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Amazon Woman defends the OWA Championship against Dangerous Dunk.

Welcome to OWA Championship Wrestling. We have 3 exciting matches for you, as well as highlights from 2 world title matches. We will also bring you up to date on WinterTime Massacre which comes to you exlusively on PPV. We have comments from OWA World Champion Amazon Woman, who will be here next week to defend her championship against Traci Lane. Let''s get to our first match.

Johnny Stallion vs. Anthony Hazard

Lock up, Stallion with an Irish whip and a missed clothesline, Hazard''s off the ropes, Stallion with a back body drop... Hazard nails Stallion with a neckbreaker then climbs to the top, Hazard drops with a double ax handle on Stallion... Stallion reverses an irish whip, nails Hazard with a clothesline... Hazard with a punch to the midsection of Stallion, then nails him with a drop kick... Stallion catches Anthony off the ropes with a reverse powerslam and gets the pinfall.

Winner of the match: Johnny Stallion at 14:00.

Let''s go to footage courtesy of INN Championship Wrestling, the OWA Champion, Amazon Woman defending against Dangerous Dunk, we pick up these highlights in the first fall.

OWA Championship: Amazon Woman vs. Dangerous Dunk

Footage shows Amazon Woman and Dangerous Dunk on the in the ring. This is first fall action, Amazon Woman leaps at Dunk, Dunk ducks, and Amazon Woman flies through the ropes and crashes head first on the railing. Camera closes in and we can see blood start to run down the head of the champion. Scene moves ahead, both wrestler''s are still on the outside, Amazon Woman whips Dangerous Dunk into the ring post, and Dunk begins to bleed as well. Both wrestler''s climb back into the Dunk whips Amazon into the ropes and nails her hard with a vicious clothesline. Dunk drop down and gets the pinfall, winning the first fall. Second fall begins as Amazon kicks Dunk in the midsection and lifts him up, delivering her patented running powerslam, and getting the pin in the second fall. Third fall action in progress, as Amazon lifts up Dunk for the chokeslam and the pin.

Let''s go back to ringside, the wrestler''s are already in the ring.

Gustaffson vs. Denise Duncan

Gustaffson attacks Duncan at the bell... Duncan fights back with a punch to the ear of Gustaffson... Gustaffson executes a powerbomb on Duncan... Gustaffson jaws at the crowd, and Duncan comes with the rollup, Gustaffson reverses it and gets the pin.

Winner: Gustaffson at 2:34

Let''s take a look back at the situation regarding the OWA Tag Team Championship:

OWA Tag Team Title Situation

Scene opens up with Amazon Woman winning the OWA Championship, then the interview in which she relinquishes the OWA Tag Team Championship. Next scenes highlight the tournament for belts, with Asian Sensation and Rocket winning the belts. Next scene is with OWA Commissioner reading the statement declaring Rocket and Pretty Boy Monty the OWA Tag Team Champions. Next scene is the third and deciding fall, Rocket & Monty defending against FireFly & Exterminator... Exterminator delivers a brainbuster on Monty securing the pin and becoming the new OWA Tag Team Champions.

WinterTime Massacre Update:

Welcome to the update, as we all know the main event of this card is a triangle match of sorts. INN Champion Nightmare will battle North American Champion Colt as the first card of the night. The winner of that match will take on OWA Champion Amazon Woman with the OWA Championship on the line.

Also new OWA Tag Team Champions, Exterminator and FireFly will take on on the number one contenders. That battle is raging, next week on INN Championship Wrestling, Freddy Fever & Major Threat will battle Enforcer and INN Champion Nightmare with the winner to receive the title shot at WinterTime Massacre. This past week the two teams fought to a double countout, and OWA Commissioner signed the rematch for this coming week.

Plus these matches just announced:

"Pretty Boy" Johnny Stallion will battle Pretty Boy Monty

8 man lotto match, with the winner to get a shot at the OWA Championship. There will be 8 wrestlers, and it''s each man for himself. Each wrestler will stand on the ring apron, and the ref will instruct two wrestler''s to start. At any time, any wrestler in the ring can tag any wrestler on the outside. When you are pinned you leave ringside. When there is only one person left, that person is the winner. Not all the combatants have been signed for this match, but we do know that Rocket will definitely be in this match. The rest of the competitors will be announced next week.

That''s the card so far. Next week we will announce more matches.

Let''s go to ringside for our main event.

North American Title Contender’s Match: Ricky Blood vs. Sabin Figaro

Lock up... fireman''s carry by Figaro... Figaro with a short arm clothesline... Blood fires back with a drop kick and and a second... Blood gets tossed outside by Figaro.. Blood pulls Figaro outside... Figaro blocks a punch and body slams Blood on the floor... Figaro head back into the ring only to be pulled back out by Blood... Blood pushes Figaro''s back into the apron... Blood rolls Figaro back into the ring... Blood off the ropes is caught a back body body drop by Figaro... Figaro setups for the Fist Flurry, Blood drop and catches Figaro in a belly to back suplex... Blood climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off with a cross body block... Blood gets the three count.

Winner of the match: Ricky Blood in 15:56.

Next week:

OWA Champion Amazon Woman comes to TV to defend her title against Traci Lane.

North American Champion Colt defends against Ricky Blood