Major announcement about a possible return of the OWA in 2018.

A local independent wrestling company began a concept where males and females competed on a level playing field without the judgement, without the condemnation and without the stigma that most wrestling companies held on to very tightly.

The OWA was born.

The OWA grew from a local wrestling company, to a regional wrestling company and then into national expansion bringing in the best of the best to compete for it’s top prizes. Pay-per-view buyrates, merchandising and ticket sales soared throughout 1996 and up to the summer of 1997. A change of ownership, identity and mismanagement spelled an early demise for the company as things hit rock bottom and soon the OWA was no more.

However, in 2017 the video library was purchased in a fire sale and the company that purchased the library began the OWA Network. Then something peculiar happened, subscriptions to the video on demand service began to climb as old fans and new began to relive the excitement of the OWA. Word began to spread about the new service and matches that hadn’t been seen in almost twenty years suddenly, unless you count worn VHS tapes and crappy YouTube rips, were now available to the public once again.

Then something odd happened.

The Internet began to wonder what happened to the OWA? They began to wonder if in this day and age, if a mixed-gender wrestling federation could actually happen.

As the fan base began to swell, the owners of the OWA Network decided to put out feelers. They could use some original content for their network, and perhaps a revival of the OWA would work. However, they determined a couple of things: They wanted new, young and hungry wrestlers competing. They also wanted to bring back a few of the legends of the OWA to put themselves into key roles in the company.

Unfortunately, nearly all of the original broadcast team for the OWA was no longer available. Ed Baldonivich, also known as Ed Bagel during this announcing days, was no longer available due to his contractual obligations. Elaine Bryant, Shelly Marks and Myers Watterson were also enjoying their retirement and declined to return. However, there were a few former OWA stars that have agreed to return.

Trina Bray has agreed return as the play-by-play announcer. One might remember Trina Bray from the OWA when she wrestled under a mask and called herself Amazon Woman. She’s a former OWA Champion, former OWA TV Champion, former North American Champion and former OWA Tag Team Champion. What might be more surprising is that returning to be her color commentator for a possible relaunch of the OWA will be none other than two time former OWA Champion, two time former OWA Tag Team Champion Freddy Fever. Freddy Fever was sidelined by a career threatening injury back in 1997 as he was on the cusp of going for his third OWA Championship. He was never able to return to action. Bray and Fever were also most known as being former tag team partners that had an explosive split that ended up in a brutal final battle that saw Fever defeat Bray, sending her into retirement.

Finally, we are told that there will be one more superstar returning to fill the role of Director of Wrestling Operations for the OWA but the identity of that individual is being held tightly under wraps. However, we are told that this new Director has already determined that the very first card for the new OWA will crown a new OWA Champion and a new OWA TV Champion inside the returning Caged Fury special which will be the first live show broadcast as part of the new OWA.

Also on tap will be several episodes of The Gospel Truth that will allow fans to get acquainted with the new participants in the OWA leading up to Caged Fury. From that point on, the shows will alternate. The Gospel Truth is a vignette heavy show that typically features enhancement matches and a single main event. Following Caged Fury, Primal Rage will return as a live action card that features several matches featuring OWA Superstars.

Finally, the OWA has announced that several specials will be returning to the OWA Network. Crime Spree will return with all of the hardcore action one can stand. Also returning will be Press Your Luck and Highway to Hell (which was previously known as Endurance’s Evil Challenge). As announced, Caged Fury will return and the network is working on at least one other special and will make that announcement as soon as they can.

Finally, all OWA cards will be seen on the OWA Network, which means no censors. All programs will be rated TV-MA, so viewer discretion will be advised.

The OWA is coming back and the buzz seems to be building for the debut which will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

For those interested in participating, the OWA is only accepting singles wrestlers who can be either male or female. The OWA tries to put on a realistic presentation so consider that when creating characters. These are the guidelines for character creation:

1. Can be male or female.

2. Keep stats for characters (height/weight) realistic.

3. No former OWA stars. Most OWA characters from the past are 20 years older. We are starting fresh and prefer fresh characters. I will consider relatives, children, etc of former characters on a case-by-case basis. I expect there to be cameos on an occasional basis.

4. If you want a chance at winning, you must provide a strategy for each match as well as be active with vignettes or interviews leading up to your match. For programs/angles, I prefer that players work with each other to make the best possible feud or match possible. I'll ask each person to customize their entrance for each match as part of their strategy.

5. I try to plan long term and work my way backwards. However, I understand that players come and go. Prime spots will be given to those who are quality, active players.

6. Once we get started, I will take into consideration opening up a tag team division. However, I ask that one character per player until then, and at that point, I'll allow a single and a tag team per person.

7. Create an account on this website. Use your character's name as a username. I will be setting up a chat feature here so that players can contact each other.

Submit the following information to be considered. Use this link:

Name: Player's Name

Email: Your email address

Subject:  Character's Name

Under Message include the following information.

1. Height/Weight/Gender

2. Theme Song

3. A pin finisher and a submission finisher (Finishers are protected. First come first serve)

4. One or two moves that setup each finisher.

5. Wrestling Style

6. Description of the wrestler

7. Bio & Any additional information you want to provide.