CWD: Wrestling Clinic 3 – 5.30.2018

CWD Warehouse – Hollywood, CA.
May 30, 2018

We fade in to the capacity crowd of 5,000 crazed GWD fans jam packed into the CWD Warehouse in Hollywood, California!! CWD logos and merchandise are plastered all over the walls and the fans are jumping around with excitement. The black out color scheme is the chosen presentation by GWD Officials, black ring cables, black turnbuckle pads, black posts, black padding around the guard rails, and even a black velvet carpet leading from the stage and the video screen down to the ring. Kelsi Minx and Nigel Astin make their way to the announce table and takes their positions at ringside.


ASTIN: I am Nigel Astin alongside Kelsi Minx, and tonight’s event is a special one of sorts, it is just as special as the last event we held here in the Warehouse.

MINX: It most certainly is. At Wrestling Clinic 2, the fans were served a helping of CWD Excellence as the Bitch of War walked out as the California Pride Champion! The successor to her Dog of War stablemate Mark Storm who was injured by Britney Anders.

ASTIN: Yes, then the devil was summoned. Holy hell… the devil was here in the CWD Warehouse.

MINX: That wasn’t the devil, that was Daniela you goof!

ASTIN: A devil.

MINX: Anyhow, Samantha Hamilton was very traumatized and refused attention.

The lights go out, a loud sound like a giant heartbeat sounds every second, the lights flash around the arena, then a red spotlight hits the entrance way as Halestorms’s Sick Individual hits. The light hits Maki with her back to the audience she is on her hands and knees, she slowly crawls her way the ring.


Well you think that you know what I am but you don’t.
‘Cause I say what you can’t and I do what you won’t.
I like it loud, wear it proud, like a crown upon my head
I’ll always be this way ’till the day that I’m dead
‘Cause I’m a sick individual
And I’m doing this thing called whatever the fuck I want, want, want
I’m unusual

[she slowly crawls to the ring, with her hair down to her shoulders, her white face paint, with scribbles on her body of “Help”] 

‘Cause I’m a sick individual

[She crawls to the ring and slides under the bottom rope]

‘Cause I’m a sick individual

[She sits in the ring with her head bent back, laughing maniacally, and then flips herself to her feet.]

And I’m doing this thing called whatever the fuck I want

[Her tongue is sticking out as she whispers Korean to herself. She grabs a microphone and looks out into the crowd as she taps the California Pride Championship over her left shoulder]


Maki: Yes! All of you knew it, I knew it. We all knew it would come to pass. YOUR NEWWWWWW CALIFORNIA PRIDE CHAMPION…IS ME!!!

She pauses, smiling at the reception of the crowd, enjoying her limelight as she goes to each corner of the ring lifting the championship high above her head.

Maki: Now then here I must pay tribute. Equinox, once again you pushed me to my limit and if that bloody dickhead Kross hadn’t tried to interfere maybe it would be you and not me standing here.

She pauses smiling as ‘Nox’ chants break out.

She laughs again. Tip tap tapping the title.

Maki: Who am I kidding? I would have won anyway! Always the bridesmaid, eh Nox? Now to my other rival. Samantha Hamilton. Yeah I know. What a bitch, right? I mean I won fair and square. I knocked her out. I won but you know Titans can be salty. She cannot handle that I am the champion, that I am beloved around the world, that I am proud to be here in California where I live and love. She tried to change the fact I won but guess what? I AM THE FUCKING CHAMPION, BITCH!


Maki: Yes, we all know what happened but hey I am altruistic and I saved her from an eternity in hell. Do I get a thank you? Do I get any kind of respect for it? Of Course not but I am not here to be liked or to be loved or even respected by ANYONE. I am here because its my home state, I am here because of the challenge and no matter what you all think I admire her wrestling skills. Yet, I am here to issue an ope-

“You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies plays over the PA system. Those who had been cheering for Samantha during Wrestling Clinic 2 pop as the Titaness storms down the ramp and saunters furiously towards the ring. Interestingly enough, however, she isn’t alone.

A defeated and simultaneously frustrated looking Joseph is walking beside her. Maki rolls her eyes, as she lifts her championship title above her head.

Maki: What a surprise! Come on then little puppy…I shall allow you to be in the ring with me. Sharing in my spotlight like some jealous bitch. Come on then. Let’s hear what you gotta say.

Tonight seems to be one of the rare times when Sam just steps over the top ropes. She raises her right hand, shaking her head and chuckling in a borderline maniacal tone.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: No, no, no, no. I gotta stop you right here, you liar.

Her eyes narrow as she slowly saunters closer to Maki who rolls her eyes and laughs at that remark.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: You didn’t save me. You left me for dead! That’s why you vanished on me, Daniela … Maki … whoever the fuck you even are! You vanished! Left me in that fucking grave!

She gives a firm nod back towards Joseph.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: He is the reason I’m alive. Not you. He risked his hide and came down, got me out and back to the real world.

Her fists are shaking as she gives Joseph a sideways glance as the crowd chants for Maki.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: You’re sure it was this bitch who performed the chant?

Joseph sighs, not overly liking that the proverbial – and maybe literal – spotlight suddenly got brighter on him. He steps forward, standing next to Samantha. He gets a closer look at Maki, trying to study and make sure his memory is correct. Barely a minute passes before he gives Sam an affirmative nod.

Joseph Hunter: Yeah. I’m almost positive. Ninety-nine percent sure it was her I saw.

This seems to irk Sam a bit She scoffs but takes Joseph’s answer into account.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: See, he told me what happened when you disappeared and he got me out of the Abyss. Daniela insisted she was a completely different person. His recognition of you helps prove that theory may be true. But honestly? That doesn’t matter – nor does the title. Not yet, anyway; I can always earn opportunities for those. What I want before this night ends … is simple.

She points to the mark on her midsection. Now that attention is being drawn to her flesh, we see The Titaness came out purposely clad in a midriff to show she’s not making some crazy story up – that appears to be her goal anyway.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: You were able to somehow call her away. So make her remove that mark! I don’t know what it does, nor do I really want to find out. Neither of you bitches have the right to just do whatever you want! Especially through .. unorthodox and unholy means like what you resorted to! So … if you want to prove you’re the better woman – regardless of how exactly your situation between yourself and Daniela may or may not work – then you’ll accept what should be a rather simple task. What say you, hmm?

Melissa laughs loudly, mocking her by touching her own stomach and making a cutting sign.

Maki: Oh so you have a mark and thats what you care about? Seriously, honeylove? I think you may have forgotten what happened. You tried to steal this from me. *Taps the title* So you can go on and on about opportunities and that mark but we all know you want my title. So the great Titan is scared about a little scar? How about I make another one on your face?

She laughs as Samantha lifts the microphone up but Maki grabs it. Still smiling.

Maki: I couldn’t care less if you believe it was me or was Daniela that did those things to you. I do not care if you have the Mark of Daniela or not. Be careful though, love. Overstep the mark and I will make sure you are never able to use your motor functions anymore. Just admit that you want my title instead of this bullshit about some ridiculous mark.

Sam scowls, barely managing to hold her tongue and allow Maki to finish. But when she’s done, her words are swift and very to the point.

Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton: I may be a bitch in my own rights. I’ll never deny that. But there are other things I’m not. A liar is one. So, like it or not, when I say this isn’t about the fucking title, IT ISN’T!

Using her right hand – in which Maki is clinging onto her mic still – she yanks it forward. Sam meanwhile raises her left hand horizontally, causing it to connect with her throat as she violently clotheslines Maki. The Titaness smirks as she’s now towering above the prone champion and reaches down, beginning to pick her back up onto her feet.

A smile, as Maki rubs her chest and then begins to lick her lips. She pulls away, winking to Samantha, she goes to grab her California Pride Championship and then out of nowhere spins for the Makihouse kick which misses Samantha by inches. Maki cackles and slides to the ground on all fours over her title, her tongue on her chin dripping blood. She was almost daring Samantha to fight. It becomes obvious she missed the kick on purpose.

The extra incentive hadn’t really been needed. But when it was made obvious Maki was now toying with her, Sam snarled, dropping her mic.

In actuality, two mics would drop – the sounds would just blend in so perfectly that Sam didn’t hear it. Then again, she was too focused. She only got three steps in before feeling her shoulders grabbed and body pulled back.

Her eyes widened, briefly confused and shocked. She saw an apologetic look on Joseph’s face ….


Before quickly feeling his knee slam into the nape of her neck. A modified neckbreaker it seemed.

Joseph Hunter: Sorry, Sam. But you already endured an unlawful arrest. Don’t need you getting arrested for something you are actually guilty of.

Joseph would catch Samantha into his arms and carefully walk out of the ring with her. He only had to think for a few seconds before knowing where to go to; the infirmary.

Maki laughed loudly, as she crawled along the ring, her eyes never once leaving Joseph and Sam. She slowly got up, climbed the turnbuckle and held her title in the air!

MINX: That’s a real champion for you! She wear that belt with pride.

ASTIN: She has to, or she won’t be able to hold the belt.

With Maki exiting the ring and the fans simmering down a bit the cameras keep their focus on Nigel Astin and Kelsi Minx.

11. Mischa Killings -vs- 12. Legion


ASTIN: We will kick off tonight’s event with Mischa Killings taking on Legion, this should be a good one.



The match begins to a silent crowd enjoying the exchange of punches from Mischa Killings and Legion. Killings gets the better of the two, making sure to gloat about it before paying the price of fame. Legion knocks her down with a discuss lariat before making the immediate pin attempt.
Killings kicks out and Legion stays the agressor, punching MK in the face and slamming her head into the canvas.
MINX: Rude. Completely rude. Her attitude, her demeanor, it’s all rude. Perfect description of her in-ring skills. Legion is just rude in the ring.
ASTIN: She’s definitely wanting to make an impact in the early going.
MINX: Holy shit!
Legion catches Mischa with a big boot that sends her to her back. Legion makes another cover,
MINX: Oh near fall!
ASTIN: I would not be surprised if Legion ended this in a moment. She’s such a lethal striker.
MINX: She’s lethal with strikes and she’s very aggressive. Look at her, just smacking the taste out of Killings mouth before dragging her over to the corner.
Legion pulls Mischa Killings over to the corner and tries to drive her face first into the turnbuckle pad but Killings blocks it and retaliates with a shuffling side kick to the stomach of Legion. She follows up quickly with a flatliner variation that sends Legion face first into the corner. Mischa pulls Legion into a roll up pin,
ASTIN: Close call there. Mischa Killings almost picked up the victory.
MINX: She’s dedicated this match to her friend Jazmin Davis, so you can expect her to put up a real fight.
ASTIN: She’s landing some heavy kicks on Legion at the moment.
Mischa Killings uses her best defense which is offense currently, and hits Legion with a forearm to the jaw as soon as Legion rises to her feet. Killings backs into the ropes and when she shoots out her momentum is taken away by a yokosuka cutter from out of nowhere! Legion hooks the leg,


The arena lights go out.

ASTIN: What in the hell is this?

MINX: I have no clue.

A eerie red lighting fills the ringside area as 4 Druids stand on the outside of the ring, surrounding all four sides. Legion looks around the ring a little confused as Mischa Killings pulls her down into a roll up,




The four Druids enter the ring and attack both competitors. The referee calls for the bell.





MINX: Who are these four…. things?!


The druids lift Legion off the mat and they all powerbomb her before catching Mischa Killings just as she tries to leave the ring and they begin beating her also. They pull her out of the ring allowing her body to hit the floor with a loud thud before continuing the assault. One of the druids leans over the announce table and says something the cameras can not pick up but the commentator’s facial expressions says it all.

MINX: Take the path? What in the fuck is happening?! Pardon my language, but don’t pardon it.. I’m seriously confused.

One of the druids removes a glove and then holds out a big knife and cuts an “X” into his palm, it appears that he is reopening a wound that has been opened before and blood rushes all over his hand.

MINX: What sort of paranormal crap is this?!

ASTIN: I honestly, have no idea!

The man with the bloodied hand slaps Mischa over the face, leaving a bloody hand print of the eye socket and brow before walking over to Legion and doing the same thing. The arena lights goes out again and the cameras cut to backstage.

The backstage communal locker room of the CWD warehouse was the opening of the scene. The Number Three selected Hollywood Honors Cup tournament participant was standing in front of her locker talking to her soon-to-be aunt, Astrid Sedin, who was in attendance along with her uncle, Joshua Samson, Esquire, to witness her debut. Jazmin Davis, or simply Jaz, was already dressed in her wrestling garb for the night. 
JAZMIN DAVIS: I’m really glad you’re here tonight, Astrid. After all the crap we went through earlier this month, it really means a lot to me that you’d be here.
Astrid was standing just in front of her, dressed in black leggings, black boots and a white tunic style tank, she seems to be her usual bubbly self as she just waves it off.
ASTRID SEDIN: I know that everyone said things that they didn’t mean because they were angry and we both were a bit off… but it’s in the past and we should not dwell on it. Especially since you have this big match laying ahead of you. I’m just a bit surprised you wanted to talk to me instead of your uncle.
JAZMIN DAVIS: Yeah….big debut match. I mean, I’ve had debut matches before over the past two years but this is my TRUE debut match. CWD is a real wrestlin’ company that’s broadcast on television. To me it gets no bigger than this.
She exhales heavily.
JAZMIN DAVIS: I wanted you back here with me because one, I know you know how this feelin’ is since you are a wrestler and two, you know how Unk Joshua can be; he’s always in Executive Representative mode and that’ll just make me even more nervous than I need to be.
ASTRID SEDIN: Tell me about it… it’s the one thing that infuriates me the most about him. Like when I need him to me my love first, he’s stuck in executive rep mode. I told him when we got back together that needs to stop and he needs to be my fiance first. And the other day during the picnic… I caught him working when it was a national holiday. I only allowed him to sign Catriona because it’s just how things worked out for her.
JAZMIN DAVIS: I don’t know about being his lover…
She giggles.
JAZMIN DAVIS: But as a manager I wouldn’t want any other. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here right now livin’ my dream. I’m like a ball of energy revvin’ to go full stop, Astrid. But at the same time I have this sick feelin’ in the pit of my stomach. Is that even possible?
ASTRID SEDIN: Oh yeah… I’m totally with you on that one. And yes, it is possible. It’s called nerves and I’m pretty sure that everyone has them before their debut. Hell… even I felt like I wanted to stick my head in a trash can and empty the contents of my stomach.
She put a reassuring hand on Jazmin’s shoulder.
ASTRID SEDIN: But trust me, the feeling will pass.
JAZMIN DAVIS: I sure hope it does because it’ll be embarassin’ as all get out if I throw up on my way to the ring or even worse in the ring! I think I’d die right then and there, girl.
ASTRID SEDIN: Ask your uncle what it’s like to throw up on television. I would suggest sipping at some cold water cause it will help you calm down. At least it has worked for me in the past. Put on some headphones and listen to music to take your mind off the fact that it’s your debut and help you think about it as just another match.
Jaz turns toward the open locker and rummages through her gym bag.
JAZMIN DAVIS: Dang it! I forgot my headphones back in my car.
She turns back to Astrid.
JAZMIN DAVIS: I’ll have to remember them for the next show in the next round because I’ve got Dax Eynstine beat tonight.
ASTRID SEDIN: Lucky for you…
Astrid reaches in her purse and hands her a pair.
ASTRID SEDIN: I always keep a spare pair in my purse. Trust me… if it wasn’t for music I’d probably be a bundle of hot mess every show.
With an appreciative smile, Jaz takes the earbuds from Astrid.
JAZMIN DAVIS: This is definitely a lifesaver! Thank you so much, Astrid.
ASTRID SEDIN: Hey you helped me the other day to find the perfect outfit. I’m merely letting you borrow those headphones.
Astrid smiled, tucking a section of her bright blonde hair behind her ear. 
JAZMIN DAVIS: So I have a little bit of time before I’m called, would you mind just sittin’ back here with me until then?
ASTRID SEDIN: No problem. It’s always easier to stretch out with someone to help you out anyway. You’ll want to be perfectly stretched so you don’t get a cramp.
JAZMIN DAVIS: Cool. Thank you, Astrid.
Without hesitation or announcement, Jaz moves in and embraces Astrid.
ASTRID SEDIN: It’s no problem. Soon… you’ll be family and I don’t want anyone to be treated the way I was by my parents.
Astrid smiles as she looks into the young Jazmin’s eyes.
ASTRID SEDIN: Now… pop those bad boys in your ears and get to focusing.
Releasing Astrid, Jaz does indeed push the buds into her ears before retrieving her phone out of her bag in order to plug the earphones in. She then slides down to the floor in order to stretch as the scene closes.

5. Bishop Kroft -vs- 6. Talia Areano


“Till The World Ends” by Britney Spears is heard on the sound system. Talia comes out from behind the curtain. 
Silva: Making her way to the ring, at 5’6 …Talia Areano!
When she gets to the ramp, shower fireworks reign down on her. She walks down the ramp with her hips moving back and forth and she is swinging her arms. She gets on the apron and enters the ring between the ropes. After that she walks over to the ropes on the right side and stands on the first rope. She then bends over and looks at the fans with a smile on her face. She then gets off the ropes and walks to one side of the ring and waits for the officials to start the match.
“The Hanging Tree” begins to play through the venue as the curtain opens and out steps Bishop Kroft.
Silva: Making his way to the ring at 6’1 and 230 pounds Bishop Kroft!
Kroft looks around at the crowd for a few moments with a look of disdain before making a slow, methodical pace down to the ring. Kroft slides into the ring, hoping to his feet quickly as he looks out at the crowd shaking his head in disgust at them.
The two competitors run in at one another as they get into a collar-and-elbow tie up. Talia quickly gets the advantage though as she knees Kroft and gets him into a wrist lock before switching to a hammer lock. She tightens the lock as Kroft falls to a knee. Talia tries to keep tightening the grip but Kroft is able to roll through, pop up, and reverse the grip getting Talia in a quick hammer lock. Kroft quickly switches it and grabs her from behind hitting a russian leg sweep. He immediately goes for the pin.
Minx: Kroft trying to get it over quick.
Dynamite:Won’t happen with that though.
Kroft pops up, trying to keep on the attack but Talia is able to send a knee to the head of Kroft backing him up. Talia quickly pops up and waits for Kroft to turn around. She sends multiple punches to his head backing him up and onto the ropes. She whips him across the ring and on the return hits him with a hurricanrana. She hops up as Kroft does and hits him with a deep arm drag, he pops up and she hits him with one more followed by a third. Talia goes for a dropkick after he pops up a fourth time but Kroft is able to sidestep it. He waits for Talia to get up and he goes for the Seeds of Doubt but it’s ducked. Talia grabs him and hits him with a quick DDT. She goes for the cover but Kroft kicks out before the ref can even get to one. Talia is surprised but she stays on the attack. He waits for him to get up and she hits him with a spear!
Minx: What a spear, I think he may be broken in half. 
Kroft is grabbing at his midsection as Talia walks up by him, jumps flips and hits a standing 450 Splash! She quickly goes for the cover.
Talia looks at the ref and shakes her head. She pulls him up and throws him towards the turnbuckle causing him to hit it hard. She walks over to Kroft and puts him up on the top turnbuckle where she gets him in a front face lock and lifts him up falling back hitting a superplex! Talia quickly kips up after the move. She waits for Kroft to sit up and as he slowly does she runs at him, drops down with a forearm hitting Rush Hour! 
Minx: She’s ending it here!
Talia picks Kroft up and grabs his head as she runs at the corner, runs up it flips and hits the Slice of Heaven which is immediately followed by a quick pin!
Silva: Your winner, Talia Areanooo!
Minx: Talia dominated that match.
Dynamite: I didn’t expect any less honestly.

Cut to the parking garage where Sullivan Aimes is standing in front of a 1980 Winnebago Chieftain also known as the Mobile Command Center (MCC) for Team ATARI.
SULLIVAN AIMES : Hey everyone, Sullivan here and I decided, seeing that it was such a nice evening here in Hollywood that I would go for a walk and I find myself just outside of the parking garage, such a glamorous place I know, but I find myself standing in front of the MCC for Team ATARI. Let’s see if anyone is home shall we?
Sullivan knocks on the door to the MCC and takes a step back. A couple of seconds later the door opens and masked face pops out.
SULLIVAN AIMES : Hi…..guy. I’m Sullivan….
2600 : Ah. Yes. Sullivan Aimes. I know who you are. Have you come here to speak with Team ATARI?
SULLIVAN AIMES : Yes……buddy.
2600 : Very good then. Under the policy of Yoshida, you shall speak to Team ATARI! From time to time we are required to speak to the media.
SULLIVAN AIMES : Great…..bro. I can’t wait.
2600 closes the door and Sullivan turns towards the camera. 
SULLIVAN AIMES : Folks, this is huge. Team ATARI doesn’t grant many interviews as you know, so this is, this is big. Oh! Here they come!
2600 and 7800 followed by Flashback 2 climb down out of the MCC. 2600 and 7800 stand next to each other with their hands on their hips with Flashback 2 standing behind 2600 with big puppy dog eyes for 2600. Young love, so precious.
2600 : Sullivan Aimes, first of all, I am 2600! The leader of Team ATARI and this is my trusty sidekick, my partner, a guy I’ll take a bullet for, 7800! You my friend, is the very first representative of CWD to have the privilege of interviewing us. Now…
2600 places his hand on Sullivan’s shoulder.
2600 : Please, do understand. We can not answer all of you questions. Those questions that you have a burning desire to ask, if they are of a sensitive nature and could pose a risk to the security of this great nation, We will have to refrain from answering them. We will not devolve information that the Yamauchi’s can use against us.
Sullivan nods, confused but goes for it.
SULLIVAN AIMES : 2600, 7800. Tonight, one of you will face Hide Yamazaki in the first round…..what? What is going on? Is he okay?
Upon hearing the name Hide Yamazaki, 7800’s blood begins to boil. He clenches his fists, grits his teeth and is ready to explode. 2600’s eyes get wide. He places his hand on Sullivan’s chest and gives him a slight nudge to take a step back.
2600 : Oh dear! 7800!!! We’re live on television! Children is watching this! Please refrain from such language!
7800 : DILLY! Dilly dilly dilly dilly! DILLY! 
7800’s face, what we can see is red in anger. He is pointing at the camera, breathing heavy. Flashback 2 looks like she has seen a ghost, her face is pale white with shock, her mouth hanging open. You can see it in her mind, the “OH NO HE DIDN’T!” 2600 is trying to shield Sullivan from danger and Sullivan is confused by it all.
SULLIVAN AIMES : What? What is he saying!
2600 : I can’t repeat it in TV!
SULLIVAN AIMES : Should we bleep this? I don’t know what is going…..
7800 snatches the mic away from Sullivan. He steps right in front of the camera.
7800 : Dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly! DILLY! Dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly? Dilly Dilly Dilly! Dilly! DILLY! DILLY DILLY!
7800 then slaps his head multi times, slaps his chest, taps his arms, slaps his head a couple more times and has a real serious look on his “face”.
And then slams the mic on the ground and storms off.
2600 : Sullivan Aimes. You better go tell Hide Yamazaki that 7800 is on a mission, a mission to destroy him and that he better go hide, better yet, leave Hollywood and pray that 7800 never finds him for all of those defamatory words he spoke earlier in the week. 
2600 takes a step to leave but stops. He looks at Sullivan Aimes.
2600 : Not even god will save him.
2600 then runs after Flashback 2 and 7800
Sullivan Aimes watches them and is flabbergasted by all of this. He just can’t find the words at this time. 

Cameras take us to the CWD Headquarters, sectioned in the very back of the Warehouse. Britney Anders and Kendrick Kross storm down the halls and around corners until they reach the office of Mr. Roerich. Britney knocks first and no one answers. Britney and Kendrick both step up to knock on the door, this time twice as loud and twice as hard until finally Mr. Roerich opens the door with an annoyed look and steps out, making sure to close the door behind him.
BRITNEY ANDERS: Who are you hiding in there, Eeeethan?!
Roerich ignores Britney and stares at Kross with disgust.
MR. ROERICH: Could you guys not knock on my office door repeatedly, I am in a meeting.
KENDRICK KROSS: Does it really look like we care, Ethan? 
MR. ROERICH: It’s Mr. Roerich to you, and you should care. What in the hell do you want?!
KENDRICK KROSS: No. It’s Ethan to your top two stars. We just wanted to make sure you got everything right when it comes to this tournament that Britney will win.
MR. ROERICH: Oh I’ve definitely got it right. Infact, I’m so right I’m going to make sure that you are banned from ringside during all of Britney’s matches for the entirety of this tournament
KENDRICK KROSS: Oh that’s bullshit and you know it! How is that fair!?
MR. ROERICH: Because it’s fair. Go get ready for your match tonight, champ.
Mr. Roerich goes back into his office and shuts the door. Kendrick and Britney storm away completely angered.

2. Hide “Deathwish” Yamazaki -vs- 1. Team A.T.A.R.I. 

– – – [—- LOST FEED –] – – – 


The feed comes back and we see Yamazaki getting his hand raised in victory.
ASTIN: He’s a monster!
MINX: 7800 and 2600 put up one hell of a fight, but Deathwish… he uh… he fits his name.

ASTIN: I’m being told that Sullivan Aimes is backstage with The #1 Hit-Maker Johnny Bonecrusher!
And sure enough, the scene switches to the backstage area, where Sullivan is indeed standing next to Johnny.
SULLIVAN AIMES: Folks, I’m standing here next to a man that’s been on quite the mission these past few weeks. Johnny, thanks for talking with us today.
The fans pop, as Johnny shakes Sullivan’s hand and nods in approval.
JOHNNY BONECRUSHER: Yeah, great to be here, Sullivan.
SULLIVAN AIMES: Now Johnny, how much closer are you to making a final decision as to who you’d like to take under your wing?
JOHNNY BONECRUSHER: Well, lemme make one thing perfectly clear here, Sully: the talent here in the California Wrestling Division is top-notch; no one’s making it easy on me, not to mention it makes me wonder if any of the guys or gals in the back even need improvement!
SULLIVAN AIMES: But anyone on the roster could do nothing but benefit from your nearly two decades of wisdom!
Johnny laughs and, with some green paper in his hands, shakes Sullivan’s hand, passing it to him in the process. Sullivan pockets the bills.
JOHNNY BONECRUSHER: Thank you, thank you, Sully, that was totally not rehearsed or anything-butnevermindthat! The bottom line is, when you’re right, you’re right. But even folks like Equinox or Kendrick or even…
Johnny gulps, a disgusted look coming across his face.
JOHNNY BONECRUSHER: BritneyAnders but anyway, yeah. Even they could only see their q-ratings soar under my tutelage!
SULLIVAN AIMES: So in the meantime…
Johnny shrugs.
JOHNNY BONECRUSHER: In the meantime, I place my pieces on the board in my own good time, Sully. You can’t rush greatness, and you can’t fight fate; everything will fall into place soon enough, just you wait and see.
SULLIVAN AIMES: Well, thank you for your insights, Johnny. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to big things from you in the near future.
Johnny nods again, as they shake hands once more.
JOHNNY BONECRUSHER: It’ll be worth the wait times two.
SULLIVAN AIMES: All right, back to you, Astin!
And with that, the scene switches back to the commentators’ table.
MINX: Why did he say, “Back to you, Astin!” and not “Back to you, Minx!”?
ASTIN: Because nobody likes you.

Cameras cut to a dark room.
UNKNOWN VOICE: Darkness… the absence of all light. 
The light begins to flicker slightly, allowing us to make up the outline of a man. His medium build allows for his black silhouette to be indeterminable. In front of him is a window, rain running down the glass and spilling over the sill.
UNKNOWN VOICE: California Wrestling Division is not like anywhere else, you are witnessing a place absent of darkness and it is because of this I have been drawn here. There must a balance between the light and the dark. 
The man raises his hand and places it on the base of the window, slowly sliding it open. Rain is falling in through the space. The sound of droplets falling onto the old wooden floorboards echo.
UNKNOWN VOICE: As I make my way towards the CWD Warehouse I urge you all to run not from the darkness, to shield not your eyes from the light. Embrace the dark as much as the light, for does the light not cast a shadow? And without the dark how can we know the light? Both are the same.
The man turns, his face finally moving out of the shadows, revealing to us his identity. Aiden Deimos, the former SKYFIRE Champion and one half of the Union Battleground Battalion Champions standing there, looking deep into the camera.
AIDEN DEIMOS: As left and right, male and female, up and down, are light and dark, without one the other can have no meaning, as they are but two phases of the same energy. Know that in darkness there is light and in light where there is darkness, we must embrace both equally.
Aiden takes a few steps forward, a devilish grin on his face.
AIDEN DEIMOS: I will soon join you, not because I want to, but because I have to. CWD needs someone like me, the villain that all of you can look up to, to blame someone for all of the mishaps in the company. You may view me as the bad guy, but I promise that I am nothing more than a savior for all of you that have forgotten the right path to Salvation. For I am the Burning Ember, for I am Aiden Deimos, for I am the darkness balancing the scales of life.
Fade To Black.

8. Dax Beckett -vs- 3. Jazmin Davis


The guitar riff of “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold begins playing and red and white lights begin flashing across the stage and out into the audience. As the music picks up, Dax comes out onto stage in an open, sleeveless white Bad Boys hooded jacket, showing off his many tattoos. He points to himself as he shouts at the fans to give him respect. He strokes his beard, an intense look on his face as he comes to the center of the stage. He shouts out at the crowd, holding his arms out at his side as he does a slow 180 degree turn, slowly walking backward.
MINX: Do you know much about this fellow, Nigel?
ASTIN: Nope. I don’t even have a cue card.
Once the music completely picks up, Dax turns around and charges down the aisle. He darts around the ring, stopping periodically to pose for the fans, whether they like it or not. Once he makes his way around the ring, Dax jumps onto the apron and charges his way up the nearest turnbuckle as he presents himself to the audience. Dax ascends and nods his head to the music, his fist in the air. He jumps off and flips, landing on one foot and one knee, his arms held out to the side before rising to his feet, waiting for the action to start.
“Nice for What” by Drake begins to play and Jazmin Davis appears at the top of the ramp. She tosses her arms up in the air, catching a positive reaction in return. Jaz smiles, the warm welcome seeming to grow on her. She begins to make her way down to the ring, stretching an arm out to slap hands with the fans as she passes. Trotting up the steps, she winks cockily to the crowd before climbing in to prepare for the match.



The match begin and Dax charges forward early on and Jazmin dodges the clothesline before pulling Dax into a roll up,
The fans erupt as Jazmin Davis gets her hand raised in victory. 
MINX: She did it for her friend, Mischa who is currently dealing with medical staff after an assault from the unknown… ughh… what do we even call them?
ASTIN: Davis will advance in the tournament, this is great for her second generation star tag on her resume. 

Scene opens up in a dark, eerie location. The moon is full and the light spray of fog is rolling in. In front of the moon, several tall leaf-less trees stand and shift slightly in the wind. There’s a howl of a coyote and the hoot of an owl that is heard, but even further away is the slight sound of the whistle of a train as it rolls past, followed by the sound of female laughter. 
Voice: The land of milk and honey. The land of opportunity. Fame and fortune. Everything California holds dear and soon. No more. They all sit nice and pretty in their little homes. Not a care in the world. Not realizing the true nature of their eventual collapse. As children they checked under their beds and in their closets. Under the stairwell. In their attics. Yet, as they grew out of their childhoods, they stopped looking. That was their mistake.  
The scene continues as if no one was there. The sounds, the visions, everything as the voice continues. 
Voice: We are still there. You stopped looking because you did not see and yet we were there all along. Watching you as you slept, knowing that you were ignorant of the true nature of our own brand of evil. So many fakes and fraud professing to be the ‘bad guys’ and yet their impotent evil ways are nothing compared to our true nature of evil. We will show them exactly who we are and what we do. We will castrate them of their ways and show them what a real bad guy can do.  
Suddenly, against the center tree two white eyes open and a figure steps forward. 
Voice: True evil doesn’t serve man or their own egos. True evil only serves evil. Try to be bad. Try to put on that front, that fake facade and all along, never knowing that true evil is knocking at your door. The slow consistent knocking of the fist of darkness against the futile wooden panel daring you to open the door and let it in. Are you scared? Worried? You say you aren’t, but the tremors tell another story. 
The creature moves closer to the camera and begins to laugh and laugh. 
Voice: I used to travel the universe, free among the stars and not I slither into the cracks and crevices of darkness seeking whom I may devour. Who will be next? Who will drown in the darkness of my being and struggle for each and every breath as the shallow grave of misfortune swallows you hole and you slowly fade into the very pity of your existence. Because CWD, we are coming. Prepare thyself because the MONSTER is coming. And where the MONSTER goes, darkness follows. 
The scene fades out as the MONSTER laughs and laughs.

10. Britney Anders -vs- 9. Troy Maddox


“Devil’s Angel” Twista begins to play and Troy Maddox makes his way to the ring, expressionless.
LYOTO SILVA: Entering first, weighing in at 200 pounds… TROY MADDOX!!
The lights shut off as a flashing pink, green, and red spotlight hits the top of the entranceway. 
“IT’S BRITNEY, BITCH!” then fades into ‘No More Tears To Cry’.
The spotlight freezes on a life-sized doll box as Britney Anders steps out of it and marches to the ring confidently as the fans boo her. As she reaches the ring steps, she demands ringside crew members hold her hand and help her up the steps. As she reaches the ring apron, she shouts at he referee to hold the ropes for her as she enters the ring. She struts to the middle of the ring as the lights and music shut off simultaneously. When the lights come back on, Britney is posing in the middle of the ring with an ear to ear grin on her face, ready to compete.
Britney basks in the boos as the official calls for the bell.



The match begins with Troy and Britney locking up, only to have Britney slip free and complain about him pulling her hair. The boos are garnered with true hatred as she paces around the ring. 
ASTIN: It’s not fair that Mr. Roerich has banned Kendrick Kross from all–
MINX: Shut up Nigel. It’s fair.
ASTIN: But Britney–
MINX: Great move by Maddox!!
Maddox has Britney locked into an armbar and she fights for the ropes, quickly grabbing the bottom ring cable and sliding out of the ring as soon as Troy lets her go. Maddox waists no time leaping over the top rope and hitting Britney Anders with a hurricanrana. 
MINX: Maddox is not playing games with Britney tonight.
ASTIN: She’s not the one you want to take lightly.
Maddox and Anders lock up in the center of the ring again. Anders gets the upperhand early much to the dismay of the fans in attendance. Maddox is able to send her into the ropes but she comes back with a shoulder block. Leapfrog from Maddox and right into a high angle dropkick. He quickly covers but Britney kicks out. Maddox locks in a chinlock but Anders fights to her feet. Big slap to the face! The crowd lets out a loud “OHHHH!” as Maddox holds his face and stares her down. Step up Enziguri from Maddox! 
MINX: Make the cover and it’s over! 
ASTIN: Possibly. But not guaranteed.
Troy Maddox goes after Britney but she holds her ankle and screams in pain. The crowd boos as the ref walks over to check on her. Troy tries to go after her but the ref stops him. Just then, Anders grabs Maddox and tosses him into the ring post. The distraction worked perfectly and the crowd lets her know how they feel with loud boos. She picks up Troy by the hair and drops him with a snap suplex. She covers but Troy kicks out at two. She climbs to the top rope and taunts. She flies off with a big crossbody but Maddox moves. She hits the mat with force before climbing back to her feet in pain.  Maddox folows up with a Pele Kick and then a quick Knee to the jaw! Anders falls backward and in the process butts heads with the referee. 
MINX: This can’t be good.
ASTIN: Maddox has this one in the bag!
Maddox lands the Standing Moonsault before making the cover.
ASTIN: The fans are counting, but the referee isn’t.
MINX: The referee is still down.. what the hell?!! THAT’S SHOJU KOTA!

The crowd watches in silence as Shoju Kota, new CWD signee,  leaps from the top rope hits Troy Maddox with a shooting star press! Kota slides out of the ring and throws water into the referees face before exiting through the crowd.

MINX: What in the hell?!

ASTIN: Apparently he made the wrong flight plan? I’m confused.

Britney Anders makes the cover,





Cameras take us backstage where we find Mr. Roerich and Jack Callahan in the office speaking to someone who is seated in a chair. We only see this person back and the hood over their head and they are totally silent.
JACK CALLAHAN: So you are bringing them in to deal with that?
MR. ROERICH: Yes. I am tired of Britney and Kendrick parading around as if they have done something big, when they have done nothing. They are cheaters. Scammers. They belong to in Los Angeles. But they also deserve a taste of the medicine they are about to get a dose of.
JACK CALLAHAN: And that is your plan?
Callahan looks over to the figure in the chair who has not moved or said a word.
MR. ROERICH: Exactly. I also feel that Mr. Maddox was dealt a shitty hand tonight.
JACK CALLAHAN: Give him a new–
KNOCK. KNOCK. They stop talking and hurry to the door just as it opens, stopping it from opening any further. Surprise, Surprise, it is Nigel Astin trying to poke his head through the door.
NIGEL ASTIN: Mr. Roerich I have a few–
He’s cut off by Roerich.
MR. ROERICH: Not now, save it until after the show tonight. Hurry back to ringside, please.
They slam the door in his face and Callahan smirks as the cameras fade out.
MINX: Clearly my colleague Nigel is busy trying to rat out Mr. Callahan this evening.
AIMES: It’s ok, never fear as I am here to fill in.
MINX: Welcome Sullivan, you’re doing a great job backstage. Let’ see how you do out here with the five thousand fans screaming.

4. Brianna Casablancas -vs- 7. Dickie Watson


AIMES: I am very excited to call my first match.

The fans expect Dickie Watson and instead to their surprise they get Mr. Roerich who makes his way down to ringside and grabs a microphone after entering the ring. He adjusts his tie before beginning to speak.

ASTIN: We may be holding off on your first time experience.

MR. ROERICH: Ladies and gentlemen, we were scheduled to have a Hollywood Honors cup match, but with a few people breaching their contracts not showing up this has now forced me to make a few decisions. The first decision being that Dickie Watson will not compete tonight, but will still be paid and will move on to the next round of the Hollywood Honors Cup, so congratulations on your victory by forfeit. Which brings me to my next issue to solve, Britney Anders.
The boos rain down by the sound of her name and Roerich allows it to go on for a moments before it finally simmers.

MR. RORICH: Yes, the Queen leader of “the Upper Echelon” amongst CWD. Her and her boyfriend have caused an issue in my plans and prevented Troy Maddox from becoming twenty thousand dollars richer and for that I will betaking action and moving Troy Maddox into the semi-finals round of the Hollywood Honors Cup. Britney Anders, Kendrick Kross, and their hired gun will all be subject to punishment of sorts. Which brings me to my next–

AIMES: What is happening here?

MINX: I don’t know, you would usually be giving us the scoop right about now

AIMES: Oh geeze you’re right!

Jack Callahan rushes to ringside and tells something to Mr. Roerich that forces him to drop the microphone and hurry out of the ring. Nigel makes his way toward the ring and Sullivan rushes to the back.

Kendrick Kross© -vs- Equinox


Minx: An awesome night we’ve had. We now know everyone in the semi-finals for the Hollywood Honors Tournament.
Astin: That’s right Minx, but this next fight. This is going to be a straight fight. No rules, nothing. These two may kill one another.
You gotta fight through the pain, to get to the top
You gotta push through it all, if it’s what you want
Screaming THIS IS a call to the dreamers
Dig a little deeper, make ‘em believers
As the stage, as well as the ringside area, slowly begins to fill up with white smoke as the crowd watches in anticipation. The stage rises though where Nox normally would be there is nothing..
Minx: Where is Equinox?
As Minx finishes the cameras immediately cut backstage where Kendrick and Equinox are hammering one another back and forth with rights and lefts neither one budging. Kendrick pushes Nox away after some of the punches and sends him into a table with water bottles stacked on it, breaking the bottles as they hit the ground. Unfazed, Equinox immediately gets up and runs at Kendrick hitting him with multiple rights backing him up towards the loading dock where he throws Kendrick over the hood of a car causing him to slide across falling off the car and hitting the hard concrete floor.


ASTIN: These two are just about ready to kill one another.


Equinox lets out a smirk and walks across around the car to Kendrick who has gotten up to a knee. “Doubt me now, Kendrick!?” Nox yells at him before picking him up and slamming his head against the roof of the red car and taking him up the loading dock throwing him out onto the street then signaling everyone to back away and close the door as they continue the fight onto the street. Equinox picks Kendrick up and walks him over to the side of the concrete building and tries to throw his head into it but Kendrick blocks it! Kendrick sends an elbow into the gut of Equinox causing him to let go of Kendricks head. He then grabs Equinoxs’ and sends him flying into the building followed by a suplex onto the hard concrete sidewalk, the suplex doing just as much damage to Kendrick as it does Equinox. 

MINX: It’s all mortar and concrete around those parts.

Kendrick grabs at his back and lets out a groan as he rolls over in a prone position. He pushes himself up onto all fours and crawls over to a bench pulling himself up to a standing position. Nox slowly starts to get up and as he reaches one knee Kendrick goes for a superkick but it is ducked by Nox. He grabs Kendrick in a Belly-to-Belly position and throws him over his head sending Kendricks back straight into the side of the concrete building, as small pieces break off once again. Nox grabs at his lower back and takes a few steps as he hits the wooden bench on the the sidewalk. Equinox walks over towards the downed and Kendrick and sends multiple punches toward his head knocking him back. He sends lefts and rights and hits him with an European Uppercut further backing him up as he leans against a pole holding up a scaffolding. Equinox picks up a dowel rod nearby and swings it at Kendrick and Equinox connects with Kendricks stomach as he lets out a groan. He swings it once again but this time at his head. Off of instinct Kendrick ducks it and the dowel rod hits the metal bar snapping the rod. Looking at the end of it broken he gets frustrated though immediately an idea pops into his head. Nox picks up the other half of the dowel rod and looks at Kendrick who has gotten to a knee and slams both of them multiple times to different parts of his back as he lets out groans each time before Nox throws the two halves under the scaffolding. Nox looks at the welts forming on Kendricks back as he lifts him up and throws him into the hard into the metal stairs that lead up to the first level. 
Minx: We’re being told we have an update, a bystander has live video of the brawl!
Astin: Damn. Kendrick looks rough, Nox definitely is taking it to him.
Kendrick slowly gets up to all fours as Nox lets out a smirk. Nox picks Kendrick up and gets him in a front face lock. He attempts a DDT but it’s blocked! He tries it again and once again blocked! Kendrick starts moving and ends up running the back of Nox into the metal bar holding up the scaffolding as a part of it collapses! Kendrick backs up from Nox who has dropped down into a sitting position. He lifts the downed Nox and throws him into the opposite metal pole, buckling it as the lower level of the scaffolding collapses catching parts of Nox and Kendrick!
Minx: Holy shit…someone better check on those two!?
Astin: At least if they’re out of commission Kendrick won’t be champion anymore.

Kendrick slowly crawls out from under the wreckage followed by Equinox. Kendrick pushes himself up slowly and grabs what’s left of the scaffolding pulling himself up. Kendrick slowly walks over towards Nox and lifts him up sending multiple punches to his head backing him up. They reach the side of the street where Kendrick grabs him and throws him into an armored truck that is parked nearby. Nox slams hard into the side dropping down flat onto his back. Kendrick walks over towards the truck as he slowly crawls up to the top of the truck. He looks at the still Nox and jumps off hitting a big Shooting Star Press! Kendrick and Nox immediately grab at their guts as Nox rolls over into a prone position on the side. Kendrick slowly is able to push himself up, still holding his midsection and walks over to Nox, lifting him up to his feet.

MINX: Equinox is really looking to destroy Kendrick Kross tonight.

ASTIN: Can you blame him? Kendrick Kross walks around like he owns the place. Not that he doesn’t. But sometimes it gets old.

MINX: That makes no sense Nigel.

ASTIN: These people’s hatred for Kendrick Kross and Britney Anders is what makes no sense.


Kendrick walks him down the street before slamming his head into a lightpost. He lets a smile creep out as he looks at the lot of homeless people, with a few randoms visiting Hollywood, who have slowly collected, watching the action. Kendrick yells at them to back away before he picks Nox up once again as he gets him up Kendrick tries to throw him into a car but Nox reverses it and sends Kendrick flying into the car! Kendricks back slams up against the car denting the side of the door. Nox pulls Kendrick away from the car and takes him to the hood where he slams his head down on it before crawling up on to it, pulling Kendrick up with him. Nox gets Kendrick into a front facelock and DDTs him into the windshield causing it to crack! Nox quickly gets up though and pulls Kendrick up. He grabs him in another frontface lock and hits him with a snap suplex, denting the roof of the car! Nox smiles as he picks Kendrick up a third time and throws him off of the car as he hits the hard road as cars barely miss him. Being the daredevil, Nox jumps off and hits a Shooting Star Press as a bus passes by! Nox, ignoring the bus and ignoring the pain the Shooting Star Press put on him quickly gets up and lifts Kendrick up walking him across the road, dodging cars as he does so. As he gets him to the other side, Nox throws Kendrick against the outside of one of the Wax Museums, which he then drops into a sitting position. Nox smiles as he looks around and pulls out a wooden bat from one of the homeless people’s carts. He looks at Kendrick who is hunched over and slams the wooden bat onto the upper back of Kendrick causing him to fall from his sitting position. Nox keeps slamming the bat into the back slowly causing it to splinter before he throws it aside.

MINX: Oh crap! This is violence at it’s maximum.

ASTIN: This looks so painful.


He slowly pulls along the wounded Kendrick along the boulevard as he looks in each persons cart, eyeing something he likes he stops. He walks over to the homeless man and pulls his cart away dumping it out and going through it, he pulls out a section of barbed wire. He grabs the barbed wire which cuts his hand slightly and throws it at the downed Kendrick. Nox shoves the homeless man down and picks up his cart wheeling it near Kendrick as well. As Nox gets back near Kendrick he reaches down to pick Kendrick up but is met by a low blow, knocking Nox down! Kendrick barely pulls himself up, slightly bent over as he walks. Kendrick smiles as he walks over towards a parked car. He pulls the handle, with the car being unlocked he pops open the trunk and looks in the back where he finds a crowbar and a carjack. Kendrick grabs the crowbar and the handle to the jack then closes the trunk. He walks back over to Nox who is getting back up slowly from the low blow. Kendrick smiles and sets the crowbar down slamming the steel handle of the jack straight onto the back of Nox, as he drops down and grabs his back. He slams it into his back once more before dropping it and grabbing the barbed wire Nox had gotten out of the cart. He wraps it around the crowbar, and drops to his knees as he flips Nox over and runs the barbed wired crowbar across the face of Nox, opening him up. Kendrick laughs as drops the crowbar and picks Nox up, throwing him against the car. He picks the crowbar still wrapped in barbed wire up and slams it against the stomach of Nox, leaving holes from each barb in his midsection. He does it multiple times before tossing it aside and dragging Nox down the boulevard. Kendrick gets Nox in front of one of the glass doors of the Wax Museums and tries to throw him through it only to have Nox reverse it and send Kendrick through the glass into the museum!

ASTIN: Oh my goodness, CWD will have to pay for that!

MINX: The champion looks to be in a bad way.

Nox pushes bystanders and people entering the museum out of the way as he drags the cut up Kendrick through the museum. Nox stands Kendrick up and sends multiple punches to his head before throwing him into one of the Wax figures breaking it as Kendrick goes through it. Nox picks up the wax arm of Forrest Gump and swings it multiple times at the head of Kendrick, before dropping it and picking him back up. Nox drags Kendrick through the Museum, they get about a quarter way through when he throws Kendrick up and over hitting the Darth Vader Wax figure! Nox steps over the plastic guard and picks up the head of Vader throwing it down onto Kendrick the hard wax not breaking. Nox picks him up again and throws him into the figure of the Storm Trooper. Nox wipes blood from his face from the barbed wire earlier. Nox drags him out of the museum and back out onto the Boulevard throwing him into another homeless man. He picks up the cart and throws it down on top of him as Kendrick rolls over onto his stomach. Nox walks over towards a souvenir shop and grabs a small version of the hollywood sign which he slams onto Kendrick causing it to break over him. 
Minx: Equinox really wants this. He’s really taking it to him.
Astin: Good. Kendrick needs to be beaten.

Minx: I wouldn’t exactly count Kendrick out though. Wait a minute? Do you hate Kendrick or like him?

Astin: I am a walking contradiction.


Nox smiles and slowly picks up Kendrick, dragging him down the boulevard again. They stop at a bus stop as a bus pulls up. Nox throws Kendrick onto the empty bus and tells the driver to close the door and go. The driver complies as Nox throws Kendrick down onto the bus floor and starts stomping on him. Nox finishes stomping on him and picks him up and throws him against one of the seats, then throws him against the opposite one. He goes for a third throw but Kendrick is able to block it! Kendrick takes Nox and throws him up against the tinted windows causing one of them to crack. Kendrick throws Nox against it again as the window breaks cutting Nox’s head open more. Nox drapes over the side of the moving bus as Kendrick pulls him back in. Kendrick grabs Nox and suplexes him onto the floor of the bus, causing him to arch up. Kendrick quickly gets up and goes to lift Nox up again but he sends multiple punches to his gut causing Kendrick to let go of his head. Kendrick backs up and Nox sends multiple punches to his head, Kendrick then follows up with three of his own. They start trading blows until Kendrick is able to pick Nox up and run with him on his shoulder as they hit the glass and both fly out of the moving bus onto the road! 



ASTIN: These fans are losing it in here!


The two slam the road hard, Nox taking the brunt of the fall, though Kendrick doesn’t go unscaved each one of them getting road rash from the fall. Kendrick rolls over onto his back as Equinox arches his back up and lets out a yell as he rolls over into a prone position. They both stay still for a few seconds before Kendrick amazingly is able to begin to crawl to the side of the road. He reaches the curb and pushes himself up to a seated position before pushing himself all the way up to a vertical base. Kendrick slowly makes his way over to Equinox who is still down barely moving. Kendrick picks him up and pulls him down the boulevard, throwing him into Madame Tussauds Wax Museum breaking the glass door. Kendrick smiles as he slowly walks towards the downed Nox. He picks him up and throws him into the Wax figure of Michael Jackson, breaking part of it off. Kendrick slowly picks up part of the broken part and slams it down onto the back of Equinox, as he lets out a groan. 

ASTIN: How are these men moving?

MINX: How are they alive?

Kendrick picks the downed Nox up again, not letting him get anything near a rest and sends forearms to his head, trying to open the cuts on his head even more as now blood has covered his face. He throws him towards the Betty White Wax figure and takes it out breaking it in half. Kendrick, whose face is also covered in blood falls to a knee catching his breath after throwing Nox. Kendrick pushes himself up and slowly walks over to Nox who has slowly started moving but grabbing at his right shoulder which hit the Betty White Wax figure. Kendrick drags Nox out to the outside of the Museum where he throws him into the statue of Taylor Swift. Causing some of the bystanders to gasp, others to cheer. Staying on the attack, Kendrick stomps on the head of Nox before picking him up and dragging him back into the street, where Kendrick DDT’s him onto the sidewalk, busting Nox’s head open more.
Kendrick walks over towards a homeless woman with a cart and grabs the cart. Kendrick waits for Nox to get up as he does he runs with the cart over towards him but Nox dodges it! This causes Kendrick to hit the side of the building with the cart sending the handle straight into his gut. Kendrick turns around after and is met by a superkick by Nox sending Kendrick into the cart! Nox immediately grabs the cart and pushes it towards a parked car. The cart hits the car which in turn sends Kendrick out of it his head being sent through the window of the car! Nox looks in the back of the car and opens the door pulling out a driver to a set of clubs that were positioned in the backseat. He looks at the driver and smiles swinging it at him hitting the back of his knees. Nox swings it again hitting the back of his knees once more then twice at his back. Breaking the carbon fibre shaft. He follows it up by reaching in and grabbing a 3 iron. He looks at the end of it and starts swinging it at his back once more, the steel shaft not giving any.
Nox then swings the club at Kendricks thigh hitting each one as hard as he can, Nox pulls Kendrick out who falls down collapsing from the tightening of his thighs from the multiple shots from the club. Nox drags the downed Kendrick down the Boulevard. Nox lifts him up and throws him into the side of the Masonic Temple across from El Capitan. Nox picks him up and throws him once again his back slamming against the side of the Temple. Nox picks him up, he drags him across the street and into the El Capitan theatre. Nox drags him throughout into the theatre and throws him down the stairs. He rolls down the steps hard and fast, falling about a quarter of the way down. Nox slowly walks down and picks Kendrick up. He lifts him up and slams him across the seats of the theatre, each chair hitting hard straight into his back as Kendrick arches and rolls off of the chairs back onto the steps.
Minx: This match is definitely going to change both of these men…it’s been great so far.
Astin: I just hope it changes Kendrick for the worst and he isn’t able to fight anymore.

Nox picks him up once more and goes for a suplex but Kendrick blocks it! Nox tries once more but blocked again! Kendrick is able to hit Nox with a suplex slamming the back of Nox into the stairs. Kendrick picks Nox up again and lifts him up and sets him on his shoulders. He powerbombs him onto the first corner of the seat. Kendrick grabs Nox and drags him up the stairs and drags him back outside. Kendrick gets him outside and grabs a fluorescent lightbulb sticking out of a can. He waits for Nox to get up, as he does he slams the lightbulb against his head shattering, leaving pieces of the bulb in his head. Kendrick sends multiple shots to the head of Nox as they start fighting down the Boulevard back towards the Warehouse. Kendrick grabs him by his arm and pulls Nox towards him and grabs him lifting him up and slamming him down with a hard spinebuster!


MINX: That had to hurt.


Kendrick starts stomping on Nox everywhere from his head to his feet. Kendrick then steps towards Nox and jumps off of one foot hitting a Standing Shooting Star Press! Kendrick quickly gets up. He holds his stomach as he picks Nox up. Kendrick drags him down the boulevard. Kendrick reaches a car that a window had broken out of earlier. Kendrick kicks him in the gut and hooks him. He quickly hits a suplex onto the sidewalk. Kendrick picks up Nox and drags him further down, but as he does Nox hits him with a low blow causing Kendrick to let go of him and drop down. Nox picks him up and throws him against a building, he walks over towards a trash can and pulls it out. He slams it against the head of Nox knocking Kendrick down from his sitting position. Nox puts the trashcan on Kendrick and he walks up onto a nearby car and jumps off hitting a leg drop onto the can and sending it hard into Kendrick.

MINX: Has there even been a pinfall?

ASTIN: It’s all fists and knees tonight. All fists and knees.

Nox rolls over and grabs his leg and wipes off his face crawling near the car and pulling himself up. Nox drags Kendrick across the sidewalk causing abrasions on the back of Kendrick. He drops him right in front of a glass window. Nox waits for him to get up and as he gets to a knee he superkicks him sending him back hard through the window! Nox falls back and rests himself against a lightpost. Nox waits for Kendrick to get up. As he does he grabs him by his head and hits him with a quick DDT before dragging him down the boulevard near where they started. Nox throws Kendrick against one of the souvenir shops where he slowly drags him to onto the top of a car. Equinox looks around and sees a fire escape. Kendrick slowly crawls up and reaches the top of the two story shop. He looks down at Kendrick who is lying still. Equinox takes a deep breath and jumps off hitting a huge Dark Kingdom causing the whole roof to collapse in, neither man moving…
Minx: HOLY SHIT! That was just outside our Warehouse. These two I think just killed one another.
Astin: Great Job Nox! 

Minx: We need some help out here.

Cameras take us back to the squared circle where we find Ethan Roerich standing in the center of the ring with Jack Callahan and a microphone in his hand.
ASTIN: We are back folks. A medical team is on the way to check on Equinox and Kendrick Kross, the match has been ruled a no contest apparently. 
MINX: Mr. Roerich has a few more things to address.
MR ROERICH: Ladies and gentlemen, with the recent events that have surfaced and our main event getting out of hand, we will have these gentlemen settle this beef at the Bash on the Boulevard in a few weeks in a last man standing match for the California Heritage Championship and the winner will go on to face the special guest referee of this particular match. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the return of MELOOOODDDYYYY…MARRSHAALLL!!!
The fans roar with excitement for Melody Marshall as the lights dim and the a blue hue takes over the stage area. Smoke fills the entrance way as emerging through it to the sounds of “One Here Comes The Two” By Tropkillaz is Melody Marshall. She is introduced the ring announcer as she slaps the hands of some lucky fans ringside before sliding into the ring. She kneels down and points a finger in the air as streamers fall atop her.
The fans lose it.

ASTIN: I told Kendrick he had a nuke button!

MINX: After being on the shelf with an injury, Melody Marshall is returning to the CWD! This is huge!

ASTIN: This is amazing!

The CWD logo flashes at the bottom of the screen as the fans continue to go bonkers for Melody Marshall in the center of the ring with Mr. Roerich and Jack Callahan standing nearby applauding her.



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