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Pretty Boy Monty gets his shot at Amazon Woman's OWA Championship; OWA TV Champion Anthony Hazard defends his title against Josh Brown

Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling. featuring the top names in the OWA

We have several exciting matches including two championship bouts. Let's get this all started!

Mark Bagwell vs. Powersurge

Both wrestlers lock up. Powersurge quickly moves in with a fireman's carry. Powersurge quickly climbs to the top... wait.. Bagwell is up and slams Powersurge off the top... Bagwell for the cover.. 1... 2... Surge with a kickout. Powersurge is to his feet, Bagwell with a body slam and another pin, but only gets a one count. Bagwell sends Powersurge into the ropes, Powersurge reverses, and scoops up Bagwell setting him up for his finisher, the running powerslam... Bagwell kicks to try and get out, but Powersurge executes the move... Powersurge with a cover, 1... 2... Bagwell kicks out. Powersurge drops a leg across Bagwell's face. Powersurge with an abdominal stretch. Bagwell refuses to give up and struggles to get out. Both men fall into the ropes causing the break. Powersurge with a kick to the head of Bagwell, and a cover.. 1... 2... Bagwell kicks out. Powersurge with an elbow drop. Powersurge with another elbow drop and a cover.. 1.. 2... 3!!!!

Winner of the match in 4:26: Powersurge!!

Demon Knight vs. Major Threat

The Rainbow Warrior has come to the ring... he walks up to Threat and stands face to face with him. They look at each other coldly for a few moments, then the Warrior turns and walks out of the ring. With that out of the way, the bell rings and the two circle... Threat with a quick right to the jaw of Knight. Knight grabs a leg and takes down Threat. Knight tries to drop an elbow but Threat moves out of the way. Threat nails Knight with another right to the jaw. Knight gets pissed and pushes Threat into the ropes. Threat is tangled in the ropes, and Knight nails him over and over with punches to the face and the chest. The ref tries to get Knight off of him, but the ref gets pushed down. The bell is rang. Officials come to ringside and get Threat loose. Knight runs at Threat and is lifted over the top rope to the floor. Threat follows him out and is caught with a kick to the midsection. The two brawl on the outside for several minutes before other wrestlers come to break up the scuffle.

Winner of this match by DQ, in 3:02: Major Threat!

Mariko vs. Turk

Turk attacks Mariko at the bell. Turk quickly climbs the turnbuckle, but Mariko quickly goes over... the two trade blows, until Mariko finally knocks Turk off the buckle... Mariko drops and elbow and goes for a pin... 1... 2... Turk kicks out... Turk whips Mariko, who reverses it sending Turk into the ropes and nails him with a clothesline... Mariko with another cover.. 1.. Turk kicks out... Mariko with a roll up... but Turk kicks out before the count can begin... Turk with an eye gouge... Turk nails Mariko with a clothesline.. Turk picks up Mariko and tries to smash her face into the turnbuckle, but Mariko blocks and smashes Turk into the turnbuckle... Mariko whips Turk into the opposite corner and flies across with a deadly clothesline... Mariko with a whip... Turk goes for a flying body press, but Mariko ducks and Turk flies over the top and to the floor, crashing into the railing.. Turk has been busted open... Mariko to the outside and tosses Turk back into the ring... Mariko off the ropes, and misses a drop kick as Turk falls to the mat... Mariko is up, Turk off the ropes clotheslines Mariko as they both go over to the top to the floor... Mariko is up first and slams Turk on the concrete floor... Mariko attempts to get back into the ring, but is stopped by Turk who whips her into the ring post... Turk slams Mariko to the floor... Both wrestlers slide into the ring.. Mariko whips Turk into the ropes and nails the Spinning Crescent Kick... 1... 2... 3!!!

Winner of the match in 20:13: Mariko!!!

Wait a second.. Turk is to his feet... Mariko just nailed him with another spinning crescent kick, and leaves the ring.

OWA TV Championship: Anthony Hazard vs. Josh Brown

Josh Brown attacks Hazard before the bell, knocking him to the outside... Hazard looks pissed and slides back into the ring... The two lock up... Hazard whips Brown into the corner, runs in and hip tosses him out to the middle... Hazard with a whip, but Brown reverses it.. Hazard comes off the ropes with a drop kick, but Brown ducks down as Hazard crashes to the mat... Hazard is up with a kick to the ribs of Brown, and a double ax handle knocking him to the mat, then drops an elbow... Hazard lifts up Brown and slams him to the mat, covers and only gets a one count... Brown moves out of the way of Hazard's stomp, and gets to his feet... Brown knees Hazard in the gut, then clamps on an abdominal stretch... Hazard refuses to give up... Brown nails him in the chest and Hazard falls to the mat... Brown pulls Hazard to his feet.. Johnny Stallion has run to ringside... Brown turns to yell at him... Hazard nails Brown with a swift kick to the gut... Hazard quickly applies the cobra sleeper.. Brown is fading out... normally a submission hold, this is also a sleeper hold. Brown refuses to give up but he is also fading fast... the ref checks his arm... 1.... 2... 3!!! The ref calls for the bell...

The winner of the match in 8:04 and still OWA TV Champion: Anthony Hazard

OWA Championship: Amazon Woman vs. Pretty Boy Monty

Both wrestlers lock up.. Monty whips Amazon into the corner and follows her in with an elbow smash.. Monty with a clothesline, knocking the champ to the mat, and dropping a leg on her face... Monty measures up for an elbow drop, but misses as Amazon moves out of the way.. wait a second.. here comes Traci Lane and Denise Duncan.. following behind is Mariko and Rachel Ryan.. they are standing in the aisle.. Neither Monty nor Amazon Woman have seen them yet... Across the way, the Rainbow Warrior has appeared and is now at ringside... as is Tiger and the Executioner.. we could definatly have a problem... Amazon Woman with a big boot to the face of Monty sends him to the floor... the Femmes try to attack, but the Family is right there to stop them... Monty is back in the ring.. from behind.. wait.. Raekwon with a brass knucks nailing the champion Amazon Woman... Monty with a cover.. we have a count as the brawl on the outside ensues.. 1... 2... 3!!!!!!

Winner of the match and NEW OWA World Champion is Pretty Boy Monty!!! Match time 3:45

The Femme Fatales have join us here and they don't look happy... [Traci] (Stands with the other Femmes on the broadcast podium) I have only THIS to say! The Femmes may lose a battle--but NEVER the war! (as the females walk off the OWA Commissioner comes to the podium) We have the OWA Commissioner here, and I'm sure he has a few things to say...


That's correct... first.. let me say that the attacks are getting way out of hand.. I'm going to start slapping wrestlers with suspensions if it doesn't calm down. I know wrestler's get excited in the heat of competition, but it's getting rediculous. My next statement is a firm warning to Raekwon. You have only been in this federation for 3 weeks and in each of those weeks, you have attacked other wrestlers without provocation. One more attack any time soon, and you will find yourself suspended. I'm granting Amazon Woman one last match before she leaves the OWA against Raekwon. Amazon Woman is the long reigning champion the OWA has ever seen and has held that title with class, and her loss at the hands of Raekwon will not go unnoticed or unavenged. Next week, it's Amazon Woman vs. Raekwon. Next, Pretty Boy Monty will be defending the OWA World Championship against Traci Lane at Endurance's Evil Challenge. Therefore, I'm replacing Rainbow Warrior in the match against Gustaffson... It will be a one fall regular match. That's all for now.

There you have it.. let's go over some of the matches on next week's card.

You have already heard that Amazon Woman will fight Raekwon in her final OWA match.

Also, OWA TV Champion Anthony Hazard will defend his title against tonight contenderΓÇÖs winner, Major Threat.

And in another contenders match, the winner will take on the OWA TV Champion, the week following Endurance's Evil Challenge, as Freddy Fever takes on Mr. Excitement.

Other matches will be announced later during the week.