Colt defends the North American Championship against Ricky Blood and Amazon Woman defends her OWA Championship against Traci Lane just before their big matches at Wintertime Massacre.

Thanks for joining us. This week we have 3 great matches and two championships on the line. OWA Champion Amazon Woman makes her debut on OWA Championship Wrestling and will be defending her title against Traci Lane. North American Champion, Colt, puts his title on the line against Ricky Blood. In his debut, Big Dawg Rich, tangles with Demon Knight. Before we go to our main event, let''s hear from the challenger to the OWA title:

Traci Lane & Denise Duncan

(Fade in on a glass aquarium, inside which is a small branch extending over a gravel surface. As the camera comes into focus, the viewer can distinguish a large black spider on the branch, with a red hourglass plain on its back. It slowly advances toward a webbed insect, which it suddenly leaps upon and begins to subdue. The camera then pans up, to show an exquisitely beautiful brunette woman, wearing a cropped athletic half-top with an hourglass cut out over her cleavage.)

Most people are terrified of spiders. They fear their cunning, their predatory nature...their sting. (She walks out from behind the aquarium; we see that she also wears a pelvic leotard, elbow-length gloves, kneepads, and knee boots. Her body is a fusion of muscularity and feminine curvaceousness. Behind her is a posh-adorned study, sporting oak-paneled walls and a brass-and-crystal motif.) I, on the other hand, have always felt a certain...kinship with them. After all, I''m cunning...(flash to a shot of her in the recent North American tournament, stalking a downed opponent)...predatory...(footage of her slamming and stomping away on various victims)...and I most CERTAINLY have a sting. (Footage rolls of her applying the northern lights bomb to Colt and getting the three-count). Of all spiders, I believe the black widow manifests the qualities I admire most...especially the way she disposes of her male counterparts. I consider the ring my web. I lure you in...trap you...stalk you...(smiles)...then I sting you. (She puts her hands on her hips, weight shifted to one side.) My name is Traci Lane, better known to some of my victims as the Black Widow. I''m here to capture the biggest championships the OWA has to offer. Colt, reversing my sting into a small package may have gotten you by me THIS time, but rather than taking the opportunity to challenge Amazon Woman for title, you took the coward''s path and grabbed the first belt they paraded before you. Your mistake. Now *I* get the opportunity to crush the OWA champion and win that belt for myself. So rest assured, Colt, that I am by NO means through with YOU. And as for "Amazon Woman"...(she slowly flexes an arm, which swells with obvious power)...I think you can see the writing on the wall. You''ve kept the belt well-polished and safe for me, and now it''s time to surrender it. You can either do so willingly...or notice that it''s gone when you awaken. Your choice.

(She walks to her left, and entering the frame now is an equally beautiful redhead, her body a combination of femininity and muscularity, wearing a red T-shirt with cut off sleeves and red t-backed bottoms held up by suspenders. A black skull and crossbones is centered on the shirt.)

During the recent tournament, I had the opportunity to meet all caliber of opposition, and found only one to be worth my respect. Allow me to introduce my newest, closest friend, "Deadly" Denise Duncan. Denise, do you have a few words for our guests?

(Smiling) Thanks, Traci. My only regret in the tournament was that I had to fight the class of the league in my first match. No excuses -- we had a terrific match and Traci took it. During the course of that match I developed a respect for this woman, and we''re almost as close as sisters now. (Her expression hardens) Now as to the rest of the league. (Laughs) There''s no one else in my class. Colt, you were so lucky. Hold onto that belt REAL TIGHT, pal. Keep it nice and shiny. It''ll be around MY waist soon. Amazon Woman, the Black Widow''s going to sting YOU and take that belt. And who''s to say Traci and I won''t take the tag team championships as well? We''re serving notice here and now that we are the Femme Fatales, and we''re going for the belts. And when "the Black Widow" and "Deadly" Denise go for something, we usually get it.

So as you can see, we''re both prepared to do whatever it takes to rise to the top of the OWA. Well, truth to tell, we''re already there, and now it''s just time to demonstrate that fact. Whether we''re capturing all the singles belts, or taking the tag championships as the Femme Fatales, you may rest assured that the OWA is near to experiencing dominance like it''s never felt before. Any last words for our adoring fans, Denise?

(Flexes her arm showing a bulging muscle). It just doesn''t get any better than this, boys and girls. Bring all you''ve got. Bring all your friends. Bring everything you think you''re gonna need. IT WON''T BE ENOUGH TO STOP US! So say your prayers. Take your vitamins. It won''t help!

There you have it. Traci "the Black Widow" Lane and "Deadly" Denise Duncan, the Femme Fatales. The names to watch for excellence in the OWA. You should all be afraid....

...and if you aren''t now, you will be!

Let''s go to ringside...

OWA Championship (Best 2 of 3 Falls): Amazon Woman vs. Traci Lane

Bell rings as the two circle each other and log up... Amazon with an Irish whip and a back body drop... Lane comes back with an atomic drop... Amazon with a clothesline... Amazon with a rollup and a pin. Amazon takes the first fall.

Second fall has Amazon setting up for her running powerslam, Lane breaks free and executes the Northern Lights Bomb and gets the pin. Lane takes second fall.

Third fall has Amazon executing her running powerslam and getting the 3 count. Amazon Woman retains the OWA Title. Time: 11:10

Freddy Fever/Major Threat vs. Enforcer/Nightmare

Next we go to highlights courtesy of INN Championship Wrestling... the tag team match involving Freddy Fever & Major Threat vs. The New Breed, already in progress... all four men are in the ring, Nightmare knocks Fever out of the ring, the ref pushes Nightmare back to his corner... Enforcer slingshots Threat into his finisher, the Boston Crab... the ref is distracted with Nightmare, Fever comes in and nails Enforcer with a superkick... Threat gets the pinfall.

Back to ringside...

North American Championship (Best 2 of 3 Falls): Colt vs. Ricky Blood

First fall: Colt takes Blood up for a body slam... Blood off the ropes, ducks Colt''s clothesline, counters with a flying body press... no pin... Blood attempts a second cross body, Colt ducks and Blood clotheslines himself on the top rope... Colt lifts up Blood and executes the reverse crucifix slam and gets the pin... Colt takes the first fall.

Fall 2: Colt goes after Blood, tries for another reverse crucifix slam and Blood shakes free, and hits Colt with the heart punch, getting the pinfall. Blood takes second fall.

Fall 3: This is the longest fall, both men batter each other repeatedly. Colt goes for a sunset flip, Blood reverses it getting the pinfall. Blood defeated Colt to become the new North American Championship.

Total Match time is 15:00

Wintertime Massacre Update

We now have the complete card...

OWA Champion Amazon Woman will take on the winner of a match between INN Champ Nightmare and North American Champ Ricky Blood.

OWA Tag Team Championship will be on the line as FireFly and Exterminator take on the team of Freddy Fever and Major Threat.

The 8-man lotto is completely booked, here are the participants.
Dangerous Dunk
Traci Lane
Cuban Rafter

In other matches:

Pretty Boy Johnny Stallion vs. Pretty Boy Monty
Heavy Metal vs. Denise Duncan
Sabin Figaro vs. Phantom
TigerLily vs. Demon Knight
Big Dawg Rich vs. TapeWorm
Jason the Terrible vs. Dark Death
Italian Stud vs. Anthony Hazard

That''s the complete card. Let''s go back to ringside.

Big Dawg Rich vs. Demon Knight

In a great and very close battle, Big Dawg Rich defeated Demon Knight by pinfall in 22:12.

Next week OWA Championship Wrestling will be preempted so we can bring you WinterTime Massacre 1995.