Thu. Sep 19th, 2019

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Trust Issues

Trust Issues is a inter-promotional tournament. Winners are based on participation. You can use role plays, Twitter, promos or other social media formats to participate in the tournament. We will begin when we have reached 16 participants. Participants can be from any type of fed, whether it be RP or angled or perhaps another type of fed. We do ask for promos to be submitted for the show. The show is broken down into 10 matches total for the event.


Round 1: Tag Matches

The 16 wrestlers are broken down randomly into tag teams. The 8 teams will compete in four first round matches. Winners will advance.

Round 2: Singles Matches

The tag teams partners will collide in 4 singles matches. Each person who advances from the previous round will fight their tag team partner in this round. Winners will advance.


The remaining four wrestlers will be randomly paired to fight one tag team match. Winners advance.


The winning team will then be split up to fight in a singles match with the last person remaining declared the winner of the tournament. Winner will receive a trophy 

If you are interested in sending a representative to complete, or if you are a wrestler who is interested in competing in this tournament, please send a DM to @owa_network on Twitter.  Once 16 slots have been filled, we will set a date for the event.

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