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OWAN Fed-O-Rama Podcast

Beginning September 22, 2019, the OWA Network will begin producing a podcast tentatively titled “Fed-O-Rama”. 

Each day, we will pick a fed that has released a card on or around that day and do a brief review covering major angles, title changes and important news coming out of the event.  At the end of the week, each review will be consolidated into a single podcast and released to the public. These reviews will not be a segment by segment recap of each show, but an overall review of the show.

Ideally, we would like to include as many feds as possible, but if multiple shows are released on a single day, it may be impossible to cover them all. This is why it is preferred if a fed would like to be included to reach out. Those who reach out will get preference. On Sunday, we will tweet out a link to the podcast and include those feds that are reviewed on the podcast.

It would preferred that feds reach out if they’d like to be included. However, it’s more important that if a fed is included and they are not interested in being reviewed that they contact us on Twitter (@owa_network). 

The plan is that the first podcast be released on the 22nd of September. This will be out first venture into podcasting and may need a few weeks to work everything out.  

We are not concerned what type of fed, RP or angled, so any fed is eligible. We are looking for timely feds, however, meaning those who get their cards out on time. 

Other features planned will include “Card of the Week”, “Wrestler of the Week”, “New Champions of the Week” and more.

The podcast will be available to listen from the OWA Network. We are working with partners to make this available to podcasting applications on all devices and if enough tune in each week, we will look into making the podcast available on larger podcasting platforms.


The OWA Network is a repository of classic e-feds from the 90s to the present. We are available to archive any fed that is looking for a site to host their cards, past or present. The OWA Network is a Google affiliate which allows for most feds, when Googled — to be among the top search results. The OWA Network is also available to host live events. If you are interested in selling your tape library, contact The OWA Network on Twitter (@owa_network).


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