Next OWA Network Event

The OWA Network has announced that they will host five live specials based on past OWA PPV events in 2018. These cards will be an invitational format, inviting wrestlers from around the world to participate. Some cards may have undercard matches from federations as well to fill out the allotted time.

The schedule as of now:

April 15: Caged Fury

25 wrestlers from around the world will compete in a double ring, caged match where two wrestlers begin and another wrestler is added to the cage every two minutes. No eliminations can occur until all 25 wrestlers are inside the ring. Eliminations can occur by pinfall, submission and by referee's discretion. The last wrestler standing is the winner.

July 15: Press Your Luck

Press Your Luck is a 16 person tournament where each wrestler's skill gets them to the next match, but their luck tell them how hard it'll be. Wrestler's names are pulled from a barrel at random. The winner of the first match will stay and a coin will be flipped. If the coin lands heads, that person advances to the next round. If tails, that wrestler will have to wrestle another match from a wrestler selected at random. Once all wrestlers have competed, the next round begins. Winner is the last person standing.

October 14: The Wheel of Torture

A 16 person tournament where each match is a gimmick match selected at random by the spin of a wheel.

December 31: Battle of the E-Fed Superstars

Feds will compete in non-wrestling related activities and the team with the most points by midnight will be declared the winner.

January 20: Highway to Hell

Formerly known as Endurance's Evil Challenge, the Highway to Hell is a 16 person tournament where the first round is a tag team match with partner's selected at random. The caveat to this is that up until the match, any partners that attack each other will be eliminated from the tournament and replaced. Winners of the first round advance to the second round where tag team partners will battle each other. Semi Final match is a four corner's elimination match that ends after two competitors are eliminated leaving two left.  Those two wrestlers will battle in the finals in an enclosed cage match battle to a finish.

Winners of each event will be recognized with a plaque or a trophy, designating the individual and the federation they are representing for display not only on the OWA Network site, but the federations site as well.

Use this link to sign up for Caged Fury.

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