Next OWA Network Event

OWA Champion Amazon Woman defends her title against the Internet Champion; OWA Tag Team Titles are defended; Nightmare faces Ricky Blood in a champion vs. champion match; 8 person Lotto Match

Dark Matches

Jason the Terrible vs. Dark Death

Both men lock up. Jason catches Death with a knee lift, then whips him into the ropes. Jason elevates Death with a huge back body drop. Jason goes for a quick cover, but doesn't even get a one count. Death catches Jason with a knee to the stomach then climbs the turnbuckle and nails him with a double ax handle. They trade blows. Death clamps on the abdominal stretch, but Jason refuses to give up. Jason makes it to the ropes for the break. Death climbs the turnbuckle again and nails Jason with a flying clothesline. Jason gets up groggily, Death bounces off the ropes, but is caught with a powerslam by Jason. Death nails Jason in the guy, but Jason rakes the eyes of Death. Jason clotheslines Death over the top rope. Jason scrambles to the top rope. But Death quickly slides in the ring and punches Jason, Jason kicks Death down and leaps from the turnbuckle and splashing him. Jason hooks the leg, but only gets a 1 count. Death rolls out of the ring, and tries to pull Jason out, but Jason kicks him in the face. Jason whips Death into the ropes, but Death ducks the clothesline, and nail Jason with one of his own. Death climbs the top rope and nails Jason with a leg drop. Death picks up Jason, who rolls him up.. 1... 2... 3!!

Winner of the match in 32:12, Jason the Terrible.

Big Dawg Rich vs. TapeWorm Terrence

Both men lock up. Rich tries to slam Terrence, but gets a thumb in the eye. The ref warns TapeWorm about his actions. TapeWorm runs off the ropes and is lifted by Rich who slams him to the mat. Rich catches TapeWorm with a knee to the midsection. TapeWorm is up and shoves Rich into the corner and begins to pound on him. Rich goes down and Terrence stomps on his head. Rich trips TapeWorm but TapeWorm kicks Rich in the head. TapeWorm lifts up Rich by the hair and executes his finisher the Abdominal Stretch. Rich is too close to the ropes to give up. TapeWorm whips Rich into the ropes, but Rich nails him with a clothesline. Rich goes for a cover.. 1... 2... Terrence kicks out at the last second. Rich whips TapeWorm into the ropes, but Terrence manuevers into a sunset flip.. 1... 2... Rich kicks out at the last second. TapeWorm runs off the ropes and clotheslines Rich. Rich trips Tapeworm and wraps him up.. 1... 2....3!!!!

Winner of the match in 24:29, Big Dawg Rich.

Sabin Figaro vs. Phantom

Phantom trips Figaro. Figaro is up quickly but is met by a right into the jaw. Phantom takes down Figaro and delivers an elbow drop. Figaro is up and both men lock up. Figaro shoves Phantom into the corner. Phantom retaliates with a punch to the gut of Figaro. Figaro fights back witha punch to the gut of Phantom, then hits him with a high knee lift. Figaro taps Phantom in the abdominal stretch, but Phantom refuses to give up. Phantom hip tosses his way out of the stretch. Phantom misses an elbow drop and crashes to the mat. Both men lock up and Figaro picks up Phantom and slams him to the mat, and goes for the pin.. 1.. Phantom kicks out easily.

Sabin is up and nearly clotheslines Phantom's head off. Figaro picks up Phantom, but Phantom turns it into a small package, but can't get even a 1 count. Phantom punches Figaro, and Figaro kicks Phantom. Phantom runs to the ropes, Figaro ducks under Phantom's clothesline, but Phantom elevates Figaro with a back body drop. Phantom goes for the cover, 1.. Figaro kicks out. Phantom tries for a leg drop, but Figaro rolls out of the way as Phantom crashes to the mat. Phantom trips Figaro and smashes his head into the mat. Phantom climbs to the top turnbuckle. Phantom leaps on Figaro, but Figaro catches him with a shot to the midsection. Figaro goes for the pin... 1...2.. Phantom kicks out at the last moment.

Figaro brings up Phantom by his hair. Figaro bounces off the ropes, but Phantom lifts him up with a back body drop. Phantom kicks Figaro in the gut. Phantom gets the DDT! Phantom poses for the crowd and stomps on Figaro, saying the match is over. Phantom lifts up Figaro, but Figaro cradles him, 1... 2... NO! Phantom just barely escapes. Both men are up and Phantom charges Figaro, who picks him up and slams him to the mat. Figaro for the pin, 1...2.... Phantom kicks out again. Figaro drops a couple of elbow drops on Phantom, then climbs to the top rope. Figaro leaps off the turnbuckle, splashing Phantom. Figaro hooks a leg, 1... 2... Phantom kicks out again...

Phantom punches Figaro in the midsection and pushes him into the ropes. Phantom locks Figaro in the ropes and begins to pound on him. The ref warns Phantom for his actions, then frees Figaro who falls to the mat. Phantom nails Figaro with a leg drop. Phantom goes for the pin.. 1...2... Figaro kicks out. Phantom whips Figaro into the ropes, Figaro reverses it catching Phantom with a well-placed drop kick. Figaro misses a second drop kick and as he gets up, Phantom runs across the ring, nailing him with a clothesline. Phantom nails Figaro with a second DDT! He covers.. 1... 2... 3!!!!
Winner of the match in 53:13, Phantom!

Italian Stud vs. Anthony Hazard

Hazard moves quickly on Stud, tossing him to the outside and ramming him into the steel post. Italian Stud is busted open already. Hazard DDT's him on the outside and rolls him into the ring. Hazard picks up Stud and rolls him up for the 1.. 2.. 3... Winner of the Match is Anthony Hazard. 3:03

Denise Duncan vs. Heavy Metal

Metal moves in quickly taking down Duncan with a leg sweep. Metal misses an elbow drop. Duncan delivers a knee lift to the face of Duncan. Duncan whips Metal into the ropes and misses and elbow smash, Metal off the ropes again and catches Duncan with a drop kick. Metal runs off the ropes again and caught with a powerslam. Duncan hoists Metal to the turnbuckle and goes for a superplex, but NO.. turns it into a brainbuster off the turnbuckle. Duncan goes for the pin.. 1... 2... 3!!!!
Winner in 5:03, Denise Duncan.

Main Card

Welcome to WinterTime Massacre 1995. We have an lot of stuff to get thru so let's not waste any time. First, let's go to an interview with The Family.

Ricky Blood

The family plans on ruling the INN branch and the North American branch of the OWA. In INN branch there is Pretty Boy Monty, Devastator, Rocket and Phantom. As far as tag teams go Pretty Boy and Rocket or the team of Devastator and Phantom will capture the tag belts. Rocket has got the best chance for the INN belt. If Rocket doesn’t take the belt Devastator, Phantom or the best Champion ever Pretty Boy Monty will take the belt. In the North American we have Big Dawg Rich and myself the North American Champion Ricky Blood. These two great sensations are sure to create havoc. We will soon capture all the belts The OWA Belt, The INN Belt, The North American Belt and The OWA Tag Team Belts. We will always be watching each other’s backs. If someone tries to jump us they will suffer to the hands of The Family. To all the Champions don’t try to dodge us or you will be in a lot of pain.

Champion vs. Champion: INN Champion Nightmare vs. North American Champion Ricky Blood

Ricky Blood is announced first and comes to the ring. Nightmare is announced and there is a long delay. After a couple of minutes, several OWA officials comes to the ring and are shaking their heads to the officials. Ring announcer again calls out Nightmare, but no one comes from the locker room. Officials confer with the official and the bell is rung. Winner of the match due to a no show... North American Champion Ricky Blood.

This puts Ricky Blood in the main event against Amazon Woman.

"Pretty Boy" Johnny Stallion vs. Pretty Boy Monty

Stallion grabs a leg and takes down Monty. Monty is up. Both men lock up. Monty backs Stallion into the corner. Monty attempts a hip toss, but Stallion blocks it. Stallion shoves Monty of of the corner, and both men lock up. Stallion backs Monty into the corner. Stallion hip tosses Monty out of the corner Stallion pulls up Monty by the hair, and attempts a clothesline, but Monty ducks. Stallion runs into the ropes, but Monty elevates him with a back body drop. Monty picks up Stallion and body slams him and tries for the pin... 1... Stallion kicks out. Stallion runs into the ropes, Monty leaps over him and executes a sunset flip.. 1... 2... 3!!!! Monty gets the pinfall.

Winner of the match in 3:10, Pretty Boy Monty.

Let's go to the locker room for a word with Traci Lane and Denise Duncan.

Traci Lane & Denise Duncan

(Traci and Denise sit in Lane's plushy-decorated study, sipping a glass of Burgundy. A flaming log crackles in a nearby fireplace. A television monitor sits to Traci's left.)

Traci: Well, it had to happen, I suppose. Having the Black Widow as OWA Champion wouldn't have been quite as customer-friendly as Steroid Woman, so they've taken key steps to ensure that I stay only a contender. Just when I think things are well under control, that freak of nature hits me with her running powerslam--but even so, with my foot on the ropes, the ref counts me out. Don't believe me? Let's see the film....

(Traci hits the play button on the VCR, and the camera closes in. As Amazon Woman plants the powerslam and goes for the cover, Traci's leg raises and slides over the bottom rope. The ref's view of this is obscured by AW's bulk, and he slaps the mat a third time as Traci kicks out. The view returns to Traci, who smiles slightly.)

Traci: Amazon Woman, put down your hypodermic long enough to listen. You got lucky. VERY lucky. I was closing in and you know it. A blind referee may have cost me THAT match, but it won't happen again. I want you. Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere. And I GUARANTEE that history won't be repeated. I'll plant you with my Widow's Bite and have that belt to put over my mantle. And if you duck me--(she grins menacingly)--you will regret it worse than any other decision you've made. (She nods toward Denise.) Now as I recall, the Femme Fatales have another situation to deal with: "The Family". Ricky Blood and Big Dawg have a strange desire to be beaten to within an inch of their lives. I mean, why else would they issue a challenge to the deadliest duo in the OWA? (Traci turns to her friend.) Denise, explain to them exactly what they're in for.

Denise: Big Dawg -- what kind of a name is that? Does that describe the way you look or the stench you give off? Ricky Blood. Is that supposed to intimidate someone? The two of you must either crazy or masochists. That's the only possible explanation. The Black Widow and I are going to beat on you until your bones ache. All the Nuprin in the world won't alleviate the pain from the beating you're going to receive. I truly hope you get lots of bandages and splints for Christmas, boys. You're going to need them.

Traci: And Ricky Blood is our new North American Champion. Congratulations are in order, I suppose--but only in that you've made our hit list. And Denise has something special she'd like to share with Mr. Blood.

Denise: Ricky, you've got a chance to save yourself a lot of pain and agony. After Traci and I get through beating up you and Big Dawg, and you find out firsthand just how deadly I can be, you can just mail me that little old belt. No one will blame you. I mean, once I've got you up on the top rope and I drop you on your head, your career will be over. So be smart, Ricky.

Traci: So, as the year winds to a close, I offer this: the Femme Fatales are here to dominate every facet of this league, and whether it's Steroid Woman, or Ricky Blood, or that repulsive "Big Dawg", we're coming at you with everything we've got--which is more than you'll EVER have. And Denise, what's Santa leaving in your stocking this year?

Denise: I've been a VERY good girl this year. I'm sure Santa will leave me something nice -- if he knows what's good for him. And for the Femme Fatales in the New Year? It's going to be all Champagne and gold for us, and coal for the rest of the league. (They clink glasses and sip their wine.) Merry Christmas!

TigerLily vs. Demon Knight

Lily hits Knight with a couple of kicks right off. Both lock up. Knight forces Lily into the corner and smashes her head into the turnbuckle. Knight hip tosses her out of the corner. Knight delivers a stomp to the head of TigerLily. Knight pulls Lily up by the hair and whips her, but Lily reverses it, and attempts a back body drop, but Knight rolls her over in a sunset flip, but Lily kicks out before even a one count. Lily punches Knight in the face. They lock up and Knight pushes Lily into the corner and begins to pound on her. Lily falls to the mat and Knight drops a leg drop on her. Knight goes for the top turnbuckle, but Lily catches him and slams him off the top rope. Lily stomps on Knight while he is down. They trade some blows, Lily gets in a shot in the gut, and lifts up Knight in a suplex and drops him to the mat, then falls for the cover.. 1... Knight kicks out. Lily stomps on the head of Knight. Lily goes for the top turnbuckle, but this time Knight catches her and tosses her off the turnbuckle, then goes for the cover, 1.. 2... 3!!!

Winner of the match in 15:36 is Demon Knight.

Lotto Match: Rocket vs. Dangerous Dunk vs. Traci Lane vs. Colt vs. Gustaffson vs. Devastator vs. Cuban Rafter vs. Enforcer

This next match is the 8-wrestler lotto match. Rules are these: The 8 wrestlers will stand on the ring apron anywhere they choose. The ref will pick two wrestlers and they will start the match with the other 6 remaining outside. At any time during the match, any wrestler inside the ring can tag any wrestler on the outside of the ring. That wrestler must come in and wrestle. Once a wrestler is pinned, they go back to the locker room and the ref picks the next person to enter the ring. When there is only one wrestler left, that person is the winner. The wrestlers begin to bicker on the apron, pointing fingers. The refs confer in the ring and then points to Rocket and Enforcer. The match begins.

They lock up. Rocket whips Enforcer into the ropes and nails him with an elbow. Rocket reaches over and tags Cuban Rafter and hold Enforcer while Rafter nails him in the gut. Rafter delivers a gut wrench suplex on Enforcer, who reaches up and tag Dangerous Dunk. Rafter attacks Dunk before he gets into the ring with a high knee lift, then hits him with a DDT. Dunk reaches up and nails Rafter with a shot to the gut, but Rafter pounds on Dunk. Rafter positions Dunk on the turnbuckle and executes a nice superplex. Rafter tags in Traci Lane. Lane drops an elbow on Dunk and then sets up for the Northern Light Bomb, which is executed perfectly, 1.. 2... 3! Dunk is eliminated.

Rocket comes into the ring and is caught with a drop kick by Lane. Lane whips Rocket into the ropes, but misses a clothesline, and is nailed by a Rocket clothesline. Rocket pulls up Lane by the hair and body slams her to the mat. Rocket pulls up Lane and whips her into the corner, then charges. Lane moves and Rocket crashes into the corner. Lane tags in Colt. Colt kicks Rocket in the midsection and nails him with a DDT. Colt nails Rocket with a drop kick that sends him out of the ring. Lane drops down, and rams the head of Rocket into the ring post, then gets back to her corner. The ref begins the count and Rocket is counted out. Rocket is eliminated.

Devastator comes in a locks up with Colt. Devastator picks up Colt and presses him over his head and slams him down. Devastator misses an elbow drop and Colt tags in Gustaffson. Gustaffson clothesline Devastator. Devastator catches Gustaffson with a knee to the midsection, and a tombstone piledriver. Devastator tags in Cuban Rafter. Rafter crosses the legs of Gustaffson and executes the Scorpion Death Lock. After 30 seconds, Gustaffson submits. Gustaffson is eliminated.

Enforcer charges Rafter and nails him with a forearm, and Rafter falls in the corner with Devastator and makes the tag. This fued has been going on for a while now. Devastator clotheslines, Enforcer. Enforcer rakes the eyes of Devastator. Enforcer puts Devastator in a head lock and runs a thumb into his throat. Enforcer piledrives Devastator, and tags in Lane. Lane comes in and stomps on Devastator. Lane picks up Devastator for a nice suplex. Lane tags back in the Enforcer. Enforcer climbs to the second turnbuckle and clotheslines Devastator. Enforcer rolls up Devastator and gets the 3 count. Devastator is eliminated.
Cuban Rafter comes in a rolls up Enforcer... 1...2...3!! Enforcer has been eliminated.

Colt attacks Rafter with knee to the head. Colt drops an elbow on the fallen Rafter. Colt climbs to the second turnbuckle and leaps off fist first, but Rafter moves out of the way. Rafter tags in Lane who twists the arm of Colt and leaps over the top rope with it. Lane slides back into the ring and nails Colt with a swinging neckbreaker. Lane hooks the leg and gets the 1.. 2...3!! Colt has been eliminated.

With only Cuban Rafter and Traci Lane left in the match, the two lock up. Rafter whips Lane into the ropes and misses a clothesline. Lane comes off the other side and misses a drop kick. Rafter moves in quickly applying the Scorpion Death Lock. Lane refuses to give up as Rafter applies the pressure. Lane scoots to the rope and the ref calls for the break. Lane rakes the eyes of Rafter and kicks him in the head. Lane climbs the turnbuckles and leaps off the top onto the rising Rafter. Rafter flips over and pulls the tights.. 1... 2... 3!!! Lane is eliminated The winner of the 8 wrestler lotto match is Cuban Rafter!!!

Wait.. Denise Duncan has charged the ring. Duncan clotheslines Rafter. Lane and Duncan work over Rafter for a good 45 seconds. Lane climbs to the second turnbuckle, as Duncan scoops up Rafter and hands him head first to Lane. Lane jumps off, piledriving Rafter into the mat. OWA officials charge the ring and Lane and Duncan make their way back to the locker room. Officials help Rafter back to the locker room.

We are going to hear from a newcomer to the OWA, Josh Brown.

Josh Brown

When I make my debut all will be in awe with the ease I destroy my opponent. I am the greatest thing wrestling has seen since Andre the Giant. All will fear me. This is for anyone with a title. You can kiss those titles goodbye, because I am the next holder of them. I am going to sweep this league by storm and leave nobody standing in the end. Prepare to be destroyed!

OWA Tag Team Championship (Best 2 of 3 Falls): FireFly/Exterminator vs. Freddy Fever/Major Threat

Threat and FireFly lock up. Threat drops down and throws Fly over with a fireman's carry. Threat tries an elbow drop, but Fly moves out of the way. Fly stomps on the head of Threat. Fly goes to the top rope, but Threat quickly is up and tosses Fly off the turnbuckle. Threat slaps on his dreaded Camel Clutch.. but FireFly is too close to the ropes. Threat quickly scales the turnbuckle and nails Fly with a double ax handle. Threat with a pin.. 1.. Fly kick out. Threat tags in Fever. Fly catches Fever with a shot to the gut, but Fever rams Fly's head into the turnbuckle. Fly catches Fever with an elbow shot to the head, and makes the tag. Exterminator comes in punching Fever. Exterminator with a clothesline. Exterminator slaps on the Head Vice, but Fever refuses to give up and makes it to the ropes, and slides underneath to the outside. Fever takes a breather and slides back in. Fever pokes Exterminator in the eye, which gives him time to tag in Threat. Threat whips Exterminator into the ropes, Exterminator ducks a clothesline, Threat duckes a clothesline and comes back with a nice drop kick. Exterminator kicks out of the pin after a 2 count. Threat picks up Exterminator and slams him to the mat. Threat tosses Exterminator over the top rope and follow him to the floor. Exterminator blocks a punch and rams Threat's head in the the ring apron. Both men roll back into the ring. Threat makes a tag to Fever. Fever comes in and misses with his superkick. Exterminator tags in Firefly. FireFly comes in punching. Firefly with a nice drop kick, followed by another. FireFly runs off the ropes, but is caught with a clothesline by Fever. Fever climbs the top and leaps off onto the knees of FireFly who rolls him up.. 1.... 2.... 3! Winner of the first fall is FireFly and Exterminator.

FireFly charges Fever, but is caught with the SuperKick. Fever covers him, 1... 2... 3!!!! Winner of the second fall is Freddy Fever and Major Threat.

Fever tags in Threat and rushes over and punches Exterminator who comes into the ring. Fever drops out as the ref chases Exterminator back to his corner. Fever grabs a chair and nails FireFly.. Threat for the pin.. 1... 2... 3!!!

Winners of the match and NEW OWA Tag Team Champions. Freddy Fever & Major Threat! (45:32)

OWA Championship: Amazon Woman vs North American Champion Ricky Blood

This is our main event. It is stipulated for only one fall, and it is for the OWA Championship. First the challenger... here is the North American Champion Ricky Blood! And his opponent, the reigning OWA Champion... this is Amazon Woman!!!

With the introductions out of the way, the ref takes both belts and hold the OWA championship up high. Only the OWA Championship is on the line here. The bell rings...
Blood starts things off with a kick to the champion Amazon Woman. Blood goes for a stomp, but Zon rolls out of the way. Blood catches Zon with a sharp clothesline and goes for the pin.. 1... 2... Amazon barely kicks out. Blood to his feet is tripped by the champion, then rolls out on the floor for a breather. Blood steps too close to the ropes and is pulled out by Zon, who whips him into the steel railing, then rolls back into the ring. Zon runs off the ropes to dive onto Blood, but Blood ducks and Zon crashes into the railing. Blood pulls up Zon by the hair and goes for a punch, which is blocked and Zon nails him with a punch of her own. Zon drives Blood's head into the ring apron. Ricky Blood blocks her attempt again and drives her head into the apron, then slams her on the cold concrete floor. Blood follows it up with a stomp to the head. Blood lifts up Zon by the hair, but Zon nails him in the gut and DDTs him on the floor. As Blood gets up we can see is his busted wide open. Amazon Woman slams Blood to the floor, then picks him up and runs his head into the apron, leaving it a bloody mess. The ref is obvously allowing this to continue, they have been on the outside for quite some time. Amazon Woman finally rolls Blood back into the ring. Amazon drives Blood's head in to the top turnbuckle. She lifts him up and places him on the top turnbuckle. She begins to climb to the second turnbuckle and lifts him over her shoulder and then leaps off with a Powerslam off the turnbuckle. She goes for the count.. 1.. 2.. 3!!!!

The winner of this match and still OWA Champion. Amazon Woman! We will be back next week with OWA Championship Wrestling