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Tournament to decide a new number one contender for the OWA Championship

Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling. OCW features the top names in the OWA.

Welcome to this weeks OWA Championship Wrestling. We have a short tournament this week to decide the challenger for the OWA Championship at Endurance's Evil Challenge on February 1st. Traci Lane vs. Freddy Fever and Rainbow Warrior vs. Major Threat in the first round. Oh.. in regards to the Rainbow Warrior, let's take you to this quick flash.

Ricky Blood

I was in an outside wrestling match and lightning struck near by. I saw bright colors and wonder what was going on. I realize I am standing inside a rainbow that is why I see the bright colors. I think to myself this must be a sign or something. I am no longer Ricky Blood, I am now The Rainbow Warrior. I have a force watching over me that is stronger than anything. This is the best wrestler in the OWA talking to you. The Pretty Boy Monty filled in for Big Dog Rich in our match. Pretty Boy thanks for helping me out. If you ever need my help just let me know.

Let's go to our first match in the tournament!

Tournament Match: Traci Lane vs. Freddy Fever

Fever quickly takes down Lane, and lands an elbow drop... Fever climbs the turnbuckle, quickly, but Lane is up and slams him off the turnbuckle... Lane quickly climbs up and nails Fever with a double ax handle... Lane with a wicked high knee lift.. Lane again goes to the top...Lane leaps off but Fever moves and Lane crashes to the mat... Lane whips Fever into the ropes, and nails him with a clothesline that sends him over the the top rope... Fever gets back into the ring... Fever with an eye gouge... Fever lifts Lane up into a nice suplex... Lane nails Fever in the stomach and clotheslines him... Lane for the cover.. 1.. 2... Fever kicks out... Lane stomps on Fever then executes a leg drop.. Lane climbs the turnbuckle... Fever is up and nails Lane who crashes to the arena floor... Lane grabs a leg and pulls Fever to the outside... Lane smashes Fever into the ring apron... Fever tries a suplex, but Lane thumbs him in the eye... Lane slides back into the ring and Fever follows her in... Fever charges Lane, Lane ducks, but Fever catches her with a kick to the head... Fever goes for a suplex, but it is blocked by Lane.. Lane reverses it into a suplex of her own... Fever rolls out of the ring with Lane following behind... Fever body slams Lane on the outside and rolls back into the rings... Lane slowly follows... Fever whips Lane into the ropes and catches her with a back body drop... Fever whips Lane into the ropes... Lane ducks a clothesline, but is caught on the way back with a vicious clothesline... Lane gets up and the two trade a series of punches and kicks... Fever pushes Lane into the ropes... Lane gets caught up in the ropes... Fever moves in quickly pounding on her while she is trapped.. the ref warns Fever about this and Fever steps back and does a little disco dance for the audience... The ref helps Lane out of the ropes.. Fever runs at Lane.. Lane ducks and send Fever over the tope rope... Hold on.. Gustaffson comes to ringside.. DAMN! Gustaffson executes a power bomb on Fever on the outside while Lane has the ref distracted... Gustaffson pushes Fever back into the ropes and goes back to the locker room... Lane with a cover.. 1... 2... 3!!!!

 Winner of the match in 39:36, and advancing in the tournament...  Traci Lane!

Rachel Ryan vs. Tiger

Ryan quickly catches Tiger with a kick, Tiger counters with a punch... Tiger bounces off the ropes, Ryan ducks, Tiger puts her in a pinning position with a sunset flip... 1...2... Ryan kicks out at the last second... Both wrestlers get to their feet.. The two lock up... Ryan presses Tiger up and slams him to the mat, showing off her power... Ryan for the pin.. 1... Tiger kicks out... Tiger whips Ryan into the turnbuckles and follows in, but Ryan lifts up a knee catching Tiger in the mid section... Ryan smashes the face of Tiger into the turnbuckle... Ryan with a clothesline and a stomp the head of Tiger... Tiger locks up with Ryan and pushes her into the corner and hip tosses her out... Tiger pulls up Ryan by her hair... Ryan catches Tiger in the midsection... Tiger rolls up Ryan but only gets a one count... Ryan with a irish whip... catches Tiger and lifts him high in the air, pressing him over her head and turns it into a powerslam.. Ryan with a pin.. 1... 2... 3!!!

Winner of the match in 6:36, Rachel Ryan!!!!!

Tournament Match: Rainbow Warrior vs. Major Threat

Warrior with a quick body slam... Warrior follows it up with a suplex... Warrior tries for another suplex, but Threat blocks it, and whips Warrior into the turnbuckle... Threat smashes Warrior's head into the turnbuckle.. Threat tries to hip toss Warrior out of the corner, but Warrior blocks it... Threat rakes the eyes and hip tosses Warrior out of the corner... Threat whips Warrior into the ropes, but Warrior nails him with a clothesline!... Warrior climbs the turnbuckle splashes Threat... 1.. Threat kicks out... Threat rolls to the outside.. on his way back in Warrior catches him with a series of kicks and stomps... Warrior with an elbow drop, but Threat moves out of the way... The two trade a number of kicks and punches... Threat with a clothesline, but Warrior kicks out... Threat quickly applies his Camel Clutch... after several minutes Warrior fails to respond to the ref and he calls for the bell.

Winner as a result of referee's decision in 12:12; Major Threat!

TV Championship Contender’s Match: Johnny Stallion vs. Josh Brown

Stallion catches Brown with a quick punch to the face... then a clothesline and a leg drop... Brown dodges Stallion's stomp as he gets to his feet... Stallion catches Brown with another clothesline.. Stallion goes to the top turnbuckle, but Brown meets him there.. Brown punches Stallion as Stallion stradles the turnbuckle... Brown climbs up and nails Stallion with a vicious superplex... Brown with a cover.. 1.. 2.. Stallion kicks out.. Brown whips Stallion into the ropes and ducks for a back body drop, Stallion flips over into a sunset flip.. 1.. 2... Brown kicks out... Stallion tosses Brown over the top rope, and follows him to the outside... Stallion thumbs Brown in the eye... Stallion tries to smash Brown into the ring apron, but Brown blocks it and smashes Stallion into the ring apron... Brown whips Stallion into the ring post!!!... Stallion rams Brown's head into the ring post... Stallion slams Brown on the concrete floor... Stallion misses an elbow drop on the concrete... Brown smashes Stallion into the apron again... Brown with a body slam on the outside... Brown picks up the ring stairs and drops them on Stallion.. The ref is outside now trying to get the wrestlers into the ring.. Brown wraps the television cord around the neck of Stallion... Brown finally pushes Stallion into the ring.. Brown climbs the turnbuckles and nails Stallion with a drop kick.. 1... 2... 3!!!

Winner of the match in 30:02: Josh Brown!

Let's get a word with the winner of that match, Josh Brown. Josh.. over here.. nice win for you there. Next week a shot at the OWA TV Championship!

Josh Brown

I just want all you puny wrestlers to know, after I WIN the TV title I WILL win the World title. Nobody on this planet can beat me, the GREATEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD!!! I will destroy all wrestlers in my journey to the top of the federation and the WORLD TITLE!!! HAAAAAAAAAAA

 Er.. let's go back to ringside for the finals in our tournament!

Tournament Finals: Traci Lane vs. Major Threat

The two lock up.. Threat whips Lane into the ropes... Lane ducks Threat's clothesline.. Lane clotheslines Threat.. 1.. 2.. Threat kicks out... Lane with a leg drop.. Lane goes for the turnbuckle, but Threat is up and stops her... Lane with a body slam... Lane with another clothesline... Lane goes for the cover.. 1... 2... Threat kicks out again.. Threat with an eye gouge... Threat whips Lane into the ropes and elevates her with a back body drop.. Threat with a Camel Clutch early on... Lane refuses to give up... Lane backs into the ropes, as Threat moves in... Lane catches Threat with a kick to the midsection.. then a spinning neckbreaker... Lane misses with a knee lift.. Threat stomps on Lane... Threat pulls up Lane and smashes her head into the turnbuckle three times... Lane with kicks Threat out of the corner.. Lane with a rollup.. 1...2.. 3!!!

Winner of the match and the tournament in 13:01: Traci Lane!

Endurance's Evil Challenge Update

 We already know about the tournament!

Let's announce that Traci Lane will now take on the OWA Champion, who is currently Amazon Woman... However, keep in mind that next week, Pretty Boy Monty gets a shot at that title as well, and Traci Lane could be facing Monty at the PPV.

Now, despite the outcome of next weeks title match, this match has also been signed!

Gustaffson vs. Pretty Boy Monty!

However, I have been informed that if Monty were to win the title next week right here, that he would be allowed to have a replacement in this match.

That's Endurance's Evil Challenge.. February 1st.

Let's go to ringside for our main event!

OWA TV Championship: Colt vs. Anthony Hazard

The two men lock up.. Hazard with a quick Fireman's carry, and a pin attempts... 1.. 2... Colt kicks out... Hazard with an irish whip into the ropes and a forearm to the head of Colt, that sends Colt to the floor... wait a second.. Raekwon is running towards ringside... Hazard is trying to get to the floor, but the ref is trying to get him back... Raekwon stomps on Colt... Raekwon picks him up and piledrives him on the floor... then pushes him in the ring and leaves the area... Hazard drops down for the pin.. 1... 2.... 3!!!

Winner of the match in 3:02, and NEW OWA TV Champion, Anthony Hazard!

The OWA Commissioner is here at ringside:


I have just seen what has transpired here on this show, and let me tell you... I'm not going to let that go unnoticed. Next week, Colt will take on Raekwon in a NO DQ match. At Endurance's Evil Challenge, Colt will get a rematch for the TV Championship no matter who the champion is.

Thanks Commissioner, I'm sure Colt will be glad to hear that.

Next week:

OWA Champion Amazon Woman will defend her title against Pretty Boy Monty
OWA TV Champion Anthony Hazard will defend against Josh Brown