Mr. America


Alex Wallace started off his career as Mr. America and worked as a manager at a small promotion out of northwest Ohio.  Wallace learned how to wrestle while he was there, though he's pretty tight-lipped about who taught him how to wrestle.

During the big boom of the 90's, Wallace joined ILOC and began his career as a face.  After a feud with Robski, Wallace turned heel and joined the Underground as a wrestler/manager.  While he was never actually part of the huge Underground beatdown of Rob Cole, Wallace will reference the attack and talk about how he was there.  ILOC didn't last too long and went belly up.  Wallace purchased their respective titles while the company was liquidating assets.

Wallace then moved over to SCWF, but that promotion wasn't long for this world either.  Wallace continued to work in the other UEA leagues, HOWF as a manager (he managed the team of Nemesis [Phoenix and Pegasus]) and as an active wrestler in LAW.  In the winter of 97, the UEA closed

While working for the UEA, Wallace branched out into the OWA.  He found his first bit of success in the OWA, quickly winning their TV title.  Wallace lost the TV title a couple months later, but had made waves in the OWA.

Wallace also joined the SCW in the spring of 97, but was gone by the summer of 97 due to knee injury.  The same knee injury put him out of action in OWA.  The OWA closed before Wallace was able to rejoin.

Wallace stayed out of wrestling until the fall of 97.  He joined NWLP but was released in short order.  Wallace then ventured into WSCW, run by the same people who ran the OWA.  Wallace quickly won their top belt.  He held onto the belt until the winter of 98, when he dropped it to Danny Brouchard.

Wallace joined LWC in early 98 with Retribution as a tag team.  The duo won the Twin Pistol tag team championships and held those for two months before dropping the belts.  LCW ceased running shows for a few months.  When LWC reopened, Wallace decided to wrestle under his real name.  Wallace won the Silver City championship and held onto it for three months before losing to Robert Donovan.  He won the belt back from Donovan and then lost the belt to Tex Violence in a brutal four-way match.  It was during this match, Wallace injured his neck.

Wallace underwent surgery to fuse his neck.  He stayed out of wrestling until 2000, when he resurfaced in AWMC for a short period.  The next few years would see Wallace make sporadic appearence for major promotions but never staying longer than a few months.  Wallace's last big time appearence was for EMWC, but he was released due to testing positive for illegal substances.

Wallace left full-time competition and helped train wrestlers at the Rocket City Wrestling Academy with Scott Von Braun along with others.  Wallace soon made an appearence in KCW, but had a falling out with the owner and left.  Wallace also looked at making comebacks, but personal demons kept him from being able to get full time employment.

Wallace left wrestling and stayed out for five years before joining up with NAW to work as a commentator.  NAW didn't last long and was soon back to working the nine-to-five.  In 2011, Wallace was approached about working for OSCW as creative and a trainer, but butted heads with management down there and turned the job down.  That's when Legacy came and asked him to be their manager, getting his name from Tommy's father, Paul.  Wallace jumped at the chance, seeing this as a way to payback to the business.  At least that's what he said.

In the fall of 1998, Retribution turned on Wallace and stabbed him in the back.  Referred to as the Underground fracture as Wallace stood by Retro through thick and thin even if they weren't in the same league.  Wallace was viewed as Retro's "right hand".  Wallace has never forgotten the betrayal and harbors some pretty deep feelings about it.  Wallace also never was able to wrestle Rob Cole.  Seeing Cole in PVW, was the reason Wallace decided to join up with the Von Brauns and make his appearence.

As Wallace nears his mid-forties, he's not able to use the same offense he did when he was younger.  His knee and neck are bad.  He's "dumbed down" his offense to lessen the chances of permanent injury.  What Wallace lost in offensive moves, he's able to make up for as a very cunning and conniving man in the ring.  While considered a ring general in his younger days, he's now a veteran with over twenty years of experience (give or take).

Wallace managed Legacy in PVW for a time. The promotion ceased for a few months and came back. Legacy came back along with the hopes of Wallace. Wallace never returned. Wallace disappeared from wrestling. He didn't maintain contact with any of his friends in the business.

Wallace completely changed his habits and pushed his life in a new direction. Wallace became a vegan for a year before realizing the life style wasn't for him. He changed his diet and his workout routine. He got into the best shape of his life while away from wrestling. He quit with the "poisons" he used to use and started practicing yoga and meditation.

He married Adara Williams after the two had two children together. Wallace stayed out of wrestling for two years and worked in a call center to pay the bills. While the wrestling bug was still strong with Wallace, he opted to call it quits in wrestling in any capacity after training one final protege who showed great promise.

Additional Information

Name: "America's Perfection" Alex Wallace
Height: 6'04"
Weight: 232 lbs.
Age: 45
Hometown: Washington D.C.
Alignment (Heel, Face, Tweener): Heel
Past Experience (E-Fed History): He's been in way too many to name, but he did grace some of the more prominent like EMWC, GLCW, LWC and others. I'll put the ones I can remember and his role below.
Past Titles (E-Fed Titles):
ILOC - bought the belts when the promotion folded and paraded himself around as the last Internet Champion
UCW - as a manager
HOWF - as a manager
OWA - OWA TV Champion
UCP - UCP World Champion
LWC - Silver City Champion, Twin Pistol Tag Team Champion (with Retribution)
NAW - as a play-by-play commentator
PVW - Manager and got in shape to make a comeback

Entrance Music: "Hunt You Down" by Saliva

Ring Attire: Wallace continues to wear his wrestling singlet that looks like it was made from the American flag. On his left thigh and leg is the blue square with fifty stars. The rest is red and white striped. He wears blue kneepads with a metal knee brace on his right knee. He also sports blue elbowpads. His boots are airbrushed with the American flag around the boot and AW in black on the outside of each leg.

Physical Appearance: Wallace has changed his diet in the last few years. He used to have a lot of show muscle, but is now looking leaner. He has muscular definition, but doesn't have the huge muscles he had years ago thanks to focusing more on conditioning and building lean msucle. He's a practioner of yoga and other less impactful exercise regimens. No noticable scars or tattoos.  Wallace has short brown hair that's going gray at the sides, blue eyes, and still has his goatee which shows the more gray than brown these days.


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