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Director of Wrestling Operations:

This individual will not be revealed until the debut of the OWA.

Head Referee:

Candi Bratton

Candi Bratton is a former GDWA superstar as well as the former head referee for Battling Ring Angels. She is a no-nonsense competitor and is big enough to deal with any OWA superstar who might want to try and get out of line. This outspoken referee will most certainly call it down the middle.


Lara Bratton

Lara is a former wrestler for Battling Ring Angels. She is also the first born daughter of head referee Candi Bratton.


Charles DeFrain

DeFrain was a reporter for a local news company in DeMoines.

Elsbeth Keyspace

Keyspace was also a local reporter, most recently out of Sacramento.


OWA Primal Rage

Announce Team:

Trina Bray

Bray was most famously known as multi-OWA Champion Amazon Woman. Her feud with Freddy Fever grew to such epic proportions that they had their own television special in a loser must retire match. She lost that match to Freddy Fever and then retired. She has lived in relative obscurity until recently.

Freddy Fever

Fever is also a former OWA Champion, former OWA Tag Team Champion. He has massive feuds with Amazon Woman, Monica Brant and Michelle Cox. His career came to a halt at the peak when he was in an automobile accident that ended his career just as he was about to battle Traci Lane for the OWA Championship.

Ring Announcer & Timekeeper:

Christine Donahue

Christine was the former ring announcer for WISE.


OWA The Gospel Truth


Delilah Strain

Delilah Strain is the former General Manager for Battling Ring Angels. After the company folded, Strain went on to found her own production company that specialized mostly in reality television.

Tiffany Chandler

Chandler entered the GDWA under the umbrella of the Syndicate and her cousin Andrea Chandler, but after some time quickly came under her own. She eventually ditched the Syndicate and embraced the fans, however a tragedy struck which caused Chandler to sink into a depression and take on a more evil persona known as the Painkiller. Chandler retired from professional wrestling to focus more on Chandler Enterprises, a corporation in which she recently stepped down as CEO in order to enjoy life a little more.