Tournament to determine the North American Championship

Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling. This week we have for you a tournament to decide the first North American Championship. As you know the North American Championship is a steppingstone to the OWA Championship currently held by Amazon Woman, who will be on this show in two weeks to defend her title. Today''s tournament will be an 8 person tournament, single elimination. All matches are one fall, with the exception of the final match which is being held to OWA guidelines that all title matches are best 2 of 3 falls. Let''s go to ringside for our first match...

First Round: Colt vs. Arcin

Both men lock up... Colt whips Arcin into the ropes and nails him with a clothesline... Arcin pulls Colt out of the ring and rams his head into the ring apron... both men back in the ring, Arcin comes off the turnbuckle and misses with an elbow drop... Colts nails Arcin with a reverse crucifix slam and gets the pinfall at 7:09. Colt advances in the tournament.

First Round: Ricky Blood vs. Demon Knight

Blood confuses Knight with a reverse take down... Knight stomps on the head of Blood... Blood is knocked out of the ring... Knight rams Blood''s head into the post, Blood is busted open... Knight runs at Blood against the post, but Blood moves, and Knight crashed into the pole... Blood wipes the blood from his eyes and rolls Knight into the ring... Blood climbs to the top and leaps off with a flying body press and gets the pin at 15:35. Ricky Blood advances in the tournament.

First Round: Anthony Hazard vs. Sabin Figaro

Sabin attacks at the bell... Figaro whips Hazard into the ropes, attempts a clothesline but Hazard ducks down, and nails him with a punch to the head... Figaro kicks Hazard in the midsection, then executes a standing suplex... Hazard attempts a flying body press, but Sabin ducks... Sabin backs Hazard into the corner and nails him with a Fist Flurry, Hazard falls to the mat and Sabin gets the pinfall at 14:05. Figaro advances in the tournament.

First Round: Traci Lane vs. Denise Duncan

The ladies lock up and Lane takes Duncan down by the hair... Duncan nails Lane in the stomach with a wicked punch... Duncan piledrives Lane... Lane recovers and whips Duncan into the corner... Lane hip tosses Duncan out of the corner and delivers a splash, but only gets a one count... Duncan lifts up Lane and delivers a hugs body slam... Duncan misses a leg drop... Lane nails Duncan with a vicious lariat off the ropes, covers and gets the pin. Lane advances in the tournament.

Semi Finals: Colt vs. Ricky Blood

Colt takes down Blood, and tries to force a pin, but cannot even get a one count... Colt nails Blood in the forehead, trying to reopen the wound from Blood''s last match... Blood whips Colt into the ring and nails him with a knee to the gut... Blood puts on the Cobra Sleeper... Colt makes it to the ropes for the break... Colt kicks Blood in the gut... Colt nails Blood with the DDT and gets the pinfall at 15:49. Colt advances to the finals.

Semi Finals: Sabin Figaro vs. Traci Lane

Lane charges Figaro and slaps him a couple of times... Figaro swings at Lane, but Lane ducks and nails Figaro with an uppercut... Lane hits Figaro with a drop kick off the ropes... Figaro charges Lane with a vicious clothesline... Figaro lifts up Lane and executes a suplex... Figaro hits Lane with the Martial Arts thrust... Figaro pushes Lane into the corner and goes for the Fist Flurry, but Lane ducks down and rolls up Figaro and gets the 3 count. Lane advances to the finals. Match time: 10:12.

Finals (Best 2 of 3 Falls): Colt vs. Traci Lane

Colt and Lane lock up... Lane pulls Colt down with an arm drag, then follows it up with a hip toss and then misses an elbow drop... Colt delivers a knee to the stomach of Lane... Colt executes a gut wrench suplex... Lane surprises Colt with a Back Spin Kick... Colt charges Lane and nails her with a wicked clothesline and gets the pinfall. Colt takes the first fall.

Colt goes for a quick clothesline, but Lane ducks and catches Colt off the ropes with a kick to the gut... Lane scoops up Colt in the Northern Light Bomb and gets the pinfall. Lane takes the second fall.

Lane attempts a piledriver, but Colt reverses it with a back body drop... Colt whips Lane into the ropes, Lane tries for a flying body press, but Colt ducks and Lane flies over the ropes... Colt follows Lane outside and smaches her head into the railing. Lane is busted open... Colt tosses her back into the ring and whips her into the ropes and catches her in a powerslam and gets the pinfall. Winner of the fall and the WInner of the tournament is Colt.

Well.. we are going to try and get a word with the winner of the... no .. wait.. we aren''t.. Colt has gone back to the locker room... we will wait for his decision on whether he will go for bigger gold and take on Amazon Woman for the OWA Championship, or will he take the North American Championship. If he takes the North American Championship, Traci Lane will get a shot at the OWA Champion, Amazon Woman. If he chooses the title shot, then Lane becomes the North American Champion. Let''s take this break for this word on the OWA next PPV.. WinterTime Massacre.

Wintertime Massacre Update

WinterTime Massacre comes to you on December 20th. The featured main event.. 3 champions fight for 1 title...

In the opening bout, the INN Champion, currently Nightmare, will take on the InterNet Champion, which should be decided next week, in a non title matchup... the winner of that match will get at shot, as the last match on the card with the OWA Champion, currently Amazon Woman.

In other matches,

The OWA Tag Team Championship will be on the line.. however, there is some turmoil regarding those belts. Asian Sensation and Rocket are the current champions, however the belts were decided in a tournament where your partner was decided at random. Asian Sensation and Rocket are currently under negotiations at to whether they will defend the belts together or find their own partners and battle for the belts. We''ll keep you informed.

More matches to be announced at a later date so stay tuned right here each week.

Well there you have it. Next week on OWA Championship Wrestling, the debut of John Sterling as he goes one on one with Arcin.

Plus other matches to be announced. Thanks for watching.