Next OWA Network Event

[The shot is of a jam-packed Los Angeles Sports Center. As the camera pans through the capacity crowd we see a veritable sea of signs. "STARBIRD FOUNDATION", "AS EXTREME AS WE WANNA BE", "MARRY ME YURI KAIO", "IT'S ME" and "WHERE'S THE BEEF?" are the ones that stand out most. As the camera continues to pan across the fans, we come to an announce table area up in the crowds, just off the ramp, where JP Winslow, a handsome man in his later thirties or early forties, wearing a dark blue blazer with the A&A logo over the left breast stands alongside Jack Spector. Spector is a larger man, obviously an ex-wrestler. He is wearing a pair of black leather pants, with a chain-link belt. His muscular chest is covered by an Angels & Amazons T-shirt cut into a tank top. Over this he wears a black leather vest. His face sports a fine goatee and his bald head is covered by a skull and crossbones bandanna. His eyes are covered by a styling pair of Raybans and his is wearing a smile that goes from ear to ear.]