roerich hands the microphone and the envelop to Britney. Britney looks at it awkwardly at first but then realizes Mr. Roerich is giving her an opportunity at potentially deciding her own fate. Brit rips it open and a huge grinch like grin comes acrossed her face.
MINX: Aw damnit. I don’t like the look of this.
ASTIN: It’s happening.
BRITNEY ANDERS: Your tenth selection, and soon to be first ever CWD HOLLYWOOD HONORS CHAMPION…..ME! … Britney bitch!
TREMENDOUS BOOS. Fuck you Britney chants begin and Britney turns around and begins trash talking everyone one of the competitors. Jazmin Davis snatches the microphone from Britney and Britney is shocked along with everyone else.
JAZMIN DAVIS: Just shut up already.
Mischa Killings is first to strike with a superkick to the side of Britney’s face that knocks her down. Daz flies in and cotheslines Killings, and the fight is on! Callahan knabs the title belt from the podium and slithers out of harms way with Mr. Roerich to the center of the aisle while the competitors go at it in the ring.
ASTIN: The battle is on!
MINX: This is a glimpse of what to expect at Wrestling Clinic 3!
ASTIN: I don’t think he got through all the selections Kelsi.
MINX: I don’t think we did either.
Britney Anders rolls out of the ring and Kendrick Kross helps her up the aisle as Security and Officials speed to the ring to separate all the commotion going on around ringside.

The backstage cameras catch Nox exiting his 1994 Cherry Red Mustang showing up at the GWD Arena for the biggest match thus far in his return to pro wrestling. He comes over to the hordes of fans and signs autographs and hell even takes pictures. He loves this part of the business. He’s in a white cut tank top and jeans. His luggage containing is wresting gear and his other three championships. Out of the blue a man comes over to him with a camera. He seems to be the residential interviewer.
Sullivan Aimes: “Equinox can we get a word with you?”
He nods as he gives the hordes the thumbs up and looks back at Sullivan with a smile on his face.
Sullivan Aimes: “Ladies and gentlemen my name is Sullivan Aimes and I am here with Michael Kendricks also known as the worldwide wrestler Equinox. Tonight we’re here to talk about Wrestling Clinic and well Equinox will be having his toughest challenge of his life as face Maki and Samantha Hamilton for the vacated Pride Championship once held by Mark Storm. So how are you feeling Equinox?”
Nox: “Well I can say for sure that I am honored and humbled with this chance at the Pride Championship. Mark held it for a while and in my own opinion I would have loved to be the one to take it from him. Now that doesn’t mean that Maki or Samantha wouldn’t be a challenge because they are. Two shows ago Mark was beat by Samantha and Maki though she didn’t pin me, she still won. I have a lot of confidence in both of them. Regardless of who walks out champion be myself, Maki or Samantha I would leave happy. However….”
Sullivan raises an eyebrow.
Sullivan: “However?”
Nox takes a deep breath and smiles.
Nox: “You see since it was announced that I would be facing Samantha and Maki. I’ve heard nothing but bitching and moaning from the bitch itch couple of CWD, Brittney & Kendrick Kross. Brittney believes she took Mark Storm out. When in reality, Samantha beat both Brospeh & Mark and sent him packing. No if’s and or butts about it. Brittney on social media aka Twitter and done everything she can to make herself relevant going as far as leeching to Kross. She calls me Suckinox. But newsflash sweetheart, who’s in the Main Event? That would be yours truly. Who’s…”
Nox pauses. He recalls what the boss said. AH FUCK IT.
Nox: “That brings me to you Kendrick Kross. The one guy to pin me in a CWD wrestling ring. Yea you still hold that over my head. You probably will till the end of time. You have said recently I can’t wrestle. You must not have paid attention to what I did against Notorious Thrill as I did beat him or when I beat Noah Reigner and Brady Vega. Kendrick I will give you credit where credit is due, you are a good wrestler. You have a long time before you can be great. You can brag all you want about being the Heritage Champion but the fact of the matter is no matter how much you deny it, you haven’t properly been pushed to your limit. Not yet anyway. Two Transformers were challenging you for your title and at that show after bitching I might add, you had your leech help you out. It was made a tag match. She is going to screw you over in the end. Believe me when I say she’d hit YOU with a chair just to obtain that championship you hold. In plain to see that You were simply too afraid to face two people at the same time. See that’s what separates you from me. I’ll take on multiple people just like I did in…”
Nox stops and pauses
Sullivan Aimes: “Equinox sir…championships don’t matter outside of CWD.”
Nox nods.
Nox: “You know I understand that other Championships don’t matter in CWD. But it goes to show that these championships are simply my will and my love for this business. At another event I fought seven different people to win another championship. I’d fight the whole roster to gain that Pride Championship. I have fought so hard for this moment. To obtain that Next Level so to speak. I haven’t held world championship gold for a long time and to me the Pride Championship is world championship level. I don’t just want this win. I need this win. I want to show the world that my fire burns ever so bright and not even the world can extinguish it.”
You can tell there is a lot of passion in his voice
EQUINOX: “Samantha, We both have the same drive & determination. We both have the same motivation. See you simply want to prove you can be one of the very best. But on the same note I am out to prove the exact same thing. I’m out to prove I can main event with anybody and I can do the same thing. I want you to bring your best out there because simply put I will bring everything I have out there too. I am going to make sure that someone walks out champion. I am going to give it my all.”
There was such emotion in Michael’s voice when he made those comments.
Nox looks up at the Sky and thinks.
EQUINOX: “Maki you beat me a few shows ago no doubt about that. But you made the mistake of not ending me out there. You made the mistake of not making sure I didn’t get back up. Call it what you will. I’ve been around the world. I’ve fought some of the best to ever grace this wrestling industry. Period bar none I can be one of the best. But instead I’ve let myself become just another fan favorite in the crowd. See I love to create dream matches. There is no underdog in this story as we’ve all grown as wrestlers I’d like to think. The world is about to see an awesome match. I don’t think CWD Management knows what this match means to me. I intend to walk out the new Pride Champion and I promise to defend it with Honor & Pride. Nothing will stop me tonight and for everyone out there in the world. Tonight, Welcome to Wayward Dreams.”
With that Nox leaves to the entrance way of the arena to prepare for the Main Event.
Time to show the world what he can do.

Kendrick Kross© & Britney Anders -vs- Mischa Killings & Brady Vega

We return to Mischa Killings and Britney Anders locking up in the center of the ring. Mischa transitioned into a side headlock and keeps the pressure applied on Anders.
MINX: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, all hell broke lose and Roerich just sent out a referee it seems.
ASTIN: That’s all you can do.
Anders shoves Killings forward and Killings returns, knocking Anders down via a shoulder block before stepping over her and running into the ring ropes. Anders hops up and slams Killings via a hip toss before following up with a knee strike to the spine. With Killings arching her back in pain Britney hurries over to tag in the current California Heritage champion. Kross pulls Killings to her feet and taunts her before smacking her with a stiff uppercut. Kross sends Mischa into the ropes and Mischa returns, connecting with a missle dropkick that catches KK by surprise. Killings leaps up to a pop from the crowd as Kross rolls away and tags in Britney Anders.
MINX: Britney is actually stepping into the ring now.
ASTIN: This should be a good one.

Britney steps into the ring fearlessly and approaches Mischa Killings, this time the two lock up in a side headlock. Anders executes a textbook side headlock takeover to keep Mischa grounded while talking trash to her. Kross applauds Britney’s actions from the corner. Brady Vega steps into the ring and Britney points at him before he can approach her and PJ Ché rushes over to stop him.

MINX: I think I’m going to get some food.

ASTIN: But there’s a match going on?

MINX: This is not a match.

Going off the distraction Anders throws Killings into the corner and her and Kross perform a double team behind the referees back. Just as the referee returns his focus on the match Kross steps onto the apron and Britney has Killings stuck in the corner via a foot choke. PJ counts to five before Britney releases Killings and backs away to taunt the fans. The fan agree once again that they all hate Britney.

ASTIN: I see you never left to eat.

MINX: Yeah I’m just going to call this match in my head. The words I want to use will be censored.

ASTIN: Britney has this aggression to her. I don’t know how to explain it.

Britney kicks Killings in the midsection before dragging her over to the corner and tagging in Kendrick Kross. Kross steps into the ring and Britney hits Brady Vega with an unsuspecting dropkick that knocks him off the apron. Killings reverses the irish whip by Kross and pulls him into a hurricanrana. Killings makes it to her feet once again and this time she hits Britney with a clothesline.

MINX: Britney isn’t the legal competitor. Kross is!

ASTIN: Killings wants Britney.

While waiting on Anders to get up Kross grabs her and slams her using a tiger suplex! Kendrick makes the cover while Britney slides out of the ring.




Kross drags Killings to her feet while taunting her. Killings fights back, landing a stiff jab before delivering a shit ton of kicks to the shines and thighs of the champion. With Kross down on two knees at this point, Mischa flies forward and hits a shining wiard! Killings makes the cover,

ASTIN: Great job Killings! She hooks the leg.




Britney hurries in and stomps on the back of Killings’ head.

BRITNEY ANDERS: What are you going to do about that Mischa?! Huh?!

Mischa lungs at Britney, tackling her to the canvas. The two women roll around in the ring exchanging dominant mounted positions to punch one another.

MINX: These two need to just get out their anger.

ASTIN: These punches don’t appear to be doing the trick.

Britney throws her legs up and somehow pulls Mischa into a roll up.


Britney shouts at the ref. PJ pleads with Kross telling him “You have to make the cover.” Kross orders PJ to count with Killings stuck in an awkward pin and Britney still shouting PJ still refuses. Kross drops down and counts himself.

MINX: What in the hell?

ASTIN: Is that even legal?




Brady Vega flies into the ring and lands a springboard legdrop on Kendrick Kross. Britney catches Brady when he isn’t paying attention and hits him with a low blow before she is tackled by Mischa.

MINX: Get her Mischa!

ASTIN: Why do we even give Brady Vega a paycheck tonight?

Anders nails Mischa with a step up enziguri and then clutches her ankle in pain just as Kendrick puts Brady out of his misery via a CURB STOMP!

MINX: IT’S OVER! Make the cover!

ASTIN: Kross is worried about Britney.

MINX: Are you kidding me? Let that bitch hurt. Pick up the victory.

ASTIN: That’s his best friend. He won’t let her sit in pain like that. Good for you Kendrick.

The fans erupt with boos as Kross stops to check on Britney. He asks her if she is okay and she tells him no.

Oh no poor Britney. She needs help.

MINX: Really? Can’t this wait until after the match?

Kross looks around ring side for anything. He asks the time keeper, “Where’s the first aid kit?!” before lifting the ring skirt and searching underneath the ring.

MINX: We’ve got a match going on.

ASTIN: What is she doing? SHE’S RUNNING!

MINX: She’s not injured.

Britney hops up with Kross distracted and literally sprints to the other side of the ring to cover Brady Vega. PJ counts,





Kross slides back into the ring with the first aid kit in his hands and a confused look on his face. Britney clutches her ankle and we see her wincing in pain while mouthing, “I DID IT!” to Kendrick who can only stand there and smile.

ASTIN: Britney picked up the victory!

MINX: There is something very sketchy about Britney.

ASTIN: It’s Britney, what more do you expect?!

The crowd pops as Equinox sprints to the ring and the “Hollywood IT Couple” hurry out of the ring and regroup in the aisle with Equinox challenging Kross from the center of the ring, daring him to come back.

MINX: Equinox is sick of Britney and Kendrick and frankly so is everybody else.

ASTIN: He’d better focus on the main event tonight. He’s got bigger problems than Kendrick Kross and Britney Anders, that’s for sure.

Standing in the parking garage was Sullivan Aimes. He stood against a black sedan. He was waiting for the wrestlers to arrive. Suddenly there was a screech of tyres, a silver Mini Cooper sped in and skidded to the left and just missed him. Sullivan leaped back. Out of the car stepped Melissa Aki. Her hair tied back in a pony tail, wearing a blue denim jacket to match her denim skirt. She looked at Sullivan Aimes with wonder.
Maki: Who the hell are you and why are you in my parking space?
Aimes: I am Sullivan Aimes. Can I have a word, Maki?
Maki: Why not, eh?
She shrugs as she turns back, bends over seductively and grabs her wrestling bag from the car and throws it to Aimes’ feet.
Maki: Make it quick. I am dying for vegan waffles.
Aimes: Maki, you have made quite a splash in the six weeks since you joined. You’re a world known persona so how do you like it here?
Maki: Like for real? You’re opening gambit is that? Fine. I am enjoying myself and living in California I feel its like being home you know? The crowd love me so I am lucky to have made a splash and to their backing.
She pondered complaining about this guy, but would be the point?
Aimes: I know you have done brilliantly here but there is one person you really don’t like and that’s Britney Anders. Why do you hate her so much?
Maki: Look bozo, it is obvious why and sooner or later I am going to break her pretty little face but despite what she thinks she isn’t even close to being on my radar right now. I have much more important people to deal with.
Aimes: That brings me to tonight at Wrestle Clinic Two. You are in the triple threat for the California Pride championship. What are your thoughts on such an important match?
Maki: The championship, as I have said many times, is about pride and for me and not for Samantha or Nox. To them they can say it’s so important to them but is it really? It is just another title to add to their collection. They could say the same for me but what is actually true is that I am proud to be here, I am proud to call myself an honorary Californian and I am proud to live in California, I am proud to fight for this championship against someone like Nox and someone as blindly arrogant as Samantha. I am the only one who fits the moniker of Pride. Tonight, I will show you why I am seen as the only choice as Pride champion and the FACE of CWD!
Aimes: The face? That is pushing it, isn’t it?
All of a sudden, the whole parking garage vibrated and shook. Sullivan looked as the car alarms all went off at once. He almost dove down in case of an earthquake but he was more shaken by the spindly fingers around his throat. He looked at Maki but the black eyes, the black liquid oozing out of her mouth he knew it wasn’t her any longer.
Daniela: You sinful disgusting ogre! You dare to question the vessel without my knowledge? I should snap your neck where you stand and drag your soul to hell for an eternity of punishment. If you think it’s Melissa that is facing those two debased filthy miscreants then you have another thing coming. BE GONE!!!
She screeched loudly, Sullivan covering his ears and then when he opened his eyes she was gone, so was her bag. His throat was tight and he felt relieved but hoped he would never see that thing again.

Ethan Roerich is heading to the dressing rooms, but it appears the door leading to it had been vandalized a bit! He enters with caution and looks around. Everything is thrown around and the following wrestlers have the following tarot cards forcefully nailed to the wood in their lockers.

Team A.T.A.R.I.: The Fool

Maki: Temperance

Equinox: The Hermit

Brady Vega: Death

Talia Areano: Judgement

Jamal Scott: The Hierophant

Dickie Watson: The Star

Jazmin Davis: The Lovers

Kendrick Kross: The Emperor

Britney Anders: The Empress

Mischa Killings: The High Priestess

Samantha Hamilton: Strength

Bishop Kroft: The Chariot

Dax Beckett: Judgement

Brianna Casablancas: The Sun

Johnny Bonecrusher: The Moon

Jade Amaya: The Magician

Ethan proceeds to dropping paychecks into his talent’s lockers before realizing one particular card is left on the floor with his name on it.

Ethan Roerich: The World

The only difference in any of these cards is, Ethan’s has a short note on the back of his card that says “…is coming”. Ethan doesn’t think much of it but he ponders for a moment before continuing to drop paychecks into the lockers.

The 2001: A Space Odyssey begins with a spotlight on the entrance….
When the brass section starts in, smoke rolls in filling the stage…..
at the 34 second mark of the song…
“2600” Emerges from the back and stands with his hands on his hips and gives the crowd a nod and looks down at the ring….
ten seconds later, at the 44 second mark of the song….
“7800” emerges from the and stands next to “2600” with his hands on his hips, and he nods at the crowd and looks down at the ring.
Just before the one minute mark, Team A.T.A.R.I. look at one another, nod and start to make their way down to the ring slapping hands with anyone who dares to hold their hand.
ASTIN: These two make up one hell of a team!
MINX: They nearly became the California Heritage Champion.
ASTIN: AHEM! Championsss.
MINX: Whatever. They would defend the belts under the Freebird Rule.
“Till The World Ends” by Britney Spears is heard on the sound system. Talia comes out from behind the curtain. When she gets to the ramp, shower fireworks reign down on her. She walks down the ramp with her hips moving back and forth and she is swinging her arms. She gets on the apron and enters the ring between the ropes. After that she walks over to the ropes on the right side and stands on the first rope. She then bends over and looks at the fans with a smile on her face. She then gets off the ropes and walks to one side of the ring and waits for the officials to start the match.
Adrenaline” by The Dead Rabbitts begins to play and Dickie Watson makes his way to the ring.
The small chatter of the fans talking among themselves seemed to fill the venue of the night. Most of them were restless, just waiting and even craving the next big of action to take place. All of the sudden a very familiar like beat began to pump through the speaker system within the venue. That beat just happened to be the opening to the song “For Your Entertainment” by Adam Lambert. The reaction from those in attendance wasn’t a very positive reaction to say the least. In fact nearly everyone in the building was starting to boo just from the song. Cameras cut away from the crowd’s reaction there at ringside and right over to the entrance way. The curtain was pushed back and stepping right onto the entrance path was none other than the man they called The Notorious Thrill. Those first steps showed up a little sway in this man’s hips as he came to a stop. His purple tinted sunglasses hiding his eyes but it was quite clear that he was surveying the crowd in attendance. A very upset crowd but a crowd nonetheless. Licking his lips The Notorious Thrill began to walk down the ramp. Keeping that attitude and that sway in his hips.
“Introducing at this time. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. Weighing in at an impressive two hundred and twenty nine pounds for a man that’s never had a carb in his diet. He is the seductive, the sultry, and the ever so luscious. . . . . NOTORIOUS THRILL!”
By the time the formal introduction had come to an end by the ring announcer. The Notorious Thrill was right at ringside, he slid himself under the bottom rope with ease. Staying in position on his hands and knees, looking right at the camera that was focused on his every movement. With a quick motion, he yanked the sunglasses from his eyes and tossed them out of the ring. Those deep dark brown eyes of his still placed on the cameras. He curled his finger at the camera causing the person behind it to zoom in. getting a close up of the man’s face. The Notorious Thrill followed up by blowing a kiss right at those cameras before doing a back roll from his knees to his feet. The moment he stood up he was met with a sea of boos. It appeared not a single person in that building had any love for him. Ignoring them seemed to be something he could do with ease. As the man began to unbutton his shirt in order to prepare himself for action. His music fading away in the background.
The awesome riff of Rock and Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter begins to play and as the song picks up out walks Broseph with his best bro Henry by his side. The two men gyrate and bounce to the ring as the crowd boo relentlessly. They get to the ring Broseph mounts a corner turnbuckle making random hand gestures in a lame attempt at being cool.

Broseph & The Notorious T H R I L L -vs- Talia Areano & Dickie Watson -vs- Team A.T.A.R.I.


The match begins with Broseph, Dickie Watson, and 2600 in the ring leaving Talia Areano, Thrill, and 7800 on the ring apron in their respective corners. 2600 is first to strike, landing a standing dropkick to Broseph before putting focus on Dickie Watson. The two cruiserweights keep the speedy moves going, both men trading off dragon whips and arm drags before 2600 is first to perform the hurricanrana. When he rises to his feet he’s hit by a clothesline from the King of Bros that leaves him grounded, clutching the back of his head. Dick Watson flies in and slams Broseph face first onto the canvas via the running bulldog. When Dickie rises to his feet he’s slapped on the shoulder by Thrill before Thrill steps in and clotheslines him to the outside.
MINX: Thrill just tagged himself in and now he’s cleaning house.
ASTIN: Or so we thought…
Thrill turns around and is hit by a superkick from 2600. 2600 hurries over to tag in 7800 before the two begin performing double team moves on Thrill. Meanwhile Dickie Watson slides into the ring and tags in Talia Areano who immediately climbs to the top rope and lands on Team Atari, Thrill and Broseph with a big crossbody. Watson heads to the top rope immediately after and connects with a frog splash onto Thrill and Broseph. Areano and Dickie both hook a leg on somebody while Nicole drops down to count,
Everyone kicks out at the same before Nicole orders the illegal participants out of the ring and allowing the legal ones to stay. Talia Areano backs 7800 into a corner with forearms to the face before putting her focus back on Thrill who is approaching from the center of the ring. She lifts up into the air and slams him down via a flapjack. Thrill rolls onto his back and sits up but is immediately shot down by a poweful kick from Talia Areano.
Thrill sits up once more and hit by another echoing kick.
Thrill sits up a third time and his hit by another echoing kick. This time the crowd cheers.
ASTIN: That has to hurt so bad.
MINX: The crowd gets louder with every kick.
7800 steps out of the corner and hits Areano with an unsuspecting superkick that knocks her to the canvas. With Areano down, 7800 locks her into a figure 4 leglock.
MINX: They nearly defeated Kendrick Kross and Britney Anders with this figure four at the first wrestling clinic!
ASTIN: He may pull off a victory for himself tonight as well, with it.
Dickie Watson flies from the top rope and connects with a somersault senton. He crashes onto 7800 and is pulled to his feet by 2600 almost immediately. 2600 throws Dickie towards the corner where Thrill is rising to his feet and Dickie pummels Thrill in the corner using a big lariat. Dickie Watson steps out of the corner and is met by a hurricanrana from 2600 before 2600 rises to his feet and hops over the ropes and hitting Broseph with a body plancha.
MINX: This might be the fastest paced, most chaotic match we’ve had ever.
ASTIN: It might be.
Meanwhile back in the ring, Dickie Watson battles with Thrill in the corner while 7800 and Talia Areano exchange in a world of technical wrestling that only the British Technical Wrestler’s would truly understand. Areano makes it to her freedom and pulls 7800 down with a snap mare before landing the rapid kicks to the chest. Areano makes the cover,

Areano can’t believe it as Nicole forces the illegal participants out of the ring again.

MINX: Hey wait a minute bro?! Where are you going?!

Broseph takes a seat next to Kelsi Minx and Nigel Astin at the announce table and throws on a headset.

BROSEPH: All hail, the King of the Bros! I am here bro, ready and willing bro, to do this job better than Britney Anders ever could bro.

ASTIN: Oh wow. I never knew Brit could be so influential.

Back in the ring, Thrill fights alone. He’s slammed to the canvas via a michinoku driver from Dickie Watson before Dickie makes the cover,




MINX: 2600 makes the save!!

ASTIN: Shouldn’t you be in the ring, bro?

BROSEPH: Nope. I’m hangin’ ten with the commentary bros right now bro. This is a nice view.

2600 breaks up the count. Dickie Watson battles with 2600 and 7800 steps up to help out and the lucha libre style of double team offense is proven very effective as they send Dickie Watson to the outside before focusing on Talia Areano. They throw her out of the ring via a double clothesline. Thrill sneaks behind 7800 and pulls him into a roll up,




7800 kicks out and rolls to his feet. Thrill swings and 7800 ducks before slamming him with a release german suplex! Dickie Watson greets 7800 with a roundhouse kick before putting his focus on Thrill.

MINX: Bender can’t even control this any longer.

BROSEPH: Yeah, hells gates open sometimes bro.

ASTIN: Hahahah.

MINX: Get back in the ring.

ASTIN: Come on Minx, let the bro hangout.

Thrill is hit by a tornado ddt from 2600 while 7800 sends Talia Areano to the outside via a missle dropkick that forces her to flip over the top rope. 2600 hits the swanton bomb on Thrill and makes a cover. Just as Dickie Watson slides back into the ring he’s stopped by 7800 and Nicole starts her count,






MINX: Team ATARI has picked up the victory tonight.

BROSEPH: Yea bro looks like I’ll be heading out to play some beer pong with my bros.

ASTIN: Wow. He got paid to do absolutely nothing tonight.

MINX: Dickie Watson and Talia Areano were so close! I believe they will go far in the Hollywood Honors Cup!

ASTIN: You think so?

ASTIN: Oh! Before we move on a man we’ve been gradually getting to know throughout the weeks, The #1 Hit-Maker Johnny Bonecrusher!
MINX: Hasn’t he found someone to manage yet?!
ASTIN: Shhh!
The scene then switches to a dark room. Moments later, a spotlight shines down dead centre, and moments after that, none other than Johnny Bonecrusher walks into frame, stopping directly underneath the light.
JOHNNY BONECRUSHER: “This… is a public service announcement from your friendly neighbourhood Canadian-man. Hi, I’m Johnny Bonecrusher: wrestler, promoter, general manager, champion, legend, and these days, manager! I pride myself in having dabbled in every aspect of this business of professional wrestling.”
Johnny paces back and forth, and the spotlight follows his movements, much to his chagrin.
JOHNNY BONECRUSHER: “Okay, you don’t actually have to do that. Just let me live my life.
Anyway, yes, manager. I mean, this shouldn’t be much of a shock for those of you who’ve been following my career these almost two decades, but let’s face it, just like I said last week, The Johnny ain’t gettin’ any younger, and he’s going to have to get used to taking on this role full-time if I wanna continue contributing to the sport I love.”

Johnny whips off his trademark shades, looking dead seriously into the camera.

JOHNNY BONECRUSHER: “Look, this is not the time to mull over the pros and cons of letting me take you under my wing: the pros speak for themselves – you will be under the tutelage of a nearly 20-year veteran. You will become enlightened to all the tricks of the trade you never thought existed. Your brand will be broadcasted well beyond the bright lights of California.

And when it gets to being time to banding together against threats the individuals of the CWD can’t take on by themselves, you’ll already have the edge going forward into a battle against… well… evil!”

Johnny’s shrug compliments his matter of fact usage of the word “evil” in the 21st century. He sighs as he puts his shades back on.

JOHNNY BONECRUSHER: “Face facts, kids: you need me, I need you, you’re all talented as shit, but just imagine what a little more guidance can provide you, a little more oomph. If you wanna winner leading you, you GOTTA get The Johnny to fit the bill…..I’m Johnny Bonecrusher, and I approve this message.”

Samantha is strolling through the halls of the stadium, using her phone as a make-shift laptop. On her screen, she can be seen re-watching the matches from Wrestling Clinic 1 over and over. She finishes viewing Maki’s before some a sudden – albeit light – collision causes her to liftt her head.
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Shit. Sorry about that.
Sullivan Aimes: Oh no worries. In fact, I was looking for you, so this works perfectly.
Samantha smirks, chuckling sofly.
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: If I didn’t know better, that sounds like a pick-up line you use with all women. Nah though, I’m not that dense. I can see you are indeed here for business. So, what’d you want, exactly?
Sullivan Aimes: Well first off, do you care what I call you?
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Sam, Samantha, Titaness – keep it to those 3 options and we’ll be golden.
Sullivan nods, keeping the reply in mind before finally revealing his true intentions of seeking The Titaness out.
Sullivan Aimes: So, Sam, are you nervous about going against Maki and Equinox?
Sam remains quiet, taking a few moments to repeat the question in her head. Finally, she smirks and snickers slightly.
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Sorry but seriously, you’re just now asking me that? Let me put it his way. Anxiety wouldn’t do shit for me, even less so with me having mere minutes before I gotta enter the ring. Tha being said? My answer is hell no, definitely not.
Sam moves a few strands of hair behind her ears, her grin widening.
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: On the contrary, I’m ecstatic. Returning to cleanse CWD of the Dogs of War faction is only one reason I willingly gave away as to why I came back. The other is simple. I wanted – nay, needed – some challenges. I knew there were some competent people here. I just —
Her head shakes as she shrugs.
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Like I admitted, something possessed me long enough to leave. But that doesn’t matter. I don’t repeat the same mistakes I’ve made before ever again. No matter who likes or dislikes me, they’re not chasing me away.
Sullivan Aimes: Is there any outcome in particular you’re hoping for?
Sam raises an eyebrow, tilting her head slightly.
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: I very bluntly gave that response away in my promo. But …. okay. I can amuse you. I suppose it could have changed, anyway. No, it hasn’t. The first preferred ending of this Triple Threat is – hopefully – obvious. I win. The second truly would be Equinox winning instead. To be honest, Maki was – and still is – my more … personal target due to the faction she’s affiliated. However, after seeing Equinox’s promo, I’m considering he may be more of a threat than even her.
Sullivan Aimes: Oh? And why’s that?
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Because, despite not having gone toe-to-toe with me, he’s acknowledged and recognized certain facts that others refuse to agree with. Yes, it was me who beat not just Broseph, but Mark Storm also.
Her eyes roll as she adds the next part of her reply.
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Brittany just entered the fray at the end in order to try to steal the spotlight. The problem with her tactic was simple; by the time she arrived on the scene, Mark was so beaten, even a child could have done what Brittany did. She doesn’t impress me. As far as I’m concerned, she’s just a teenage attention whore – maybe literally so.
Sullivan Aimes blinks, not seeming to have expected such a blunt response. He clears his throat, deciding to proceed with the interview.
Sullivan Aimes: So then, your primary target is now Equinox?
Sam tilts her hand in the air.
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: Yes and no. He is as far as who I need to worry about more so in being the most likely between Maki and himself to beat me. But make no mistake, I fully intend to focus on both him and Maki during the entire match. And I didn’t just spout arrogant words. If she focuses primarily on submissions for finishers and signatures?
The Titaness’ smirk widens.
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: She’s gonna be in for one hell of a night. I’ve never submitted in a fight, nor have I been counted out. One knock out and God knows how many pinfalls; those are the only ways people have beaten me. Regardless, if either of them do best me, it will not be easily acquired.
Samantha pauses, chuckling softly as a new thought comes to her mind.
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: You’re not trying to get me to dictate my entire strategy now, are you?
Sullivan Aimes: No, no. Just —
Sam wags a finger inches away from Aimes’ lips, grinning all the while.
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: It’s cool. I just wanted to get a reaction. Mission accomplished, it seems.
Glancing down to her phone, she swipes away the browser and notes the time.
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: However, I think I gotta cut this short. I’m gonna go wait nearby the ramp for when my match arrives. Rest assured, if I get my way, anyone but Maki will emerge as the victor. Later!
The Titaness offers Sullivan one last coy grin, followed by a wave, and hastily walks past him.

MINX: It’s main event time Nigel.
ASTIN: Oh hell yes it is. I am thoroughly excited to see this one. I’ve been waiting all night for this.
MINX: It’s The Titaness versus the Demoness versus the High Risk Heret–wait… no that’s not right. The High Spot Hero. Sorry about that one folks must’ve had a real brain fart.

ASTIN: A brain shit for sure Kelsi.

LYOTO SILVA: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a triple threat match conducted under sudden death rules, and it is for the CALIFORNIA WRESTLING DIVISION’S CALIFORNIA PRIDE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The crowd roars for the sound of this.

Samantha Hamilton -vs- Maki -vs- Equinox

Minx: What a night we’ve had so far folks now however we’ve come to our main event. We’re crowning a new Pride Champion this week!
Dynamite: It’s going to be a good one, Minx. I’m excited.
As the actual lyrics begin playing, the Titaness saunters down the ramp. A sense of determination and resolve can always be found in her eyes. Despite wearing a more stern and serious expression, she’s not one to ignore any fans or supporters. Every now and again, she’ll give a wave or slight smirk. More often than not, however, the Titaness will stick to her more serious and stoic look.
Silva: Making her way to the ring, standing at 6’ and 145 pounds. The Titaness…Samantha HAAAMMMMILTONN!
When she finally gets in front of the ropes, the Titaness will usually slip through the middle and top ropes. From time to time, however, she will opt to simply step over the top ropes.
Minx: Samantha could be the odds on favorite, though, Maki and Equinox are no pushovers.
The lights go out, a loud sound like a giant heartbeat sounds every second, the lights flash around the arena, then a red spotlight hits the entrance way as Halestorms’s Sick I individual hits. The light hits Maki with her back to the audience she is on her hands and knees, she slowly crawls her way the ring.
Well you think that you know what I am but you don’t.
‘Cause I say what you can’t and I do what you won’t.
I like it loud, wear it proud, like a crown upon my head
I’ll always be this way ’till the day that I’m dead
‘Cause I’m a sick individual
And I’m doing this thing called whatever the fuck I want, want, want
I’m unusual
Silva: Making her way to the ring, standing at 5’10 and 135…The Demoness….MAAAKIII
[she slowly crawls to the ring, with her hair down to her shoulders, her white face paint, with scribbles on her body of “Help”]
‘Cause I’m a sick individual
[She crawls to the ring and slides under the bottom rope]
‘Cause I’m a sick individual
[She sits in the ring with her head bent back, laughing manically, and then flips herself to her feet.]
And I’m doing this thing called whatever the fuck I want
[Her tongue is sticking out as she whispers Korean to herself]
Minx: I think Maki is the scariest person not just in this match but all of CWD. I wouldn’t want to go near her!
Dynamite: That’s what is going to make her a tough challenge for anyone including these two in this match. It could be her advantage.
You gotta fight through the pain, to get to the top
You gotta push through it all, if it’s what you want
Screaming THIS IS a call to the dreamers
Dig a little deeper, make ‘em believers
As the stage, as well as the ringside area, slowly begins to fill up with white smoke as the crowd watches in anticipation. Suddenly, something began to rise out of the stage, as if rising from the depths of the mist itself. The fans began to erupt as Equinox hidden underneath the smoke begins to rise out of the smoke as you can see parts his face paint revealing itself hidden under his mask. His arms outstretched to the High Fliers as if drawing in their strength before stepping into battle.
“RISE” by I Prevail go out as it hits over the PA System as the Titan trons begins to play the video highlighting Equinox who would be competing into one of the tonight’s many events.
The fog still thick and envious as if to cloud him from their vision as he makes his way out. As the beat gets faster, Equinox walk faster as his feet trot along to the beat as he is shown in his white Assassin’s creed overcoat, his conjoined white and black mask hiding his face, black tank top, and his customized arm covers over each arm in hues of black, charcoal gray, red. His face hidden behind a wild mask of face paint. The fans cheering as the ring announcer announces CWD’s own High Spot Superhero.
Silva: From St. Louis, Missouri!!!! Weighing in at 235 Ibs….He is “The Human Highlight Reel”, He is “The High Spot Hero” Equinox!!!!!!!
Equinox slowly makes his way down the rows and rows of fans on his right side til he goes full square around to each of the fans. Then heads to greet the ones he missed, before turning around before heading full throttle into the ring sliding under the bottom rope feet first as his body flies at full speed. Smiling big and wide, He gets up quickly playing to the crowd. Proceeding up to each turnbuckle pointing out to the fans for they are why he is here tonight before climbing to the top turnbuckle and somersaulting off the top landing on his feet in the ring. Once finished he take off his overcoat as well as his mask and hands both of them to the Ref.


The match begins with the three competitors standing in the ring eyeing one another. Maki lets out an evil laugh as blood slowly starts to run out of her mouth and down her chin. Sam and Equinox look at one another and team up to run at Maki and each throw multiple punches backing her up into the corner. Nox grabs Maki by the arm and whips her across the ring causing her to slam into the turnbuckle. Nox grabs Sam and acts as if he’s going to throw her into Maki but instead sends a knee to the gut of Samantha and hits her with a quick DDT! Nox immediately drops down and hooks the outside leg of Hamilton.
Maki attempts to run over and break it up but before she can the Titaness throws Nox off of her using her brute strength.
Minx: Holy shit….if she can keep doing that this might be a quick match.
Dynamite: That was a damn powerhouse kickout if I’ve ever seen one.
Astin: I think Hamilton is my favorite.
Maki waits for Samantha to get up from the kickout and she sends flurries of punches and kicks to the thighs and gut of the strong woman but she doesn’t budge. Samantha grabs her and whips Maki across the ring but Maki grabs the ropes stopping her momentum. Hamilton, who has paid attention to Maki doesn’t realize Nox has gotten up and has approached her from behind. He catches her by surprise by turning her around, kicking her in the gut and hitting a snap suplex on the blonde! Maki then catches Nox by surprise by turning him around, grabbing him and hitting a T-Bone Suplex which she transitions into a pin!
Maki gets up and notices Samantha has gotten to a knee, she sends a knee to the back of Samanthas head knocking her back down to the mat and refocusing her attention on to Nox. Maki picks Nox up and sends multiple shots to his head backing him up to the ropes where she whips him across the ring. On the return Maki grabs his leg and lifts him hitting him with a flapjack! She immediately pops up to cheers from the crowd.
Minx: Maki has quickly taken over this match, D.
Dynamite: If it keeps going like this it’ll be over quick and Maki will be the champ.
After the flapjack Maki walks back over to Hamilton who is back on one knee. Maki grabs her head and goes to lift her up but it met by an elbow, then another and then a third causing Maki to grab her gut and walk away. Samantha grabs her, turns her around and then grabs her arm Samantha pulls her towards her sending her arm across the neck of Maki hitting a hard short arm clothesline! Sam smiles and drops down hooking Makis outside leg.
Nox breaks the count!
Nox hits Sam hard with an elbow to the back as she rolls off of Maki. He waits for her to get up and then goes for a superkick but she grabs his foot and throws it down followed by grabbing Nox and lifting him up then slamming him with a hard spinebuster! Hamilton pops up to boos but she shrugs them off. Instead of going for the pin once again she stays on the attack lifting Nox up and throwing him into the corner. She follows and as he hits the corner she hits him with a clothesline. She throws him across the ring once more into the opposite corner and follows hitting another clothesline! By this time Maki has slowly gotten up. Sam tries to throw Nox across the ring again but Nox reverses it and sends Sam across as she reaches the middle she is met by a hard superkick from Maki immediately dropping her and causing Sam to roll out of the ring leaving just Nox and Maki inside the ring.
Minx: Not sure if they meant for that to happen but good teamwork nonetheless by Maki and Nox.
Astin: Of course they did, they are picking on Sam. It’s unfair!
After Hamilton rolls out and hits the floor below hard the two left in the ring, Nox and Maki, look at one another and start circling. Nox lets out a smirk and runs at Maki who saw it coming and ducks the clothesline he attempted she turns around as he does but she is caught off guard as while he is turning around he throws a punch knocking her back. She backs up and smiles and immediately returns the favor as they begin trading punches before Nox sends a knee to the gut of her followed by a sharp elbow to the back of the neck sending her to a knee. He sees the opportunity and goes for The Martyr Killer but she ducks it! She immediately gets up and gets behind Equinox underhooking his arms lifting him up and hitting a Tiger Suplex followed by bridging it!
Sam breaks the count!
Maki releases Nox as she grabs her midsection from Hamilton running in and sending a boot to her. Sam looks at Nox and immediately grabs his ankle getting him in an ankle lock! Nox yells in pain as he uses both arms and pushes himself up. He’s asked if he wants to give up but he shakes his head no. The Titaness yells at him to give up as Maki is still down holding her stomach. Nox keeps fighting it and shaking his head no before he is able to roll through causing her to let loose of the hold and sending her across the ring. Nox immediately grabs his ankle and backs up into the corner leaning against it as he grasps at it.
Minx: Nox just saved himself and Maki by breaking out of that, Samantha was almost champion!
Astin: Come on Titaness! You’re my choice!
Dynamite: Nigel, shutup already.
Maki slowly gets to a knee and sees that Sam is down and Nox is in the corner. She lets out an evil smile as she lets out a scream, but composes herself not wanting Daniella to come out. She fights it and gets up, stopping her from emerging for the time being. She runs at Nox who is sitting in the corner and sends a knee to his face knocking him down to a prone position. She then walks over to Sam and lifts her up sending multiple shots to the head of The Titaness backing her up into the corner. She sends two more for good measure as she gets into the corner and lifts her up, struggling a bit and sets her onto the top turnbuckle. Maki follows and stands them both up. She looks at the crowd and shrugs as she grabs Samantha and jumps off hitting a top rope T-Bone Suplex rattling the ring!
Dynamite: HOLY SHIT!
Minx: Talk about laying it all out on the line! Maki is going to kill them both!
Maki bounces off of Sam as Sam arches her back letting out a yell from the impact. Nox who has slowly recovered from the knee but is limping from the ankle lock he slowly climbs up the turnbuckle, wincing with each step. He braves it though as he jumps off and hits Sam with The Dark Kingdom! He immediately hooks the leg afterwards.
Dynamite: How in the hell did she kickout of that!? A top rope T-Bone followed by Dark Kingdom!?
Astin: Because she’s a Titaness, Dynamite.
Nox looks at the ref surprised at the kickout. He slams his fists on the mat multiple times before slowly getting up holding his back while limping. Maki who has slowly gotten up as well waits for Nox and as he turns around to face her he hits her with The Makihouse Kick! She immediately drops down certain she has the win and hooks his leg.
Maki looks at the ref stunned wondering how he could have kicked out of that. Maki gets up and looks at the downed Nox. She picks him up and whips him into turnbuckle slamming up against it hard. She walks over and grabs his legs slowly lifting him up onto the top turnbuckle though it takes alot out of her. She slowly climbs up, ignoring Hamilton who slowly gets up and runs at the two on the turnbuckle and hits them knocking them off of it and sending them out of the ring hard! They both hit the mat and she follows them out of the ring. Sam lifts up the downed Nox first and throws him into the steel steps his knees hitting them causing him to flip over them and hit the floor on the other side. She follows this up by picking up Maki and throwing her into the barrier, following it up with a spear sending them through it!
Minx: What carnage! These three are going to kill one another by nights end!
Dynamite: At least we would have seen a great match, though we still wouldn’t have a champion.
Hamilton rolls over onto her back and looks up at the ceiling and takes a few deep breaths before slowly pushing herself up looking at Nox and Maki both down. Hamilton looks at Maki who hasn’t moved and focuses her attention on Nox who has began to stir. She grabs him by his hair and pulls him up sending a punch to his head before rolling him into the ring. She takes a few breaths before sliding into the ring and getting up. Hamilton then pulls up the dead weight of Nox but before she can get him up he grabs her leg, rolls through and gets her in the calf killer! Sam is asked multiple times if she wants to give up but she yells no. She raises her hand and looks as he is about to tap but she doesn’t. She keeps fighting the pain of the move again seemingly wanting to tap but she fights through the pain until she is able to roll through and turn it into a pin attempt! Nox quickly lets go of the hold. Throughout all of this Maki has slowly crawled to the apron and pulls herself up rolling into the ring. She gets up and as Sam gets up from the pin attempt holding her leg she is met by Maki as she hits a back body drop onto Sam sending her over the ropes and hard down onto the floor!
Dynamite: I have no idea who is winning this match, no one can seem to gain any kind of momentum!
Minx: That’s what’s perfect about this one! They all want it so bad that none of them are able to sustain any kind of offense!
Astin: Sam is still winning it though.
Maki looks at Nox who has slowly gotten up as well and runs towards him but is met by a clothesline, she pops up and this time instead of a second clothesline he gets her up on his shoulders and throws her off sending him into his knee hitting a big Ushigoroshi! He immediately follows it up with a Standing Shooting Star Press and hits it! He stays on top and hooks her leg!

Out of nowhere Sam comes in with a chair and slams it onto the back of Nox causing him to roll off and grab his back. She sends multiple chair shots to his back, not paying any attention to Maki. She slowly rolls over to the ropes and grabs them pulling herself up. Sam turns around, chair still in hand and is met with a big Makihouse Kick sending the chair straight into her face. But Maki falls down onto the mat unable to make the cover as they all three are laid out!

MINX: This is one hell of a match!

ASTIN: Someone is going to be champion… someone is going to be the loser.

MINX: They have given it their all tonight and this showing has just been outstanding! This is amazing.

ASTIN: Equinox is first to his feet.


Equinox lifts Maki off the mat and uses a snake eyes to keep her momentarily stunned. Equinox turns to Samantha Hamilton who is making it back to her feet now and slams her down to the canvas using an inverted frankensteiner and the crowd gives Equinox a huge pop.
ASTIN: The fans are getting behind Equinox here tonight.
MINX: That’s for sure. I’m behind him as well. Come on Equinox!!
Equinox approaches Maki and is greeted by a kick to the stomach. Maki backs into the ring ropes and catches her with the DREAM EXPERIENCE inverted swing STO transtioned into a ddt! Equinox makes the cover,
The ref is pulled out of the ring by a fan.
ASTIN: What the hell?! That fan just—
The fan removes the hat and glasses to reveal himself to Equinox as none other than, California Heritage Champion, Kendrick Kross.
Kross smirks as Equinox is distracted by Kendrick and exchanging words with him. Equinox slides out of the ring and the crowd pops as the two battle on the outside exchanging blows.
MINX: It’s no dq under triple threat match rules.
ASTIN: Maki and Samantha Hamilton are back to their feet now.
Hamilton swings at Maki and Maki ducks underneath before connecting with a MAKIHOUSE KICK!! Maki makes the cover on Hamilton just as Ace Puerto slides into the ring.
Equinox doesn’t even realize the match is over as he spears Kross into the guard rail, forcing fans to move out of harm’s way.


Ace Puerto Rico raises Maki’s hand in victory and she tries putting the belt around her waist, as she does this Samantha Hamilton attacks her from behind. DING! DING! DING! The bell sounds repeatedly.

MINX: OH COME ON!! What a sore loser.

ASTIN: I don’t think this is about the loss.

Hamilton stomps away at the newly crowned champion.

ASTIN: It’s about ending the reign of terror by the Dogs of War amongst the wrestling community.

MINX: No, this is awful though.

Samantha Hamilton lifts Maki up and throws her out of the ring using a gorilla press slam! Maki rolls around on the outside in pain with Ace pleading with Hamilton. The Titaness argues with the ref for a moment.

MINX: What is she doing?

ASTIN: I think she’s…

Hamilton gestures for the referee to raise her hand.

ASTIN: She’s demanding that the ref award her the championship.

MINX: But she did not win?

The referee refuses and Samantha Hamilton steps out of the ring and throws Maki into the ring steps causing the steps to fly apart. Smiling at what she has done, Samantha Hamilton smiles and steps back into the ring and gets in the refs face, demanding that he reverse the decision.

MINX: Is this legal?

ASTIN: I’m not sure, but Ace Puerto Rico is doing as he is told.

Ace Puerto Rico raises Samantha Hamilton’s hand in victory and she smiles with the California Pride Championship in her hand. She raises the belt in the air above her head and the arena lights go out for a moment before coming back on. The ref is gone and Samantha is left in the ring alone looking around awkwardly.

MINX: Where is Maki?

ASTIN: Where is the referee?

Out of nowhere a high pitch banshee screech is heard and just about everyone covers their ears. Hamilton backs herself into the corner and turns around ready to fight whatever she ran into until realizing it was just the turnbuckle. She let’s out an exhale and blood spills from the rafters and drenches the Titaness, the weight and the impact causing her to drop to her stomach in a pool of blood on the canvas.


ASTIN: I think it’s pigs blood.


Titaness realizes she’s covered in blood and before she can react the ring canvas rips open behind her and Maki pops up through the rip as smoke begins to pour from underneath the ring and fill the ringside area.

ASTIN: This is freaking creepy!

MINX: It’s Daniela!! It’s Daniela!! GRAB A CRUCIFIX!!!


The crowd is stunned as Maki, clearly not herself at the moment grab Hamilton by the foot and let’s out a banshee screech that causes the viewers to cover their ears and puts fear in the heart of the Titaness. Maki begins to pull Titaness into the hole in the center of the ring as smoke shoots out from the ring skirt and the hole in the canvas.



Samantha Hamilton shouts “NOOoooooo!!” And the sight of her fighting for her life is as frightening as anything we could ever see in a wrestling ring. Hamilton is drug down into the depths of hell with the last thing we see is Hamilton’s hand clinching the California Pride Championship before her hand and the belt totally disappear as the CWD logo flashes across the screen.


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Hollywood, Ca.

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