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Amazon Woman takes on Freddy Fever; The winner must place their opponent in a casket and push the casket out of the building in order to win; Loser must retire.

1812 Overture plays as clips of Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever in action is thrown across the screen. Clips of Fever giving Amazon Woman the brainbuster, then cutting her hair is also played. Clip fades as it shows Amazon Woman holding the OWA Championship in the air on one side and Fever holding the OWA Championship on the other side. The words Amazon Woman vs. Freddy Fever crawl up to the screen and with a loud slam the words “The Final Battle” are stamped across the screen. it fades out to a capacity crowd in Vancouver, British Columbia and the camera pans down to see Ed Bagel and Biff Franklin]

Ed: Welcome to the Final Battle! We’re across the country lines for this one and these fans have come out in droves to see this epic confrontation. We’ll let you know that we have three hours of time blocked off for this event. If by chance this ends early, we’ll be bringing you some backup matches. However, taking precedence is the Final Battle. Joining me for this broadcast is Biff Franklin.

Biff: I’ll tell you what. I’ve never seen so much emotion going into a match. I just came from the back where all dressing room doors were being barred and all wrestlers in the OWA accounted for. The OWA is going to all the extremes to make sure this match has a decisive conclusion. Someone will retire after tonight’s card. And after that big Christmas card, only time will tell who will be remaining in the OWA.

Ed: In fact, both wrestlers declined to make prior comments in regard to this match. They both said that all had been said and they’ll do their talking in the ring. However, some other OWA superstars have asked to make comments regarding both of these fine athletes.

Pre-Match Comments


What are my thoughts on the Retirement match tonight. ? We’ll for the OWA there can be no winner because either way we will end up losing one of the premier wrestlers in our Federation, both Amazon Women and Freddy have held Titles, Singular and Tag so how can we possibly have a winner tonight??. I never had the pleasure to face Amazon Women or had any dealings with her so all I can say to you Amazon is Good Luck. But Freddy on the other hand I know very we’ll and in my opinion he is still the favorite to win this match, I still think Amazon is too angry to think straight after what Freddy did to her and that will be her undoing.

Freddy and Amazon good luck to both of you!

Rainbow Warrior:

I hate to see either one of these great stars lose the match. They are super stars here in the OWA. I have to pull for Amazon Women in this match. See is a true Champion. See has held many titles plus she has been in the OWA the longest.

Davey Scott:

What do I think of the Final Battle? Well, the words I might want to look for is Survival of the Fittest. Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever have been around LONG before me, and I am just reinstated my career in the OWA. I have seen both these wrestlers in action, and tend to favor them the same. I cannot make a valid prediction because they are just both very good, but it would be a shame to lose Amazon Woman. Although Freddy Fever is great, I just don’t like him. Personally, I think Freddy at this time is quite unstable to even wrestle such a match, because of the things happening to him. First he lost the Chiefs, then he lost the Executioner, then Asian Invasion. Now, he is thinking that his life is over. I don’t know what to say, he is very unstable. However, the show must go on and he will have to face the fight of his life. Same goes for Amazon Woman. This the time we will have to look at both ends of the ropes and that all I have to say

Asian Invasion:

Well Freddy, I was behind you for a long time. You were a decent guy that had just lost his skills. So tonight, I KNOW that Amazon Woman will completely destroy you. You know what Freddy, disco is dead, and Fever, YOU’RE NEXT!!!

Mr. America:

Yeah, there’s so much talk about one of these two oldies getting the boot for the final time. Who cares!? They’re both just a bunch of has-beens that need to be booted! That was then, and this is now! It’s time that America’s perfection took the reins of this league and made it the success that it has the potential to become! Whoever wins walks out with a career. The loser with nothing by precious memories, while America’s perfection keeps right till the end of the road. I really could care less. Asian, I hope you’ve kissed your mentor goodbye already.

Fast Fighter:

Well, everyone says that this upcoming match is gonna be really big. Well, of course every LLT match is a big deal, but since I’ve only been in the OWA for a little while, I can’t really give any sentiments or predictions. I’ll say this. I know whoever loses will be missed. Well, I’d say more, but I don’t really have anything to say, so go ahead and get to the next person’s comments.

Tom Tomorrow:

I have been asked to make a statement regarding the impending match between Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever. All right. Amazon Woman, I hope you’re paying attention, because I don’t like you. Giant women going around starting fights with men? It all sounds so twenty-third century. I nearly had you beaten at “Holiday in Hell,” until you used an illegal foreign object on me.

But I digress. I’ve been watching both you and Mr. Fever lately. Fever has encountered quite a bit of bad luck in recent weeks. Some would say that this stacks the deck against him in his upcoming bout. But I say the opposite is true. As they say in my era, “The Atlantean Swamp-Devil fights hardest when backed into a corner.” Fever will win, and the Amazon will go back to whatever trailer park that she considers home. My only regret will be that I never had an opportunity to wreak vengeance upon her myself.

Ricky Hype:

Listen, I haven’t watched the super friends since I was in third grade, I haven’t seen a Tarzan movie in at least 15 years, and when did John Travolta decide to do a sequel to Saturday Night Fever? Actually, I haven’t been here long enough to get to know either of them but I do wonder how things got to be so bad between them. They were both champions and fans liked their wrestling. They even held the tag team championship title together. It just makes you wonder. Keep your loyalties, you never know when you might need them!

Rachel Ryan:

So you wanna know what I think about the big match this weekend? If you had asked me that a week ago, I would have gone with Amazon Woman, no question. The revenge factor, you know?

But our pal Freddy has been acting kinda strange lately. Stranger than normal for him. He’s got something up his sleeve. Something that’s gonna win the match for him. What else can you expect from a weasel like that?

Ed: Before we go to ringside, let’s go to Elaine Bryant with this special report.

Special Report

Elaine: This is Elaine Bryant with this special report.

Tonight, Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever will fight in what is being billed as “The Final Battle”. Let’s go back and take a look at the career of both of these extraordinary athletes.

Amazon Woman started her career in mid-1995. She joined the OWA, almost immediately capturing the OWA Tag Team Championship with former OWA Champion TigerLily. They held the title for months. During the 1995 Wheel of Torture, Amazon Woman stunned the world by beating 3 other OWA superstars to win the Tournament, beating Cuban Rafter in the finals, a Coal Miner’s Glove match.

She earned a shot at the OWA Champion and won the match to become the OWA Champion. She’s the only person in OWA history to hold the OWA Tag Team Championship and the OWA Championship at the same time. However, the OWA Commissioner was forced to ask Amazon Woman to vacate one of the titles, and she choose to vacate the Tag Team title, infuriating her tag team partner TigerLily in a feud that has been unrivaled, until now.

When OWA Internet began, Amazon Woman defended her title against Ricky Blood, Traci Lane and others before falling to Pretty Boy Monty, ending her title reign. Amazon Woman then retired for a short amount of time, and upon her return stormed her way to the top, winning the OWA TV Champion and began a change of attitude. She lost the title to Jetstream in what many consider a major upset. That title was turned into the North American Championship and Amazon Woman regained that title at Press Your Luck. She dropped it to The Shocker, and then formed a tag team with Freddy Fever, then known as Prince Frederick. They stormed to the top, beating the Extremists for the Tag Team Title.

Freddy Fever started his career back in 1992. He’s held the OWA equivalent to the OWA title on numerous occasions, including the OWA Championship on two occasions. He held the OWA Tag Team Championship with Major Threat, as we’ll as Amazon Woman. Freddy Fever has fought just about everyone there is to fight. He’s feuded with Bishop Hell, TigerLily, Amazon Woman, Gustaffson and most recently Monica Brant.

However, it was a tag team title defense for Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever in which Fever turned on Amazon Woman, causing them to lose the tag titles to The Chiefs, and then cutting her hair. Since then, the heat between these two was so great that the OWA purposely kept them on different cards, but knew eventually that they would have to do something to settle this feud before it got out of hand. Therefore, the hatred that these two have for each other accumulated into what we’re about to see tonight. When it’s all over, one will leave, the other will stay. There can be no other alternative.

Back to you, Ed and Biff.

Ed: Thanks, Elaine. We’re about to do the ring introductions. Let’s go down to ringside for this historic occasion.

The Final Battle: Amazon Woman vs. Freddy Fever

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen. It’s time for the Final Battle! Rules for this contest are as follows: A casket is sitting ringside. There is no DQ, No countout. No stopping the match for any reason. The wrestlers can fight anywhere they choose. To win the match, a wrestler must place their opponent into the casket and then push the casket out of the Arena. There is no referee in the ring. A referee is stationed at each of the 4 exits of this arena. There is no time limit for this match. The loser will go into retirement! And now your competitors for this climatic battle!

Amazon Woman’s theme song comes over the loud speakers as the crowd roars with approval. She slaps a few hands on her way down, but overall has a sober expression on her face. She climbs into the ring and raises her hand in the air. ]

Announcer: Weighing in at 165 pounds. She’s a former OWA Champion. OWA TV Champion. North American Champion and a former OWA Tag Team Champion. Ladies and gentlemen. Here is Amazon Woman!!!

Crowd roars at the announcement and becomes rather quiet when “Staying Alive” from the Bee Gees begins to play. Freddy Fever steps through the curtain to a split crows. Some boos and some cheers. He walks down the aisle and right to the ring. He glances up at Amazon Woman and walks completely around the ring, before climbing the steps up into the ring.]

Announcer: And her opponent. He weighs in at 245 pounds. He’s a 2 time former OWA Champion and a 2 time former OWA Tag Team Champion. Ladies and gentlemen. The “Disco Kid” Freddy. Fever!!

Ed: Introductions are complete. The referee is going over the rules. They both nod that they agree and understand. Then the referee leaves the ring. Surprisingly enough, neither one has initiated an attack as of yet. The bell rings and they circle the ring cautiously.

Biff: Both wrestlers know that their very existence is riding on this match. Finally we have a lock up and Freddy Fever quickly jabs a thumb into the throat of Amazon Woman who stumbles back against the ropes, gasping for breath. Fever quickly begins to choke Amazon Woman on the top rope.

Ed: Fever pulling out all the stops here. Amazon drives an elbow into the gut of Fever as he releases the hold. Fever whips Amazon into the turnbuckle, reversal by Amazon and she nails him with a Stinger splash. Bearhug by Amazon Woman. Do you think this is a worthless hold in a match like this? There’s no submission allowed in this match.

Biff: I think she’s trying to take the breath from Fever, before she executes her next high risk maneuver. Fever drives a fist to the midsection of Amazon then executes a nice backbreaker. Fever with a whip and Amazon Woman comes off with a nice flying forearm. Power bomb by Amazon Woman.

Ed: Amazon Woman with a headbutt. Fever ducks a dropkick and goes in for a chokehold. Fever slides out of the ring and brings in a chair and just nails Amazon Woman in the head with that chair. He sets it up and pulls Amazon Woman to her feet. Oh no. he’s not going to.

Biff: He’s setting up for a bulldog on that upright chair but NO! Amazon Woman lifts him up and straddles him on that chair and Fever is in a world of hurt. Off the ropes, Amazon Woman clotheslines him off that chair. She goes for a cover, but then remembers that there’s no referee to count. She slides out of the ring and opens that casket.

Ed: She tries to roll Fever out of the ring, but Fever grabs onto the ropes. Amazon Woman with a couple of stomps and she pulls Fever to his feet. Whip by Amazon Woman. Fever grabs the ropes to stop himself. Amazon charges over with a clothesline, but Fever ducks and sends her out of the ring.

Biff: Here we go. Fever with an elbow off the ring apron. He pulls Amazon up and whips her into the ringpost, twice and three times and Amazon Woman is busted wide open. Fever has drawn first blood here. He whips her into the ring steps. He pulls her to her feet by the hair and drags her around the ring and just rams her head into that casket. You can see Amazon Woman’s blood on that casket.

Ed: Fever with a hotshot on the edge of that casket and he may have broken the jaw of Amazon Woman. He lifts her up and dumps her in the casket and closes the lid. Fortunately you cannot lock this lid. Fever leans over and begins to push this casket up the aisle. OH MY! Amazon just forced open that lid, right into the jaw of Fever, who dropped like a bucket.

Biff: Fever is glassy eyed. Amazon Woman crawls out of that casket and pulls Fever up. She lifts him up on the ring apron and SHEESH! She just performed a running powerslam into the casket! I’ve have NEVER seen anything like that before. She steps out of the casket and closes the lid and now it’s Amazon Woman, pushing the casket up the aisle.

Ed: Fever opens the casket and slowly gets to his feet. Amazon Woman just clotheslines him out of the casket and to the floor. She sets him up. Piledriver on the floor! The casket slowly rolls down the aisle back towards the ring. Amazon Woman pulls up Fever and runs him head first into that casket.

Biff: Fever is now busted open as well. This match is already at the 20 minutes mark and neither wrestler looks even close to being finished. Amazon Woman chokes Fever on the edge of that casket and then closes the lid on his head. She’s trying to snap his head off!!

Ed: She is NOT! She’s trying to get him to a point where she can get him in that casket and get him out of the building! Amazon lifts the lid and Fever slumps to the ground. She saying something to the people in the corner there and they begin to scramble. She whips Fever into the first row of chair and Fever slides back about 4 rows!

Biff: And these bloodthirsty fans are loving it! Amazon Woman begins to pick up chair after chair and slam them down on Fever. He’s being buried alive under those chair! Amazon Woman goes to the ring apron and. WHAT THE HELL!?!?! She leaps onto that pile of chairs!!!

Ed: They are taking this match places OWA fans have NEVER seen before! Amazon Woman raises her hands high and the fans are going crazy. Who let the ECW fans in here anyways? She digs out Fever and has to literally drag him to the casket. She heaves him up and dumps him in and begins to pull that casket down the aisle.

Biff: This could be it. It could be all over for Fever right here. Hold on. Fever’s hand has just emerged from the casket and he crawls out. Amazon isn’t even facing the casket. She has no clue that he’s exited it and as she turns around. Fever just shoves that casket, pushing Amazon up against the wall of this arena, knocking the air right out of her!

Ed: Fever grabs a chair out from under a fan and as Amazon pushes that casket away from her,, he nails her with that chair and she cracks her head up against the wall. This match is truly a match of survival and neither of these wrestlers will EVER be the same after this match. Fever pulls up Amazon Woman and NO! Brainbuster on the aisle!

Biff: Hey, we might actually end a career here and I mean physically end it. Forget the casket, if he breaks her neck, he won’t have trouble at all getting her out of this arena. Fever sets her up...and piledriver! They’re right at the entrance from the locker room and Fever is wrapping those curtains around the neck of Amazon Woman.

Ed: Those curtains just fall over the two but you can see Fever is still choking out Amazon Woman. We are approaching the 40 minute mark of this match and I’ll be honest with you, even though we blocked off 90 minutes for this match, no one expected it to last this long and we have backup matches ready just in case this ends early!

Biff: Hey. I’m staying ‘til it’s over! Both wrestlers have beaten each other bloody and Freddy Fever now with the upper hand. They’ve fought out of this arena. However, expecting such an event wide screens above the ring for our fans to see and we have a cameraman stationed on each side of the building.

Ed: Fever is dragging Amazon Woman over near the souvenir stand and he grabs a “Final Battle” T-shirt and is choking Amazon Woman with it. What is he going to do? He put her in a headlock and runs, leaping over the souvenir table, bulldogging Amazon Woman right through it! Oh my!! Fever drives a number of fists to the head of Amazon.

Biff: I’ve never seen a bulldog through a table like that before. Fever picks up half of that table and slams it down on Amazon Woman. He’s walking away from her. No. he’s just getting a running start as he leaps up and stomp on that table, crushing Amazon Woman underneath it.

Ed: Fever is a mad man. He’s grabbed a steel chair and what the he’ll is he trying to do. He throws it at the giant window in the hallway and it only shatters, not breaking! Oh my.

Biff: He wouldn’t.

Ed: It’s about a 30 foot drop from that window. You can see the parking lot outside that window. He’s pulling Amazon Woman up and he Irish whips Amazon Woman into that shattered window. Luckily for Amazon Woman that it didn’t break! But her back has got to be a mess. Fever with a superkick. Amazon ducks and Fever’s foot goes through the window!!! He loses his balance and he falls, but his foot is stuck in that broken window! You can see the blood flowing down his leg.

Biff: Amazon Woman needs to capitalize on this situation but she’s trying to get her bearings. Fever is trying to get his foot out but Amazon Woman grabs that chair and nails Fever with it over and over again. She grabs one of those souvenir shirts and wipes the blood off her face. She pulls Fever out of that window and looks around for that casket.

Ed: She nails Fever with a series of low blows and Fever is in a lot of pain, curled up in fetal position. Amazon Woman goes in search of the casket. We’ve got a split screen. You can see Amazon pulling that casket and Fever is crawling away. He can barely stand. Amazon gets back and Fever’s nowhere to be found.

Biff: She begins to run around and SHEESH!!! Freddy Fever at the concession stand just threw a cup of hot coffee in the face of Amazon Woman. Fever with a clothesline. He pulls up Amazon Woman and puts her on one of the tables there at the concession place.

Ed: Those tables are attached to the ground. Fever is up there and he piledrives Amazon Woman on that table and that table isn’t giving an inch. Fever positions Amazon with her head over the side of the table and ACK! Legdrop over the throat of Amazon Woman, who flips over and onto the ground.

Biff: Fever takes off and brings back that casket. He lifts her up and into the casket. He closes the lid. This could be it. He looks for the nearest exit and begins to push that casket down the hall. He finds the door. The referee opens the door and Fever is going to win it here.

Ed: No! Look. Amazon Woman’s hand is stopping the casket from going through the door. Fever superkicks at the hand, but it moves and he nails the steel. The casket lid opens up and Amazon Woman with a somersault splash off the edge of the casket. The referee is pulling that casket back into the building.

Biff: Can’t win unless you get that casket out of the door and close the door behind it. Amazon Woman just run the head of Fever into the concrete wall here and. WHAT!?!?

Ed: She just Irish whipped Fever down the stairs and he didn’t touch the stairs. He flipped down and landed on his back and he’s not moving at all. Amazon Woman slowly makes her way down the stairs. She pulls up Fever and whips him into a shelf of paints. About 30 cans of paint just fall on top of Freddy Fever. Luckily they’re not open.

Biff: What do you mean, lucky. Do you know how heavy a can of paint is?? Amazon Woman does as she picks up a can and brings it down on the head of Fever. She’s trying to put him out. She picks him up and body slams him on top of those cans. Fever reaches over and grabs some kind of powder and tosses it into the eyes of Amazon Woman. He stomps on one of those cans and it busts open.

Ed: He’s just thrown that paint at Amazon Woman who’s now a lovely shade of green. Fever tries to get to her, but he slips on the paint and lands on the back of his head. Amazon Woman is crawling up the stairs. She cannot see because of that paint and Fever is now covered with it as well. Amazon Woman has made it to the top of the stairs and Fever is now ascending the stairs as well.

Biff: We’re at the 1 hour mark in this match. I cannot believe they’ve been going for over an hour. Amazon Woman has clears the paint out of her eyes but her hair is covered in it, not that she has much hair anymore. She’s looking around for something. Why isn’t that camera following her???

Ed: Amazon Woman comes back and she’s got a. OH MY! She’s got a firehose. She cranks it up and force of that water just sent Fever back down the stairs! Can you believe it?!? Amazon trips and the hose just goes wild. She finally manages to turn it off and those nearby aren’t thrilled at being soaked. Fever lies motionless at the bottom of the stairs and Amazon Woman just lies there, both trying to regain their strength.

Biff: Fever is finally to the top of the stairs and Amazon Woman meets him with a chair to the head. She lifts him up and. Running Powerslam! She’s looking around for that casket. She goes off in search for the casket, leaving Freddy Fever lying on the floor.

Ed: Amazon Woman finds the casket and is pulling it back to where Fever is but Fever comes around the corner and nails her with a chair and she goes down. Fever pulls her to her feet and NAILS her with a superkick! She flies back into a window and her head just cracked up against it, shattering the window. She slumps to the ground and you can see the trail of blood that is left behind.

Biff: Fever takes that casket and pushes it right into Amazon Woman, crushing her against that window and he keeps pushing. He opens the lid and pulls up Amazon Woman and dumps her into the casket. He starts to close it and stops. He then climbs into the casket. What’s he going to do?

Ed: He picks up Amazon Woman and. He’s going to… he just gave Amazon Woman his patented Brain Buster inside that casket! I’ve never seen anything like that before. He climbs out of the casket and slams the lid closed. He begins to push the casket towards the nearest exit. The lid starts to open as Fever reaches the door. He lifts the lid and SLAMS it down on Amazon Woman again. He then pushes the casket right out of the building and this one is OVER!!!

Biff: Freddy Fever has just defeated Amazon Woman. Amazon Woman is NO longer a part of the OWA! This match will go down in history as the longest and most brutal match the OWA has ever seen. Fever has collapsed and I’ll tell you what. they both took a he’ll of a lot of punishment and Fever’s going to have a distinct disadvantage tomorrow in the first night of the Grand Prix tournament.

Ed: A referee is helping Fever down to ringside and this crowd is roaring. Even they admit that it was a he’ll of a fight. Let’s get the official decision.

Announcer: Ladies and gentleman. In the time of 1 hours and 22 minutes and 17 seconds. The winner of this match is Freddy Fever!!!

Biff: What the? Amazon Woman is being helped down the aisle and the fans are deafening!! She points to the ring and the official reluctantly helps her up. She slowly gets to her feet as Freddy Fever watches with cautious interest. She looks out to the fans and then points to Fever. She slowly walks over to him and then lifts his hand up into the air. The fans are going crazy!!!

Ed: Amazon Woman has just given Fever a big hug and then Fever raises the hand of Amazon Woman. Whatever hatred they may have had for each other is gone and all that’s left is respect. I’ll tell you what. if this match hadn’t happened, they would have took this feud on and on but now it’s over and they have a new found respect for each other.

Biff: Well. Now what?

Ed: Freddy Fever and Amazon Woman will be in a press conference in about 30 minutes. Until then, let’s go to some replays of the show.

(Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever are still in the ring. the crowd noise is still deafening. as we fade out)

Press Conference

At the press conference, The OWA commissioner stands at the podium, flanked on one side by, Ed Bagel and Biff Franklin. The other sits Amazon Woman and Freddy Fever.]

OWA Commissioner: I’d like to thank you all for joining me here. I’d like to reiterate the fact that as a stipulation of this match, Amazon Woman will be hereby permanently retired from active OWA Competition. However, at this time, I’d like to announce that the OWA has in fact, set up a Hall of Fame in their headquarters in Central California and that Amazon Woman is now the very first inductee. Before I let her come up here to speak, I’d like to say that Amazon Woman had shown a tremendous amount of courage, and wrestling talent in that ring. It is with great honor that I induct Amazon Woman as the very first member of the OWA Hall of Fame.

(crowd applauds as she approaches the podium)

Amazon Woman: Thank you very much. Growing up, I never dreamed that I would be an OWA superstar. I never dreamed that I’d be the OWA Champion. I never dreamed that I’d be in the OWA Hall of Fame. When I decided to become a professional wrestler, I wanted to be the best there was. I wanted to be someone these kids can look up to. Yeah. I strayed for a short time. But I want you to know that there will never come a moment in my life that compares to winning the OWA Championship or being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Reporter #1: Amazon Woman, what will you do now that you can no longer wrestle.

Amazon Woman: I’ve made enough money working in the OWA to put me through school. I will go right down there and sign up. I want to become an elementary school teacher and continue to be a role model for the kids today.

Reporter #2: Amazon, you contract states you cannot wrestle in the OWA ever again. However, it does not say that you cannot wrestle in another federation. Perhaps the ICWF or the GDWA.

Amazon Woman: At this time, I have no plans to return to active wrestling. However, even if I could, I couldn’t imagine wrestling anywhere other than with the OWA. This isn’t a knock on any of those other outstanding organizations. I would say, that right now. I just plan on going to school and becoming a teacher. And there is no professional wrestling in my future, as I see it.

Reporter #3: I take it by your actions after your one and a half hour match with Freddy Fever, that you and he have buried the hatchet.

Amazon Woman: Freddy Fever is an outstanding athlete. He proved it today by defeating me. I have no excuses for the loss. It was anything goes. Freddy Fever has earned something tonight from me and hopefully from a lot of other people, and that is respect. I respect him. So in answer to your question, yes. I’ve buried the hatchet with Freddy Fever.

(Amazon Woman sits down and the OWA Commissioner steps forward)

OWA Commissioner: Beginning tomorrow the OWA will be on a nationwide tour with the first ever Grand Prix tournament in the OWA. Unfortunately for Freddy Fever, he has to compete. Tomorrow his opponent will be Johnny Blades. Mr. Fever, if you’ll come say a few words to the group here.

(Fever makes his way up)

Freddy Fever: I’m tired. I’m sore and I have to wrestle tomorrow. Amazon Woman, you are a credit to the sport and a great loss. I respect you above all others. You put up a he’ll of a fight and there were times when I just wanted to give it up. However, pro wrestling is my life and without it, would be like being without life. There’s fight still left in this old man and I’ll tell you what. Asian Invasion and the Chiefs. You haven’t seen the last of me. I’m here to stay, and I’ll be a thorn in your side for some time to come.

Reporter 1: Freddy Fever, are you going to be up to wrestling tomorrow night in Seattle?

Fever: Commissioner said I was wrestling Johnny Blades. I’m going to the hospital to check for serious injuries after I’m finished here. Then I’m hopping on a plane and going to Seattle. I don’t think I’ll be ready for tomorrow night, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

Reporter 2: Freddy, you and Amazon Woman have obviously patched things up. Any chance you’ll rally support to get her reinstated? It’s happened in wrestling before plenty of times.

Freddy: A contract is a contract. I would feel cheated if she were allowed to come back. I didn’t wrestle for over an hour so she could be gone for 14 days and come back. In fact, if there’s any rally to have her come back, my lawyers will be there and we’ll raise hell.

Reporter 3: Any final comments to Amazon Woman?

Fever: Yeah, good luck in whatever it is you decide to do and congratulations for being the first inductee into the OWA Hall of Fame. Thanks.

(The OWA Commissioner takes the podium again)

Commish: If you have any questions for me.

Reporter #4: Sir, is there ANY chance at all that Amazon Woman will ever be back in the OWA.

Commish: Only if we have to close down and someone else starts up an OWA. Thanks for your time. Have a good evening and a happy new year.

(fade out)